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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's show in this thread.
  2. Almost fell asleep. I guess I liked ti. Not a very memorable Raw.
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  3. Honestly I thought it was flooded with too much midcard talent to be a RAW show.
    Oh well, I give it a 5.5/10
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  4. Dude, that first match was so great. Big E decked the fuck out of Reigns. He made Reigns look like a rag doll. He busted open. (BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD)

    Then Reigns literally superman punches him in the face for payback. Now that was great to watch
  5. Did Roman actually connect?
  6. That match & DBs were the only ones I sat through entertained, sepearately I would give them each a 7 or an 8 / 10.
  7. Daniel Bryan always puts on great matches though. But, I'm getting tired of Daniel Bryan vs. Orton. I don't know if it's just me. But they put on a good/great match but I never like seeing people face the same person twice. That's why I hated the fact that HBK & HHH got to face Undertaker more than once.
  8. [​IMG] Either that or Big "E" learned how to sell like Dolph Ziggler
  9. That GIF is pretty choppy lol
  10. lol okay[​IMG]
  11. Can't tell but it does look like his hand is on Big E's face. I hope WWE post a picture (doesn't matter if fake or real) of Big E with his face getting stiches.
  12. [​IMG] Big E hit dude so hard
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  13. I know Roman got hit pretty good lol. That's a pretty epic battlescar. I think it's just because Roman makes every picture of him look badass. They should make a fake one of Big E and like a swollen jaw.
  14. Nah, Big E not softer than baby shit like that.
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    Good eye Danny... Roman not so much lol
  16. Damn Big E check yourself before you riggity wreck yourself boy
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    Wasnt great pretty repetitive material glad the shield and wyatts are gonna square off hopefully they split up in a few months
  18. Orton's heel run hasnt live up to the hype he is comming off more whiney beeoch than villian. Punk may just come back as a heel still hasnt been confirmed wether his split was legit or not. Remember new management means new tactics HHH is smarter than he gets credit for
  19. Yeah, The Authority angle is causing that. I kinda want WWE to go back to the old days where each match on the card had an in depth build-up. I remember Edge like taking on all of Evolution and ending Orton's first IC Title Reign. But, I feel that Orton wants to be the big heel but him needing The Authority to back him up is really hurting that.
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  20. Dean Ambrose doing the, Spooky I'm so scared, was also funny. Main event was good. I thought it was a solid raw. 6.5/10
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