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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, May 28, 2013.

  1. 7/10 for me.
  2. It would be the 27th ashley :pity1:

    Anyway, 7/10 for me too. Thoroughly enjoyed this RAW.

    • Curtis Axel is just gold.
    • Lots of Heyman
    • A great Jericho segment which announces the return of CM Punk
    • Dean Ambrose match with Kofi
    • The Shield's match
    • Bryan/Kane were great all night
    • Axel going over via countout is great
    • Ryback driving that ambulance makes me mark
    • THE WYATT FAMILY <33333
    Great RAW. If it wasn't for the app plugging, it'd be an 8.

    Show Spoiler

    changed :okay:

  4. Ttempted to go 4/10 just for Bret Hart WWE App Appreciation Night, but deciding against it.
    The first hour was just awesome, 9/10, but the show went downhill from there (thanks, Crayo). Really impressed with how they turned such a great show turned so subpar. #WeWant2Hours
    But still: Liked the main event segment, really liked the Highlight Reel, and of course the best part: Bray Freaking Wyatt. YES!
    Can't go below a 7/10, so 7/10 it is
  5. DanieL Bryan = Gold /10

    Show 5/10
  6. If you take away the lame champion's clause rematches, the Gingerbore men tag match and some other filler you had a solid show. All things considered and WWE putting their usual terrible appy twittery spin on it and I'd agree with Danny, 5/10. Good by recent Raw standards for sure.
  7. 6-7/10.
    Pretty good show.

    Don't really mark for Axel. Don't blame me

    Oh and Rhodes :facepalm:
  8. 5/10.

    Daniel Bryan+CM Punk returning
  9. 5-6/10. Pretty dull show, but it had it's moments. Really liking Curtis.
  10. 6/10. Enjoyed most of it but some of it was unbearable.
  11. Was this a Bret Hart appeciation night? I expected some 4/10 rates, lmao.
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