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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Feb 2, 2015.

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  1. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come out to the ring.

    Stephanie welcomes everyone to Raw, and starts talking about the Super Bowl Big Football Game. She puts over the Patriots, and compares that controversy to the controversy currently engulfing WWE. Trips also makes fun of the #CancelWWENetwork trend with #CancelNFLNetwork.

    Trips then moves on to the controversy surrounding the Royal Rumble. They say that they've been paying attention to the backlash, and they understand why there is controversy surrounding the match.

    Insert Royal Rumble recap here.

    Trips addresses the controversy from the start with Kane and Big Show being dubbed "unsportsmanlike" due to their interference. However, the real problem lies with The Rock (whose mention elicits boos). Rock had absolutely no business in the match due to him no longer being a WWE superstar, and that made a mess of things.

    Trips says that he is partially guilty of the controversy due to him letting Sting get away with his actions from Survivor Series. Therefore, Trips challenges Sting to a staredown at Fast Lane....which is available on the WWE Network for the low low pric......whatever.

    After this tangent, Trips addresses Roman Reigns' victory at Royal Rumble. If The Rock didn't interfere in the Rumble, then there COULD have been a new main event for WrestleMania.

    The question is: Should Roman Reigns REALLY go on to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania?

    After a few seconds, Roman Reigns comes down to the ring to a mixed reaction, and he is not happy.

    Reigns asks Trips whether his Rumble victory will just be stricken. Reigns answers his own question with a resounding "hell no." Reigns and Trips have a staredown until Stephanie separates them. She addresses Reigns' interview from last week's Raw and his eloquence. She then asks if it's ironic whether his own family would want him to main event WrestleMania...or something like that (I got a little lost here to be honest).

    Daniel Bryan comes out to a huge pop. He immediately addresses the fact that he never got a rematch for his WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and he deserves another WrestleMania main event. Trips fires back, saying that he didn't lose the title, but was stripped for not meeting his "contractual obligations."

    Seth Rollins comes out, and we go to a break. Fun fact: he tries to talk as they go to commercial, but nothing comes through the mic.

    Back from break, and Rollins says that he came out because this whole thing is getting ridiculous. He tells Bryan that Lesnar would eat him alive. Rollins addresses Reigns next, saying that he wouldn't have won without The Rock's help. If anyone deserves a WrestleMania main event, it's Seth Rollins: the man who broke Brock Lesnar's ribs.

    Reigns cuts Rollins off by threatening to "knock him into next week."

    Trips ends the debate by saying that they are going to end this controversy right now with a change of plans, and it goes like this:

    Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins, with the winner going on to Fast Lane to take on Roman Reigns. The winner of THAT match goes on to WrestleMania to take on Brock Lesnar.

    Roman has everything to lose, but he has an opportunity to end all the debate and controversy now if he accepts the deal. He can also prove to his family that he TRULY deserves to go to WrestleMania.

    Bryan addresses Reigns, saying that they have a hell of a match at Fast Lane and tear the house down.

    Rollins addresses Reigns next, saying that he would be gutless if he didn't accept the deal and face a possible match against Seth Rollins.

    The question is laid out: Yes...or no?

    The answer? "It's been one vs all the whole time...let's do it"

    Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins is a go for tonight!

    As for Roman Reigns, he has a match with Big Show right now...yay.


    Roman Reigns vs Big Show

    Shenanigans were abound here with Seth Rollins and J&J Security skulking around the ring. Big Show maintains control throughout the match. Reigns tries to rally, but Rollins hits him with the briefcase, allowing Show to get the pin.

    Big Show def Roman Reigns


    Backstage, Trips and Stephanie are talking about their long promo segment and making fun about some various things. Basically, The Authority is putting their full faith in Seth Rollins to main event WrestleMania. Trips also says that he will manipulate Steve Austin during the podcast tonight.


    A pissed-off Curtis Axel comes out, and he has something to say: he was never eliminated from the Royal Rumble match. If he wasn't sucker-punched, he would have won.

    Axel wants justice, and he alsowants to main event WrestleMania.

    At this moment, Dean Ambrose thankfully comes out and beats the hell out of Axel.

    Ambrose takes the mic, and says that Axel is now eliminated.

    While everyone is making demands, Ambrose makes one: To be included on the championship wall at WWE HQ.

    Ambrose claims that he has an Intercontinental Title shot since he pinned Bad News Barrett.

    Axel reenters the ring and attacks Ambrose, but Ambrose fights back and gives Dirty Deeds to Axel.


    For Black History Month, WWE honors Ernie Ladd

    Ad spot for the WWE Network's free month


    The Ascension vs The Dust Bros

    Booker T reminisces about his Harlem Heat days, and a match happens in the ring.

    The Ascension def The Dust Bros

    After the match, Stardust tells Goldust to get his head on straight.


    Backstage, Stardust is talking to himself when Goldust approaches him. Goldust tries to calm Stardust, but nothing works. Finally, Goldust yells "CODY!!!"

    "Don't...ever...call me 'Cody'...again....*cat hiss*" - Stardust


    John Cena comes out to the ring.

    He goes for the cheap pop from the Denver crowd, and hawks Triple H's interview with Steve Austin.

    Cena discusses Triple H and NXT, saying that Trips has a whole stable of NXT stars ready to take Cena's place. Cena says that Triple H really doesn't care about anyone but himself.

    The Authority also tried to do something unthinkable: make John Cena give up...which is something that he will never do.

    Cue a random recap of Sting's Raw appearance here

    Cena thanks Sting for his actions, and officially welcomes back Ryback, Erick Rowan, and Dolph Ziggler.

    Those men are the proof that The Authority CAN be beaten, and Rusev CAN be beaten at Fast Lane.

    Stephanie finally ends Cena's preaching session. Ziggler takes the mic and asks if she is ever tired of putting obstacles in front of them.

    Steph gets revenge by making some matches. Ziggler will face Bray Wyatt, Rowan will face Rusev, and Ryback will face Luke Harper, and that one is next


    Luke Harper vs Ryback

    Even though Ryback was involved in this one, this was a pretty good back-and-forth hoss fight. Both men got in a good amount of offense, and Harper was able to showcase some of his athleticism. In the end, Ryback got the win with Shell-Shocked.

    Ryback def Luke Harper


    Jimmy Uso vs Cesaro

    Pretty good back-and-forth match that serves to do two things: establish The Uppercats as contenders for the Tag Titles, and set up a Total Divas double date...thing. Cesaro does some swinging and doles out some Swiss Death for the win after Tyson Kidd gets involved.

    Cesaro def Jimmy Uso

    After the bell, Kidd dropkicks Jey Uso before leaving with Cesaro and Natalya


    Back in catering, Damien Mizdow is getting food for The Miz when some producer asks for an autograph. Miz blows him off, but the man actually asks for Mizdow's autograph. Mizdow signs, then Miz takes the pic and rips it up. Miz gives a speech to Mizdow, saying that he made Mizdow, and his ego is getting the better of him.

    Miz fires Mizdow, then subsequently gives him a new job...as Miz's personal assistant. After a speech about Sin Cara, Miz tells Mizdow to make a smoothie.

    John Cena is sitting in the locker room when Erick Rowan comes in. Rowan says that no one has ever stood up for him until now. Rowan thanks Cena for treating him like a human. Cena then tells Rowan to not take Rusev lightly. The two shake hands to end the segment.


    Dolph Ziggler vs Bray Wyatt

    As expected, this was a truly awesome match. Both men entered the ring and give it their all, and it really showed. Ziggler gave it his all, but it wasn't enough against the monster known as Bray Wyatt, who eliminated Ziggler with Sister Abigail.

    Bray Wyatt def Dolph Ziggler

    Great stuff right there


    Recap of the "big announcement"

    Backstage, Steph is worshiping her fitness DVD when Seth Rollins comes in and asks about Daniel Bryan. Steph says that they are only appeasing the crowd with including Daniel Bryan in tonight's main event. Randy Orton is also addressed and subsequently blown off.


    Paige vs Alicia Fox

    Two things to note: The Bellas are on commentary, and Paige got a big pop

    Short match that involves some decent offense in the ring and some annoying commentary. Paige gets the win with a roll-up.

    Paige def Alicia Fox

    After the match, Alicia blindsides Paige and restrains her. The Bellas then come in and spray Paige with black paint.

    Sigh...at least we know that Paige will enter full Kill Mode at Fast Lane, so there's that


    Video package showcasing The Miz's guest appearance on Sirens.


    The Miz vs Sin Cara

    Before the match starts, Miz constantly yells at Mizdow for overshadowing him.

    As the match goes, Mizdow constantly fights the urge to be Miz's stunt double, but Miz keeps yelling at him, especially when Mizdow climbs the turnbuckle as Miz climbs it. You can tell that Mizdow's about to snap.

    The match ends when Mizdow distracts Miz enough to allow Sin Cara to roll-up Miz for the win.

    Sin Cara def The Miz

    After the match, Miz yells at Mizdow.


    As Miz continues yelling at Mizow, Bray Wyatt interrupts with a promo.

    He cuts an outlandish promo while addressing the old face of fear, calling himself he new face of fear.

    "Find me"


    Rusev comes out and chokes out Erick Rowan before the match even starts, Lana/Rusev have a promo.


    Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins is up next after a segment between Bryan and Reigns in the locker room.. the winner of this match will face Roman Reigns for an opportunity at WM31.

    Big Show interferes and Reigns comes out to Spear Big Show and Superman punch Seth while the Ref was distracted to let DB get the win.. DB vs Reigns at Fast Lane.

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  2. That whole Triple H/Steph promo was dumb on so many levels, but my biggest gripe with the promo was The Authority deliberately [indirectly] trying to strip Reigns of his Championship shot. Then goes and make it clear right after... backstage. Steph continues her bitchy attitude and it's right there for the world to see. She's using the fans' complaints as if it's her own complaints.

    In fact, I don't think that people had a problem with The Rock (despite the boos), making an appearance on Royal Rumble... How the fuck is Reigns supposed to battle two big jabronis who just waltz back into the ring after being eliminated...? Hm? Does nobody realize Reigns had a busted lip..? I donno, I don't think the controversy was The Rock, at all. He just goes in, help out, and get out. With no real intention of winning Royal Rumble.

    I'm just disappointed by the announcement for a lot of reasons.

    I mean, why not pit Bryan against another world title runner up? Like, I donno... Dolph? Wyatt? Ambrose?
  3. Well, it was a decent episode for what it was. Giving it a 6/10 purely because of the awesomeness of the main event. Everything else on the show was pretty much a lackluster.

    - The openning segment was decent. Although I would have preferred if they were right on point from the get-go, instead of dancing around it and stretching that whole openning segment into 20 minutes. I'm glad what I saw/heard, though, and I'm glad it wasn't some corny announcement.
    - Ambrose/Axel segment was arlight. I hope the curse of the IC title doesn't affect Ambrose, though, and I hope it leads to Ambrose's first PPV victory since SummerSlam.
    - Harper vs Ryback was a bit short, but still pretty solid for what it was.
    - That backstage segment featuring Miz & Mizdow was fine, I guess.
    - Wow, Rowan is actually a competent talker. I kinda liked that backstage segment.
    - Ziggler vs Wyatt was alright for what it was.
    - The ME, Bryan vs Rollins was splendid, MOTN easily!

    - Reigns vs Big Show, again?! Really? That should've been over last week on SmackDown. Plus, you had Reigns lose to Big Show in such crappy fashion... Okay, can't say I'm shocked. But then again, I don't think it did any damage to anyone here and it kinda set up what will go down during the ME.
    - A replay of The Ascension vs Gold & Stardust from SmackDown. Why? It feels so random to put these two heel teams against each other. I get the storyline behind that here, the feud with Stardust/Goldust is about to set off, but it should be done when fighting face tag teams... Just my two cents. And LOL at the announcers still shitting on The Ascension. Kudos to Booker for putting them over, though.
    - Cesaro vs Jimmy Uso was meh. Wasn't into it all, but at least Cesaro won, so it's all good. Can't wait for Cesaro & Kidd to job to The Usos at Fast Lane. lol
    - Meh Rusev/Rowan segment.

    The 'I don't give a toss about this' segment:
    - Completely redundant Goody Two-Shoes/DZ/Ryback/Rowan segment.
    - Whatever Divas Division match was on.
    - The Miz vs Sin Cara
  4. I can't recall what happened (finished it 10 mins ago) but the main event and a 30-minute long opening segment, so the rest probably just sucked as usual. Opener was also meh. So the main event was good
  5. I gave it a generous 3. Had a lot of hope for this, of course WWE dashed my optimism quickly with a HALF HOUR shitfest of an opening segment that just wouldn't die. Steph and HHH, normally on point, were just going on and on about a bunch of bullshit like the SB, awful. Reigns was surprisingly the only real strong point of the opening segment.

    Reigns vs Show is the biggest negative of the night. Not only for having the match, but Reigns losing is just dog shit.

    HHH/Steph backstage was cringe worthy

    Ambrose going for the IC title pleases nobody, and frankly him caring about belts seems out of character. His reasoning of wanting his picture on some wall at WWE HQ is also frighteningly out of character for the "lunatic fringe" or w/e the fuck they call him.

    The Cena/Team Ziggler/Authority segment was again, just boring really. Nobody saying anything we haven't heard 1,000 times. The 3 matches they set up, 2 of them were big time WHO GIVES A FUCK, but we get the one silver lining to this show from this segment...

    Uso/Cesaro, lol

    Rowan vs Rusev, who really gives a flying shit

    Harper vs Ryback, couldn't pay me to care

    Alicia Fox vs Paige 8==========================D

    Don't give a shit about Mizdow

    Ziggler/Wyatt was MOTN, but we all knew Ziggler was putting Bray over. Naturally he made him look like a million bucks

  6. Reign's going for the spear was badass, but I think fucking Show's arm ruined it or that Reigns was too high and should have aimed lower.
  7. Show fucks everything up, like always.

    Had that been DZ or Rollins or anyone else for that matter, they would've sold it like a baws.
  8. So Ambrose challenged BNB for his IC title at Fast Lane.. however during the Fallout apparently BNB refused to accept the challenge, we'll see how that turns out.. I'll be at next week's RAW live and post some pictures of our seats when I get back later that night.
  9. I gave it a 6/10, which is getting to be pretty standard for me. As usual, the middle part was slow.

    I liked:

    The opening segment. I can't say I was happy with the way they are screwing with Reigns, but perhaps it's a way to see the Authority as being his opponent.. I dunno. Regardless, it was interesting enough to keep me watching.

    Ernie Ladd Promo.

    Dean Ambrose talking, but not the match.

    Ascension vs Dusty's boys. I honestly liked this because of how Cody has fallen into this character. He actually does Stardust better than Dustin does Goldust.

    Steph interupting Cena.

    Luke Harper vs Ryback. Decent match although nothing special

    Jimmy Uso vs Cesaro. Decent match even though Cesaro seemed to be having difficulty with the giant swing

    Mizdow trying hard not to copy Miz

    Dolph Ziggler vs Bray Wyatt. Entertaining match... easily the best match of the night.

    Bray Wyatt promo, even though it does seem to indicate he will be facing Undertaker, which makes no sense to me.

    Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins. A great match, not as good as it could have been though. These two guys could bring down the roof if given the opportunity.

    I didn't like:

    Roman vs Show. Not only did the match suck but Reigns should not have lost it this soon after a Royal Rumble win. Terrible.

    John "The Narrator" Cena doing what he does best, narrating.

    Paige vs Fox. Eh. Another lousy Diva's match. So sad to see it when there are quite a few GOOD female wrestlers in NXT.

    Miz vs Sin Cara. I already liked the Mizdow part, the match was crap.

    Rowan and Cena promo. I don't like seeing Rowan playing a sympathetic character. The man's a huge monster and should fit better in that character. His destruction by Rusev was pathetic.
  10. I don't really know how to sit with this decision to be honest. My initial reaction was one of disappointment seeing how the Intercontinental Title has been treated and all, but I got to thinking that it may not be a bad thing. The initial starting point was actually centered around the title for once, and even though Ambrose randomly decided to go after the title when he hasn't been one to care I think him and Barrett can make it work. I'm hoping that this is a start to raise the prestige of the Intercontinental Title instead of them ultimately playing a game of hot-potato for it before just losing it to someone like Sheamus. Seeing as this is the WWE that's what'll probably end up happening and the wrestlers involved will be stuck in midcard purgatory like most of the others who go after the IC title.

    As for the rest of the show, it wasn't all that bad. For a three hour show they managed to fill the majority of it with minimal skipping required. I'll be generous and give it a 6/10.
  11. As soon as the opening segment ended and Roman vs Big Show began I knew I would not be watching the show from that point forward.

    I tuned back in for the Bryan vs Rollins match which was actually a very solid match.

  12. People have complained about Super Reigns. His loss makes him human and more relatable.
  13. Sure, but it didn't have to be against the freakin' Big Show. :dawg:
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  14. Honestly, only the worst of the worst type of fan has even had the thought of "super Reigns" cross their mind.

    Reigns being shit on to look human at this point?? God no. Right or wrong WWE has decided on Reigns being the guy for Lesnar, now is NOT the time to be humanizing him.
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  16. I for one had no problems with Reigns never losing. His crap promo material (and the fact they even make him cut long promos all the time), yeah, but him winning was good. Losing to Big Show in 2015, ew.
  17. This show is getting monotonous; **every time** Seth Rollins comes out to fight, his **two goons** interfere with the match, while the Ref is conviently looking the other way or distracted by other means. **Now,** if there is to be a fair match, let us have the following provisos: 1) **Only** the participants are to be allowed into the ring. 2) There will be a Ref at each of the ring's four corners, but *only* the match's Ref can count someone out. 3) **No one else,** i.e. Triple H, Steph, Rollins' two Goons, other wrestlers, are to be allowed **anywhere** near the ring. 4) JBL will be bound and gagged(I'm sick & tired of his mouth spewing crap.) Now, if these rules are used, we can look forward to a match that will be clean, fair, and one the crowd can appreciate. :emoji_slight_smile: Yayyyyyyyyy !!!
  18. And that's a product very few people would watch. American professional wrestling is driven by characters and storyline. It's been this way ever since Gorgeous George stepped into a ring in 1941 in Eugene Oregon as the first real wrestling character.

    Although wrestling can actually be a wonderful athletic display, at its very core it is rulebreaker vs fan favorite. What you're proposing is a very sterile environment which would get boring really fast. Although not as extreme as what you suggested, it has also been tried before in 1990 (I believe) where storyline president Jack Tunney issued an edict that referees had to enforce the rules more strictly. Although they didn't have referees around the ring, if a ref missed cheating, a second referee who was watching on a monitor would come and correct the in ring referee. This lasted about a month. Because it was boring.

    I was a small kid growing up and the only way I could not get my ass kicked constantly was to fight dirty. I never started a fight, so in my view it's completely fine to fight that way. If some guy twice my size attacked me and expected me not to crush his balls to defend myself, he just proved what an idiot he was. I've carried that exact philosophy into my adult life and I definitely would not enjoy what you proposed.
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  19. The Authority, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns all looked great in the opening segment. Hunter and Stephanie GOATing it up on the mic as usual, Bryan and Seth were both excellent, and Reigns continues to show signs of improvement as well.

    Reigns losing to Big Show... who booked this crap? What's the point of jobbing Reigns now that he's officially on the road to fighting Brock at Mania? I was actually imagining before of a future promo where Reigns would say to Brock something alone the lines of "You're right, no one's been able to defeat you since you conquered the Streak at last year's Wrestlemania... but guess what, no one's defeated me either." Never mind, I guess.

    The Miz GOAT'ed it up in a backstage segment as well with Mizdow. OK, not really, but regardless of whatever else you can say about Miz, he can cut a good promo and deliver his lines really well, even if it contains a lot of verbiage. I guess these two are probably splitting up and fighting at Fast Lane instead of Wrestlemania or afterwards.

    Ambrose going after the Intercontinental Championship... Don't have a problem with this, really.

    Bryan vs Rollins and Wyatt vs Ziggler were both great matches that are worth watching more than once. Reigns' spear on the Big Show was awesome looking, too. And is it just me, or did a big chunk of the audience boo Daniel Bryan when he said he was gonna beat Roman Reigns at Fast Lane? Bizarro world...
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