Spoiler RATE RAW 21ST OF AUGUST 2017

Discussion in 'RAW' started by The Reagmaster, Aug 21, 2017.

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  1. Vote and make your voices heard! Sure that's used somewhere else anyway do stuff.


    Something about Heyman saying that he should maybe manage Braun instead then Braun takes out Lesnar. I got into the thing late…

    Enzo Amore vs Big Cass in the street fight of their lifes!

    ENZO STOP TALKING AD FIGHT! HURRY UP THIS FEUD ALREADY SO ENZO GOES TO 205 AND CASS CAN FAIL AFTER A COUPLE OF MONTHS. Anyway, rant over. Enzo talks too much and brings out weapons and then gets squashed. Wait no? Are you kidding me? Cass went for the empire elbow but gave up because of a bad knee? WHAT IS THIS?! I HATE THIS! JUST GET THIS RIVALVRY OVER WITH! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *continues to cry like a baby for the rest of the segment*

    Nia Jax vs Emma

    I spent most of this crying but Grievous will fill you in with his review so all I know is Emma got squashed.

    Elias Sampson vs R-Truth

    I find these segments almost too entertaining because Elias is great at getting genuine heat and it’s great. Also he squashed Truth. Feel like there’s a theme tonight.

    Kurt Angle’s announcement

    Kurt Angle comes out and brings out his nemesis John Cena….what was the point of the Corbin loss again? I don’t remember. Anyway so Cena’s on RAW. And he burys Smackdown before saying he wants to face someone which sends Reigns out. HE DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT YOU REIGNS GO AWAY! Reigns brings up Twitter stuff that I don’t care about (Also follow my normal twitter @TheReagmaster and my kayfabe twitters @TheBritishMaster3 (for Reagan Cole) and @TopStarHarrows (for Aaron Harrows) Anyway so they bout to brawl before Miztourage comes out…already know how this will go. Miztourage bout to get beat up by the Supermen. Miz brings up points about these two getting ALL OF THE SCREEN TIME! ALL OF IT! Also….just realised Miz didn’t defend his title at Summerslam. That’s sad. But Miz takes Cena and Roman to promo school as he delivers a great promo and Cena says screw it I don’t care that I was just about to attack Reigns, lets team together. Miz says nah and that brings SAMOA JOE OUT BECAUSE WHY FREAKING NOT!? Come on! And Joe randomly puts himself into the match that wasn’t even announced. Suddenly the brawl breaks out with Cena and Reigns beating up Joe & Miztourage as the fans chant “You both suck!” Also I love the crowd so theres that.


    Do you really care? Team A beats Team B.

    Jordan & Angle segment

    Jason want match with Finn Balor and Angle’s bias so he gives his son the match!

    Dean Ambrose & Rollins segment

    Ambrose and Rollins came out and bragged. Hardys suddenly came out and challenged. We have sudden tag match. K. Because who cares they just lost a tag match Sunday and have no reason to challenge. They’re freaking Hardy boys and I prefer 2009 Hardy Boys :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Anyway Dean and Rollins won due to teamwork and I still blame them for costing me the bingo

    Banks & Bliss miss segment

    Sasha comes out and celebrates. Including a nice tribute for THE NATURE BOY RIC FLAIR! WOOOOOOOOOO! Luv ya Ric! Anyway people don’t care so to summarise. Bliss comes out and we go blah, blah, blah and we have a title rematch next week between those two

    Jason Jordan vs Finn Balor

    Overrated vs Misused. WHAT A MATCH! Jordan has interesting theme music, it’s meh. Anywayy they have their match. Overrated wins the cup of grae….that ain’t the name. Cou of grace? Cou de Gra? That’s the name now.

    Roman Reigns & John Cena vs The Miz & Samoa Joe

    I WANNAGO TO SLEEP, ITS 4AM IN THE MORNING. SEND HELP. So we end up with the normal this guy takes out that guy then the other person takes out that guy then a person comes along and takes out that guy and it ends with Cena pinning Miz because people who do good promos get squashed. Because why no-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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  2. Miz's promo was pretty lit another great worked-shoot with some real fustration behind it. As far as matches go Hardy's Vs. Ambrose and Rollins was pretty lit. Other than that the show was a total Zzz-trigger.

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  3. I would say it was more of a blue-green/10 but who am I to disagree?
  4. Nyquil is purple and this show made me pretty sleepy.
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  5. Well... You win. I can't top that. :dawg:
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  6. #7 Grievous II, Aug 21, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2017
    And the "Rate Thread War" continues...

    Hey guys...let's have a look at RAW this week! Doesn't that sound exciting?!
    As you can tell I'm in great mood because...SASHA WON AT SUMMERSLAM!!!

    So this week I'm going to be using the "Because method" in my personal recap...

    Because Because!

    ~ Okay so the opening segment was awesome...why?

    Lesnar vs. Strowman is a match I want to see...so book it WWE!

    ~ So the Enzo/Big Cass feud still isn't over? why?
    Because lazy writers!

    ~ And Emma gets squashed by Nia Jax again...why?
    Because Emma wouldn't give one of writers a handjob!

    ~ Why doesn't the Drifter have a last name anymore?
    Because marketing?

    Well...at least the Drifter had a win. Why don't they just call
    him the Drifter? Like ditch his name altogether?

    ~ And John Cena is here...and so is that guy I don't like or want to
    talk about...but seeing as I'm in a good mood...I'll talk about Roman.

    And speaking of Roman...did you guys hear Booker T call Roman the most
    hated man in the WWE before Corey Graves tried to correct him just before
    the SummerSlam main event? Something tells me Booker won't be around for
    much longer.

    Just because people boo him doesn't mean they hate him Booker...didn't you
    know that?

    I guess they are going to build to a Cena/Reigns PPV match? Or wait...
    I've got it...

    Cena & Reigns vs. Ambrose & Rollins!
    The Supermen vs. The Shield at No Mercy...why?
    Because why not?

    Hey...I guess Samoa Joe isn't after Lesnar anymore...why?

    So we have Reigns, Cena, Joe & the Miz...

    One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong...

    So...we have Reigns & Cena vs. Samoa Joe & The Miz? Ugh...Good luck Miz.

    ~ Hey...its an 8 man tag match featuring those guys who Neville gets to kick
    around...why? Because RAW is 3 hours!

    ~ So...Neville gets to kick To kick Tozawa around again in Rd.4 of their feud...why?
    Because 205 Live!

    ~ What in the literal f*ck are Breezango doing? But I do agree...Alexa Bliss has
    excellent fashion sense...especially since SASHA WON AT SUMMERSLAM!!!
    OH YEAH!!!

    ~ I honestly don't buy into this Kurt Angle/Jason Jordan story line...but whatever...
    it could always be worse...Kurt's son could have Hornswoggle.

    ~ And now we get Shield 2.0 vs. The Hardy Boyz...Awesome! and why?
    Because don't ask questions!

    And the Shield 2.0 gets the victory...Its so refreshing to see Ambrose & Rollins
    with some direction in their booking...even if its in the tag division.

    ~ Hell Yeah! Lesnar vs. Strowman for the Universal title at No Mercy! Why?

    ~ Shut Up Miz! Why?
    Because Joe said so!

    ~ It's Boss Time!!!


    Hey Sasha you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind Hey Sasha! Hey Sasha!

    Yes...we all hope Ric Flair recovers...

    And here comes Alexa Bliss...blah, blah, blah I'm a b*tch...Blah, blah, blah my a$$
    is hotter than yours...Blah blah blah...please don't break my nose again.

    So the rematch is happening next week and not at No Mercy? Hmmm...that seems odd...but I don't care...why? BECAUSE SASHA WON AT SUMMERSLAM!!!

    ~ And Balor defeats Jason Jordan...and...Jason Jordan was meant to be getting a
    push right? And when you get a push you win matches right? Just checking...

    Its great to see Finn stringing some wins together...hopefully he can keep that

    ~ And now its time for the main event

    One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong...

    And the Miz eats the pin...why?
    Because Reasons...

    Also wouldn't this match have made more sense if it was Bray teaming with Joe?
    I mean Bray has history with both Cena and Reigns.

    Just a thought...

    And I'm Done.

    Edit: Apparently Big Cass was seriously injured in his match with Enzo
    and will be having an MRI to check how serious the damage is.
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  7. I mainly watched the highlights so not gonna rate. But Miz absolutely crushed that promo. He is miles above anybody in WWE currently when it comes to working the mic. I would even consider him on a level equal or surpassing CM punks pipe bomb :pipebomb:

    Also I think WWE planted the seeds tonight for Roman vs Cena at Wrestlemania. They teased the feud but it's obvious that Samao Joe and Cena will feud and Miz and Roman will fight for the IC (since Jason Jordan is a failure).

    I could possibly see Braun pulling off a almost similar Goldberg-Lesnar squash at No Mercy. I would put money on Braun taking the Universal title.
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  8. Besides the whole main event angle and Braun vs Lesnar at No Mercy, there wasn't really much going on.
    • I loved the Miz's promo as it's something I kinda expected coming from him. Even in shoot, he was probably furious backstage when he had to open the preshow
    • Big Cass getting injured almost hurts me emotionally, the guy just got his big push man.. sad to see. Also wtf is up with Enzo trash talking him about not working through the injury on twitter. Enzo, what the f*ck are you doing, that's like the only friend you have left backstage lol.
    • I already forgot about what else happened. I remember Bliss and Sasha having a nothing promo.. just basic heel vs face banter
    • shame that the Hardys lost. But that's just how it works, at times I can't really defend that. I just hope they don't end up like the Dudleys and they split em before getting lost
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  9. This thread is the worst thing I have ever read in my life.
  10. Have you read Blizzards fanfics yet? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. Blizzard's fan-fic was better than this.
  12. Mathematically speaking, 10/9 was the lowest rating I could give it once you do the math on the fractions.

    As for this rate thread: Bonus points for including me in the rating system. Minus points for forcing me to rate a WWE show higher than a 1 :emoji_angry:
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  13. I most certainly like the fact that there are a lot of different opinions in regards to the quality of the show this past Monday; it would proMizbably be boring otherwise. In my humble opinion, the truth is somewhere in the middle, meaning that while there was certainly plenty of nonsense, at the same time we had a few really good segments/matches so overall, I'd say a 5/10 sounds just about right. Thoughts:

    - When a beach ball suddenly becomes a major vocal point, Houston we got us a problem and what was even worse I think was John Cena engaging. Interacting with the fans is one thing, engaging in what was practically a hijack of the show something totally different. But...Cena is Cena, right? I mean, look at his reaction and then go back one night earlier and see how Cesaro reacted in a similar situation. And please, spare me the "one's a face and the other a heel" argument...

    - If the idea is to get Jason Jordan over and more so as a baby face, putting him up against Fin Balor made aboslutely zero sense...unless...they are planting the seeds for a near future - let's say - twist of events?

    - So Cole referenced the Hardy's being...awoken and both Matt and Jeff (mostly Matt) used some of his broken maneurisms in their short promo before the match with Rollins and Ambrose. Hm...

    - Miz was by far man of the night and his promo was...aaawesome, pun intended. In my view, this was just as good as that first Talking Smack promo and I particulalrly loved the hints of truth behind some of the things he said, being they were things that us fans do think anyway but without that kind of stage to voice them opinions....

    - Speaking of that segment, they obviously teased the inevitable Cena/Reigns feud. Whether it's at Mania (where it should be) or some other place (Royal Rumble?) remains to be seen but I do wish Cena got to explain the reasons he's "after" Reigns...

    - So Braun vs. Brock one on one official? Me like....Me like a lot....

    - Small tip for Sasha: next time you're in New York and cutting a promo, you might want to leave out the fact that you're from Boston. Trust me on that one....

    - I have to say, I'm very surprised that we have yet to hear from Stephanie or HHH. Not that I miss them but, to be honest, I had a hunch Steph might have shown up last night...
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  14. But...it doesn't matter where Sasha is from...she's the Boss!

    God...I honestly can't express how happy I am for Sasha
    to finally have had that a big pay per view title victory...and
    you could say its been a year overdue.

    I've wanted this for her ever since I watched her limp to the
    back tired and bloody after the IronWoman match at Roadblock
    last year.

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