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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roi, Jul 22, 2013.

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    3/10 Cesaro + Bryan, Heyman 2 Punk 0, Rhodes...and Brie
  2. 2/10. Only good thing was Cesaro/Bryan and I'm normally one of the most optimistic ones. Where the fuck was Big Show.
  3. 3/10 - Punk promo & Cesaro/Bryan match.

    Where was Big Show hiding? What about the Wyatts?

    This is really bad.
  4. 3/10- 2 for DB/Cesaro and 1 for DZ still being a legend.

    Oh wait, -3 for no Wyatt. 0/10
  5. 6/10 and all 6 go to the gauntlet match/s

    Rest of the show sucked but I only watch for one reason anyways so :bitw:/10
  6. Being fat and slow

  7. [​IMG]

  8. [​IMG]
  9. Sorry, but that's the dumbest thing i've ever read. I award you 0 points for showing me that, and god have mercy on your soul
  10. Posted it for the reaction. Just this that out there, there's someone who thinks like this
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  11. I also have never been a big fan of yes/no being the centerpiece of his entire gimmick. He needs to evolve further and not rely so much on the crowd falling all over themselves to scream yes or no.
  12. +3 on the yes/no. It's fun and all, but it kind of kills his 'seriousness'. Last week was a good example, he's just :yes:'ing in front of Cena's face, whilst it was 'mark'-worthy, it's kind of hard to take seriously. Especially if you're a casual. He should just be kicking faces in, and not say much. Maybe a yes/no before a kick or something, but not revolve around it so much.
  13. Just nonsensical babble. I bet they hated Oh Hell yeah, Do you smell what the rock is cookin', Rest In Peace, Best in the world, and who can forget WHAT? That still gets said throughout arenas(although that one is rather annoying)
  14. You take it seriously when they book him 3 wins in one night and puts on a match like he did with cesaro. Just my opinion. If a casual just watched that match they think the dude is the real deal.

  15. I can see why someone feels this way. But if he shaved his beard off completely or even trimmed it down to normal size, he's go back to looking like a fast food employee. The beard gives him marketability that makes him stand out since he doesn't have the size or muscles to do so otherwise.

    The Yes chants can get annoying but it's also an example of how pumped and energetic the crowd is for Bryan, chanting a one word catchphrase.

  16. True, I suppose. :obama:

    I just don't think he should rely on it so much. I tend to :yes: my ass off when he does something great though, so what do I know :dawg:
  17. He can do it in matches, before, ect... but any time he is in a mic segment he and others just abuse the fuck out of it.
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  18. Okay i can accept that response.
    Yeah, It does get used a lot. When he comes down it's great but the maddox part, with him saying "no" and with cena playing to the crowd I didn't like. There are times when Bryan doesn't even do it but the crowd does, then he just starts cheesin' and does it anyways.
  19. Yeah, the chant is already over, no need to fucking abuse it. I'm sure a lot of it is Vince/E telling him to overkill it though, just like they overkill everything. ie Fandango. :pity1:

    I also fucking hate the screaming matches.
    Bryan: YES!
    random jobber: NO!
    Repeat Again.
    Repeat one more time just for good measure.

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