Spoiler RATE RAW 24TH OF JULY 2017

Discussion in 'RAW' started by The Reagmaster, Jul 24, 2017.

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  1. 2 Master review threads in 2 days. You people are too lucky.

    Kurt Angle & Braun Strowman & Samoa Joe segment

    …Jason Jordan is Angle’s son. That’s how we open this show off. This is WWE in 2017. Great Khali returns, Jinder Mahal is WWE Champion and Jason FREAKING Jordan is Kurt Angle’s son. Anyway so Kurt Angle does his thing about his kid. Angle then goes to announce Brocks opponent at Summerslam but Braun interrupts him and does his thing about not fearing Brock. Then Joe comes out and suddenly it’s so obvious that a certain number 1 contenders match is about to happen. So he says stuff before Roman Reigns comes out. Is he face? Is he heel? I think the writing team has given up with which one he is. So this is clearly gonna be a triple threat unless someone random like Jordan shows up. Jason ain’t showing up is he? Awh. Reigns says stuff…..And I’ve just realised Reigns has been here 5 years. That makes me cry. OKAY NEVERMIND. WWE’s just gonna book themselves into a corner. Kurt Angle books a FATAL 4 WAY MATCH for Summerslam. K. Now Reigns suddenly starts a brawl which he didn’t need to. They brawl and Braun takes out a couple of security guards. Before the RAW roster comes down to try and separate them. Anyone else feel like they use the raw roster as security way too much.

    Elias Sampson vs Finn Balor in a no disqualification match

    This is the first I have seen Sampson on a show and I’m genuinely intrigued. And now he’s started to sing. So…is this like the Rock Concert but as a gimmick? And every week? Huh. And here’s mr overrated! I just don’t like him. His gimmick is just some guy who puts some facepaint on every now and then. I’m atleast glad that they sell Guitar shots better than Jarrett. So the match goes on for a while until Balor hits the coup de grace or whatever it’s called. Suddenly BRAY WYATT APPEARS! Bray sister Abigails Balor! Which allows Sampson to pin for the win. Afterwards Bray gives Balor the lick of death! Wait, wrong promotion. Dammit. Well atleast Balor’s gonna win this rivalry.

    Sidenote. I forgot how many adverts there was on a episode of Raw. And they’re all American while I’m British. So these adverts make even less sense to me.

    Emma & Angle segment

    Kurt Angle did the thing as he encouraged Jordan. Yay. Then Emma showed up! Emma showing her frustration and stuff then suggests that she should start dating Jordan! LET THE FANFICS AND THE SHIPPING FLY! WOOOO! Anyway Angle doesn’t approve so he puts Emma against Nia Jax. Because how dare other women get on the card other than Bayley, Sasha, Bliss & Jax! Emma makes me sick. Also Grievous might be happy with this.

    Enzo Amore vs Big Cass

    How long will this take? I will have a timer go on in the background of whatever this man is saying. Talking about keys to engines. Don’t know but Enzo took 3 minutes with that promo. I hate you Enzo! The match starts as Enzo gets surprisingly more offense than Great Balls of F- ITS STILL SUCH A STUPID NAME! WHY!? But of course, Cass reverses Enzo’s dropkick and then brutalises Enzo brutally. Cass wins with a big boot. Then Cass continues to beat down Amore until Big Show shows up and beats up Cass. Why is this fake friendship between Enzo & Show a thing?

    Nia Jax vs Emma
    Nia squash. There was no point of this match.

    Akira vs Davari
    Cruiserweights! FLIPPY STUFF! Except from the fact that it’s a interview, it’s pretty much a recap until Titus shows up and reveals that he removed the match. Tozawa went out instead. Tozawa ends up pushing away Titus and titus goes backstage. Cruiserweights don’t get this much screen time on raw, what is this? Oh and suddenly, Neville comes out. The man who once tagged with the Green Arrow, now is one of the best parts of RAW. Neville does a alright promo until Akira attacks Neville and hits his top rope senton thing before Davari comes in and takes out everyone! Because reasons!

    Bayley and Sasha segment
    Sasha teases a heel turn. That’s all I care about in this segment.

    Ambrose and Rollins segment
    WHAT IS THAT T-SHIRT! BURN THAT T-SHIRT NOW! Anyway Ambrose and Rollins talk and talk and talk and turns out there’s a handicap match with them two against Miz & Dallas & Axel


    Bayley’s theme is underrated. Just want to point that out. So Sasha and Bayley are fighting so they get a titleshot at Bliss at Summerslam. And speaking of Alexa, she’s on commentary. Great, she added nothing. Long story short. Bayley reversed the frog splash by Sasha into a pin. And I swear, Sasha don’t turn Heel. You know it would be a bad idea. Okay good. Bliss just walks in and raises the title. I want Bayley out of the title picture plz. #Sashadeservesbetter Not the first time, that hashtag will be used in this thread.

    Curt Hawkins Interview

    A jobber is given microphone time?! It’s James Ellsworth all over again but this time with Curt Hawkins.

    Jason Jordan vs Curt Hawkins
    I wanna point out something. Curt Hawkins has been linked to Edge for all of his career. Jordan’s now linked to Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle vs Edge. BOOOOOO. Anyway Jordan squash with Jordan ending it with a backsuplex into a neckbreaker thing.

    Revival vs The Club
    Revival came out and talked. The Club came out and interrupted them. I am so bored. They have a match which is surprisingly decent. But at the end, Hardyz come out, distract Revival then Club throws them out of the ring but then Hardyz distracts The Club and that means that the Revival get the victory. Then Hardyz clear house.

    The members of the Shield that people actually like vs the Miztourage
    I’ll be honest….I wouldn’t have minded it if they just shoe horned Reigns into this. He had nothing better to do so why not? He had his Universal championship build up. Hell, we could have had The Shield vs Miztourage and have Braun vs Joe. Make it a bit more exciting. Anyway Dean and Rollins worked together alrighty. I’m waiting for Ambrose to hit the dirty deeds to Rollins afterwards. Also the ending came when Rollins hit that high knee off the turnbuckle then Ambrose capitalised and hit the dirty deeds. No dirty deeds to rollins but Seth did try to do the Shield thing and it failed as Ambrose blanked him. Get rekt m8
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  2. #2 Grievous II, Jul 24, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2017
    ~ Okay RAW...let me have a look...

    ~ Okay...so Lesnar vs. Joe vs. Strowman vs. #IgnoreReigns...I will admit that is
    a match worth being the main event of Summerslam. Should be 100 times better
    than what the WWE Universe was given last year.

    I mean I won't be watching it...but I'm sure it will be great.

    ~ Okay...so how many times is Finn Balor going to wrestle the Drifter? Didn't
    we see this last week?

    ~ Yay! its EMMA! Man...dating Emma would be the best push ever Jason...just ask
    Zack Ryder. Giggity!

    And Emma is actually going to be wrestling on RAW tonight! Hell Yeah!

    Against Nia Jax?

    Nia Jax...where the female roster goes to be involved in botches and get squashed
    in three moves...

    I...I...just...I just want to like wrestling...I just want to have fun watching
    wrestling and have fun talking with my friends here...but...I...I...don't think
    I can do this anymore...

    Every week...every show...just kills my passion for it...

    2016 was such a great year...and this year just seems like one long booking


    ~ The Big Cass/Enzo feud is already as stale as month old bread! Let Big Cass
    go on a winning streak to start building up some momentum.

    I mean its not like there isn't plenty of "disposable" guys for Cass to defeat
    on a weekly basis.

    Here let me list a few:
    Apollo Crews
    Bo Dallas
    Curt Hawkins
    Curtis Axel
    Elias Samson
    Heath Slater
    Titus O'Neil

    And that doesn't include the Big Show or Mark Henry if you want Cass to fight
    and defeat some "Big Sweaty Men"

    Just saying...

    ~ I am so sick of Alexa Bliss. I never thought I would ever say that...but the
    booking has made me feel that way.

    I was all for the WWE pushing new talent...but this has gone too far now.

    Hey Alexa...instead of running your mouth and looking hot...how about you
    actually work on becoming a decent wrestler. If all you want to do is look
    pretty and talk...go become an actor!

    ~ And Emma gets fucking squashed by Nia Jax...what a fucking shock! I guess
    this was her being punished for her twitter post last week.

    Just quit Emma...you are too talented and beautiful to put up the WWE's bullshit!

    Go wrestle for GFW or Lucha Underground...Go become a bikini model...go do
    anything else but work for the WWE!

    ~ I don't care about the Titus Brand...but Neville is awesome...just saying.

    ~ You know if Sasha does turn on Bayley...it doesn't really matter now because
    the timing is all fucked up. There was the perfect time to do it...but the WWE
    had other plans and sent Alexa Bliss out there to ruin it.

    Well...at least Sasha isn't being wasted with the cruiserweights anymore...so
    that's a positive.

    ~ The Kurt Angle/Jason Jordan story line is fucking stupid!

    ~ Is it wrong that I don't care about a Shield Reunion? I mean its likely to
    happen at Survivor Series this year anyway...but I just don't care.

    ~ And Alexa Bliss comes out to run her mouth some more...God...I can see why
    some of the members here can't stand the sound of her fucking voice.

    I guess I should congratulate the WWE...they've actually made me hate one of the
    heels to the point I want her to get injured so I don't have to look at her face or hear
    her voice anymore.

    ~ Please let Sasha win this match clean...Please let Sasha win this match clean...

    *Watches Match*

    And Bayley wins...

    I...why? Why would they do this? Why bury Bayley to then only try and dig her out
    of the grave they placed her in a month later?

    I watched the matches at Payback & Extreme Rules...Alexa beat her (fine) ass
    clean twice...why would anyone consider Bayley a real threat to Alexa?

    Someone explain to me how Bayley getting a title shot at Summerslam makes any
    sense. Seriously...someone tell why the WWE is doing this?

    Wait...I've figured it out. Between now and Summerslam Sasha & Nia will be added
    to the Summerslam title match because the writers may as well copy the Universal
    title booking instead of trying to tell a different story with the women's division.

    Makes sense...

    Also...and I'm not lying here...but this is only the second singles match Bayley has
    won cleanly this year. Last week was the first.

    It took Bayley 7 months to score a clean victory in a singles match this year.

    Just think about that for a few moments...let that sink in...

    ~ Ugh...Curt Hawkins...SKIP!!!

    ~ And Jason Jordan defeats Curt Hawkins...another shocking result...

    ~ I like the Revival...see...I can be positive...

    ~ So...its the Revival vs. The Club (Remember them?)...and Revival win...because
    the Club are jobbers at this point and then the Hardyz appear and the fight is on.

    So...Revival vs. Hardyz at Summerslam?

    ~ And the teases for a Shield Reunion continue and I don't care...

    No Mickie James, Dana Brooke or Alicia Fox this week and Emma gets squashed by
    Nia Jax.

    You know...say what you want about the decline in quality of SmackDown...but at
    least all the women on that brand are getting a fair shake and some screen and
    match time.

    And I'm Done...
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  3. See, this is a plot by GPR and my doctor to keep my nice and doped up and asleep so I can't make anymore rate threads... it's that whole British/American time thing all coming back....

    Or GPR is sparing me so I don't watch the show.
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  4. look.. I don't wanna come across as a guy that wants to pick fights but what's the point of #IgnoreReigns? You're mentioning his name regardless! Have you ever seen a post of WWE where they're like "TBT to when Triple H defended his World Heavyweight Championship against the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and #IgnoreBenoit at Wrestlemania 20!" Like, that's not how you ignore someone, you get me? lol
    I'm not trying to tell you how to type, you can do and say whatever the fuck you want. I just don't see the difference in between saying Reigns and #IgnoreReigns.
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  5. #5 Jacob Fox, Jul 25, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2017
    Grievous is expressing how when the segments come on that involve Roman Reigns that he tends to ignore them simply because Reigns is in them. It's not just him either, it's something I have seen on other wrestling forums and wrestling sites. It's just their way of expressing that they don't think he should be getting the air time or the push that he is getting.

    The point is not that he is ignoring Reigns in the post, the point is he wants to ignore Reigns on the show. The analogy with Benoit wouldn't apply because you can't ignore Benoit on the show since he isn't alive.
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  6. I didn't watch the show, but Roman Reigns had the moment of the night. His mic skills are top notch right now.

    Also I'm really enjoying this Ambrose and Rollins storyline. I think it'd be cool if they got a short tag title run out of this
  7. #7 King Of Armageddon, Jul 25, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2017
    ummm ok lol @Green Power Ranger not only did you forget how to spell seven (siete) in Spanish but you forgot six (seis) ??? Whether for comedy or whatever lol and why call this "Rate Raw..........." if you and @Grievous are writing reviews??? lmao I'm wonder like @Jacob Fox said is this some way to get people to not watch? Or is this more of a comedy act?
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  8. Bingo! We have a winner!

    Somebody finally gets the exact reason why I type #IgnoreReigns...

    Love your work Fantastic Mr. Fox...

    I'm pretty sure we're not a "comedy double act" not that I wouldn't mind...
    although I'm not very funny...and I haven't been very fun to have around
    since my third foot operation.

    My reviews/synopsis tend to go up first/early because in Australia its
    like 2pm in the afternoon when RAW ends (and its also Tuesday not
  9. Ok first of all, if @Grievous decides to ignore "Reigns segment" then he might as well not watch Raw and at times SmackDown Live too because his name IS going to be brought several many times. So it's cool that he doesn't like the guy but he should really aim his dislike at WWE and Vince, they are his true culprits for the character. Just like right now, I despise and hate Dean Ambrose (YEP I DO) but I'm not going to ignore him or go into "#IgnoreAmbrose" lol. It's funny, he does have the right to write however he wants just like anyone else but I think what @SWL meant was it comes a point where you have to move on. And yes in a way the Benoit analogy does hold merit, he said "I don't wanna come across as a guy that wants to pick fights but what's the point of #IgnoreReigns? You're mentioning his name regardless! Have you ever seen a post of WWE where they're like "TBT to when Triple H defended his World Heavyweight Championship against the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and #IgnoreBenoit at Wrestlemania 20!" Like, that's not how you ignore someone, you get me? lol". Which is true even though the WWE has stayed away from mentioning Benoit a lot of times, they still will give him credit (very seldom) and state his name at this point in time. So, @Grievous can continue the #IgnoreReigns about Roman Reigns but he's still mentioning him and he still HAVE to see him one way or another to see what WWE is doing (EVEN if his favorite wrestler goes against Roman Reigns or has a segment/promo with him).
  10. #10 King Of Armageddon, Jul 25, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2017
    Well a lot of the things you type up are a bit silly, just so you know. I literally laugh at almost most of them, sorry I thought that's why you made your posts. It has nothing to do with how early you post at all. I was just reading a lot of these posts on these threads that say "rate" and you guys give reviews or tell everything about the show (not a problem just curious).
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  11. Oh don't worry...you're not...

    Hearing a performers name is a lot different to watching them on the screen...

    I am fully aware of that...but instead of ranting against the WWE or Vince...it
    is much easier for me just to type #IgnoreReigns.

    So...why are we having this conversation/debate?

    So...type whatever you want...unless someone tells you to "move on"?
    No...I think I'll keep typing #IgnoreReigns for the rest of my time on here.

    Well...thankfully my favorite performers are the women...and thankfully
    #IgnoreReigns has nothing to with their division.

    It is hard not to mention #IgnoreReigns when he seems to be the only
    priority the WWE has had for the last...what is it now? 3 years?

    I guess that's why I don't have a problem with the WWE trying to tap
    into the Indian market with Jinder (even if most of that nations population
    doesn't have the money to actually subscribe to the WWE network).

    It shows the WWE is willing to try something different in their marketing
    approach besides "Make #IgnoreReigns Look Strong"

    Thanks for calling what I type silly...

    But its all good bro...I do write them for fun and I'm glad you get a laugh out of
    them. They are my honest opinions...just exaggerated to the highest level.

    I think I honestly need to take wrestling less seriously...but...I stand by my
    statement. 2016 was a really awesome year...and so far most of 2017 has
    for me personally been a let down.

    A lot of wrestlers I like/support (and in Charlotte's case worship) have had
    a rough year this year...and its...kind of depressing.

    I understand its only wrestling...but...I just want the performers I like to
    succeed or in some cases...just be given a chance to.
  12. Well first, he said nothing about not wanting to hear Roman's names. He doesn't like watching matches with Roman or interview segments. I am sure he's not getting all annoyed by simply hearing his name.

    If he stopped watching the show because he severely dislikes one wrester, that's what we call throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Simply because he does not like one wrestler, it doesn't make sense that he should just give up on watching 5 hours of wrestling each week... the vast majority of which has little to nothing to do with Reigns. There is plenty of stuff on Raw and Smackdown that doesn't involve Roman at all. It would be silly to quit watching that simply because he doesn't like the Roman stuff.

    Because WWE or Vince give a care if he tells them he dislikes Roman? They don't care so what's the point of aiming it at them? They know how half the audience feel about Roman already.

    This is a wrestling discussion forum and therefore the appropriate place for him to aim his dislike of Roman. WWE and Vince are not going to listen to Grievous. They are going to do what they want regardless of his opinion so what good would it to do aim his comments at them? At least on a wrestling discussion forum people will hear his opinion, even if they can't do anything about it.

    But you could if you want to, and that's the whole point. And even if we didn't like it, if we thought it was pointless, we would still APPLAUD you doing it because it's vital to express your opinion in the way you feel is best.

    I've always disagreed with the adage of there coming a point where you have to move on. No one other than the person expressing their opinion can decide when it is time for them to move on. If you feel a certain way about something, speak about that for the rest of your life if it means something to you. If Grievous feels strongly that he still wants to mention it, then the proverbial point of moving on for him hasn't came.

    You're missing the point entirely. #IgnoreReigns has NOTHING to do with not discussing Reigns. It has everything to do with Grievous ignoring the televised segments that he is in. That is it, nothing else. That doesn't automatically translate into Grievous never being able to mention Reigns again. He wants the focus of the show to be off Reigns.

    That is why the Benoit analogy hold zero merit. WWE has rarely mentioned but not done any segments on Benoit since the murders happened. #IgnoreBenoit would make no sense because in the same vein, Grievous would be telling WWE to stop giving him so much airtime... something they are not doing. So no, the analogy does not hold merit.

    I completely understand what ignoring someone means, but you don't seem to get what context it is used in. It only has to do with Grievous disliking and ignoring the televised segments with Reigns on them, nothing more. It doesn't mean he is not willing to discuss Reigns but he doesn't want to watch him.

    Yes, WWE has mentioned Benoit on occasion. However, they don't promote him as one of their major stars and give him tons of airtime on their current product... because he's dead. That is what this is about, the amount of airtime and push that Reigns is getting on television. Had Grievous done #IgnoreBenoit while he was on television before the murders, then the analogy would be sound. As it stands, it is not a sound analogy.

    If I am not mistaken, Grievous's favorite wrestler is Charlotte. And for the most part, he likes the women wrestlers. He's very unlikely to watch Roman fight them.

    And even if his favorite wrestler was male, that doesn't mean Grievous has to watch him face Roman. Not remotely. My favorite wrestler was Ric Flair, however in the mid to late 1990's I refused to watch any matches with Ric Flair involving Hulk Hogan because my dislike of Hogan at that time was enough to keep me from watching the matches of my favorite of all time. So no, Grievous has no obligation to watch Roman segments and he can still watch wrestling.
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  13. #13 Jacob Fox, Jul 25, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2017
    All right, the point of this thread is to rate Raw, not discuss Grievous's choice to refer to Roman as #IgnoreReigns. This has gone on too long. This post ends that part of the topic. Any more will be considered off topic posting and will result in a warning.

    Get back to talking about Raw, not about other members.

    Edit: Discuss it in PMs if you must. Any posts made after this one about Grievous using the #IgnoreReigns hashtag will also be deleted.
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  14. Edited the thread title. You wrote 25th instead of 24th of July, Mr. Reag. :henry2:
  15. So, this show was okay. It wasn't particularly good, but it wasn't downright bad either. It was just "there". 5/10

    One thing's for certain, though and that's that the show was definitely better than Battleground. lol

    Things I liked:
    - The opening segment with Angle, Strowman, Joe and Roman was good. I am hyped for the Fatal 4-Way match at SummerSlam, it should be pretty fun.

    - Bálor vs Samson was rock solid. I wasn't a fan of the predictable finish that's going to lead to a boring feud, though. But, oh well.

    - Big Cass vs Enzo was a fine squash. I mean, it was exactly what it needed to be and now he's moving on to feud with Show heading into SummerSlam.

    - Jordan vs Hawkins was an okay squash and exactly what it needed to be.

    - The Revival/The Club/The Hardys stuff was okay.

    - Ambrose & Rollins vs The Miztourage was a good ME. Ambrose refusing to fist bump post-match was a nice touch and shows Ambrose still doesn't trust Rollins and isn't ready to reunite yet. I liked that.

    Things I didn't like or skipped:
    - Everything else.
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  16. just something I quoted from the Enzo/Cass/Show segment:
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  17. Technically if you're British then it does happen during the 25th tho. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  18. I’m a bit late to the party this week but unfortunately had plenty on my plate the last couple of days that really prevented me from posting any thoughts. Anyway, being it’s Wednesday already and both shows have obviously aired, my overall thought is that after an abysmal showing this past Sunday, it seems to me that WWE tried to perhaps avenge themselves by delivering a couple of very decent (to say the least) shows in both RAW and Smackdown so here’s a thumbs up for the effort from my part.

    Keeping things RAW, I’m glad the rumors came true and they indeed announced the monster Fatal 4-Way for Summerslam between Joe, Reigns, Strowman and Lesnar for the Universal Championship. It really can’t go any bigger than that and as I mentioned in a recent post, perhaps the most intriguing part of it is that all four individuals have an equal chance of winning this, thus meaning one of the most unpredictable main events in recent memory, thus meaning a lot more fun for us to watch. I’m sure the various websites and dirt sheets will have several stories and rumors about the possible winner but regardless, this will awesome.

    In my view, the second biggest story of the evening involved the Sasha Banks/Bailey match which would determine who would face Alexa Bliss at Summerslam. Now, while I did pitch the idea of a Bliss/Banks one on one as the money match, I honestly can’t say I’m surprised with the outcome here because in my view it’s clear as day where this is going: Bailey will defeat Bliss at Summerslam, Sasha will come out to seemingly congratulate her “best friend” only to eventually turn on her, thus your next big feud. If it wasn’t already a plan set in stone already, I think they made a pretty god job in planting the seeds this past Monday and it was just a simple matter of reading between the lines.


    - I think I’ve had just about enough of Enzo being squashed by Big Cass. I understand the storyline but can we please just move the fuck on?

    - Are we to assume that they are looking to turn the Club faces?

    - Jason Jordan’s promo: ouch…

    - I'm giving it two weeks till Stephanie and HHH show up on RAW...

    - Very cool main event and I found it particularly interesting that they shows Sheamus and Cesaro backstage watching, which makes me wonder if perhaps they are considering a temporary partnership of Ambrose and Rollins and even a shot at the tag belts. They obviously made it a big deal being that it was the first time in 3 years that those two paired and there were of course several mentions of the Shield on commentary (which will eventually happen) so, sure, why not? It ain't like Ambrose and Rollins have anything else to do at this point and God forbid we've had enough of Ambrose and Miz. Unless they do a triple threat at SS for the Ic strap, I'm more then ok for a partial Shield reunion and a stint in the tag team division...

    Overall rating: 6/10
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