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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. 9/10 for me.


    -Teddy Long being on RAW in general, but more importantly, taking up tv-time for another Punk v Bryan match.
    -Big Slow and Pale HHH vs Rhodes and Henry. Was pathetic, about 20 seconds of a match just so Rhodes could embarrass Show. Henry gets brogue kick after Rhodes walks off.


    -Punk and Jericho having promo of the night. Yes ladies and gentlemen, better than Rock vs Cena. It was that, damn, good.
    -Punk vs Bryan match when it got tv-time, good match. Jericho attacking Punk on the ramp after was a great touch.
    -Triple threat tag-team match for the titles, reinvented the tag-team division, was good. Great match with the right ending. Kane interrupting was good too.
    -Epic Miz promo, back to his best on the mic. Nearly stole the show.
    -Of course, Rock promo and John Cena promo at the end was great. Broke many PG restrictions, was just a fantastic head to head, not perfect though, but was very good.
  2. I liked Rhodes embarrassing Big Show. Love this. [​IMG]
  3. That wasted in all around 15 minutes, the shitty match. Than, the divas match shouldn't have been there. Imagine taking those away how long of a promo they could have had
  4. I hated how sheamus buried Mark Henry like that. Yeah sheamus doesn't deserve a capital in his name. He's a joke and he needs to show his true self and stop this irish bullshit. I believe most superstars are badass when they are themselves. Or else the Y2J/Punk segment was okay, Punk was angry so expecting REAL explosive Pipebombs next week and absolutely loved the last segment. The Rock can have haters for all I care but still with TEAM BRING IT!
  5. Against my better judgement, I watched this show. Maybe I just went in with a closed mind since Raw has convinced me that the show won't be any good, but here's my review:

    + Opening promo; Miz's promo, the Triple Threat Tag, Cody Rhodes's video

    - Having your two world champions in the opening match to advance a GM Feud, awful, unentertaining HHH/Taker video package hurting the build for 'Mania even more, pointless divas match, pointless Eve promo, Miz burial, WWE studios is still churning out movies, Mark Henry burial, Rock's promo took way too long and it didn't feel like Rock wanted to rip Cena apart as much as he wanted to invent new catchphrases, and Kane going over a bunch of established competitors with relative ease was just so damn dumb.

    3/10 at best. I can see why you were so entertained, Crayo, you're the optimist who enjoyed some of my negatives and really liked the positives. I just can't respect a company that has this much stupid shit and unnecessary burials on the Road to Wrestlemania.
  6. It was a disappointment for me. 6/10 at best.
  7. I'm a big fan of promos, especially good ones. Jericho/Punk was exceptional, Miz' promo was great - it reminded me of his old self, Cena/Rock at the end was great, they took legitimate shots at each other. Tag-team match was great, any time we get to see Punk/Bryan is a plus since they're great but I agree the GM shit should stop.

    Don't see how you can rate that 3/10 @[Draine] . But perhaps 9/10 was a bit too much, probably reduce it to an 7.5 or 8.
  8. 6/10

    Two great promo segments and a really entertaining tag match that unfortunately was completely undermined afterwards
  9. I may bring it up to a 5 after thinking about it... I tried to rate everything equally, but that would mean the Punk/Jericho stuff was cancelled out by the Divas. And obviously that's not the case.

    It was just frustrating how WWE can't help themselves than to bury the entire roster, I'm convinced :bury: is running the show now. The Miz and Mark Henry looked like complete shit, three guys with belts and three other established, quality competitors were treated as complete jobbers in favor of Kane. #wwelogic
  10. Like the opening promo the opening match and the ending promo and the Tag team title match and Kane beat then other that the Raw did not do that great in booking! :sad:
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