Spoiler Rate Raw 3/12/2018

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Mar 12, 2018.

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    Kurt Angle came out and made some comments about his Wrestlemania match with Ronda Rousey. Then he told the crowd that even though he was scheduled to be there, Brock Lesnar would not be there tonight. Roman Reigns came out and complained, telling Angle he knew that Lesnar would not be punished like any other wrestler because he was "Vince's Boy." He said it was one thing to be disrespected by Roman but he won't be by Vine.

    Roman got angry and left, meeting up with Vince and Shane in the back. He got into Vince's face and they took him into an office. After the break, Roman said things have quieted down. Vince then said that Lesnar did get special privileges but he would absolutely be there next week and would absolutely be at Wrestlemania. However, Roman Reigns was suspended for his action.

    Sasha Banks vs Sonya Deville

    Bayley and Absolution were at ringside. Banks won by submission and watched as Bayley left. Banks was attacked by Absolution.

    WWE Hall of Fame

    Kid Rock was announced as the next inductee

    Miz TV

    Miz brought out his opponents at Wrestlemania, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. Miz tried to sow discord between the two. Eventually Balor got up and seemed to be ready to fight Rollins rather than waiting four weeks. He and Rollins went eye to eye while Miz started a "yes" chance. However, Rollins and Balor looked at Miz who realized they were talking about him and they attacked him.

    The Bar

    The Bar announced an open invitation that caused the Revival and the Miztourage to attack them, they tried to leave and then every tag team came in and beat them. The Bar eventually escaped.

    John Cena

    Cena came out and said he didn't have a road to Wrestlemania. He did say it would have to be as a fan. He started a "This is awesome" chant and tried a "Let's go Roman" chant but it didn't start. He then started a "Let's go Cena, Cena Sucks" chant, saying they wouldn't hear it this year. He then said he would do the thing he wasn't supposed to do, because there would be no consequences as a fan. So he challenged the Undertaker. He did it over and over and when his microphone wasn't shut off, he said the only one keeping it from happen. He said a whole lot of mean and derogatory things about his ego and then asked the fans if they wanted to see the Undertaker kick his ass. They agreed. so he said that he would either go as a fan or as the Undertaker's opponent. He asked for "One more match.

    The Bar

    The Bar complained to Angle about what happened. He made a tag team battle royal at Wrestlemania for the belt.

    Elias and Braun

    Elias was in the ring but left, wearing a neck brace. It cut to Braun Strowman who talked about what he did to Elias and wondered why he didn't have a match at Wrestlemania. He guaranteed he would make sure that someone got his hands at Mania.

    Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor

    Balor won by pin fall


    Asuka came out and was asked why she chose Charlotte and not Alexa Bliss for Wrestlemania. Before she could answer, Alexa and Mickie James came out and they told her she made the decision because she knew she couldn't beat Alexa. Asuka challenged Alexa before being attacked by Mickie James

    Mickie James vs Asuka

    Asuka forced Mickie James to tap out and Alexa Bliss stormed out of the arena, not stopping to help Mickie at all.


    Alexa criticized Nia for not coming out when Alexa wanted her to. She told Nia she loved her and they hugged. And Alexa made her promise she would help out next time when Alexa faced Asuka

    Nia vs Jobber

    Nia defeated another jobber. Afterwards on the titan tron, while Nia was in the ring, it showed a backstage segment with Alexa and Mickie making fun of Nia. Alexa even compared her to Shrek and admitted all she did was use Nia because she was vulnerable. She claimed to have Nia in the palm of her hand. They continued to insult Nia until the interviewer came in and apologized for being late. She did let them know the microphone was on and everyone heard it. Nia at first looked hurt but then she looked angry as she began running back to the locker room. Scared for their lives, Alexa and Mickie ran for the lives. Nia came in and began tearing up the locker room.

    Ultimate Deletion

    Matt Hardy challenged Bray Wyatt for the Ultimate Deletion and Bray accepted.

    Tag Team Battle Royal

    Braun Strowman put himself into the match. He won the match to win the Tag Team Championship match at Wrestlemania against the Bar.
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  2. A 6. this had it's moments, don't get me wrong. But everything was really just a build for next week.... everytime something happened "We'll have to find out next week!" I mean, they literally said this like 20 times. Got a little old after a while.


    Vince "suspending" Roman
    Braun Strowman winning a tag team battle royal
    Nia getting pissed
    Asuka making Mickie tap out
    Miz trying to turn Finn and Rollins against each other

    Otherwise, just a typical Raw
  3. Roman and Kurt's segment was interesting.. I love how Roman just went backstage and confronted Vince in Gorilla... Although i don't agree with them advertising someone and the talent not showing up unless they have a good reason, i can't help but love this. It gets Brock so much heat.

    John Cena finally calls out Undertaker again.. I guess Cena originally saying that match can't happen was just an excuse to get him on the Fastlane card. It's a big match, hopefully it's Taker's last match.

    It's amazing how over Elias is, he keeps getting better every week.

    Really tired of Finn Balor beating Seth Rollins all the time. Balor has so much momentum while Rollins has none.. Give Seth a couple wins before Mania.

    Asuka and Mickie James was a good match, very competitive. I expected a 2 minute squash here, glad that didn't happen.

    Nia Jax is back to facing local talent... That's what happens when you face Asuka.

    Braun Strowman finally gets a match at WrestleMania and it's not against Elias.. I guess Braun will be the new tag team champions at WrestleMania.

    Good RAW 7/10

    Way better than last weeks shit show.
  4. Did you rate it... R... K... O...
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  5. Solid Snake has earned 100 warning points for this post and is permanently banned from WWEF.

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  6. A bit timely but effective joke and no I rated it M for mildly entertained

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  7. Okay...so let me be 100% honest with all of you here...

    I'm not trying to start a fight or piss anyone off...I'm being
    100% honest as a wrestling fan...

    ~ I don't care about the Ronda Rousey Mixed Tag Match...
    ~ I don't care about Lesnar vs. Reigns...
    ~ I love Sasha but I don't care about her & Bayley fighting
    to see who the biggest loser is. A heel turn will not save
    Bayley's career...it is DEAD & a heel turn for Sasha is a year
    too late.
    ~ I do care about the Intercontinental triple threat & I'm
    hoping Finn Balor will claim the title at Wrestlemania.
    ~ I don't care about John Cena or who he will be wrestling
    at Wrestlemania...unless its Samoa Joe...then I will care.
    ~ I do care about Asuka...but why is she still here?
    ~ I don't care about the RAW women's division while
    Alexa Bliss is still the Champion. In fact besides Asuka
    & Sasha I have no time for any of them until they are
    being booked in an interesting way.
    ~ I don't care about Nia Jax.
    ~ I don't care about Woken Matt vs. Bray anymore.
    ~ I don't care about Strowman & Elias being teamed up
    as a makeshift tag team & winning the titles at Wrestlemania
    as a consolation prize for Strowman & the fans. I stand by my
    statement...Strowman should have won the Universal title at
    Summerslam 2017...he was red hot & ready & they could have
    sent Lesnar home then.

    So you see...I want to care...but I just don't.

    If you want to know what I do care about in wrestling right now
    feel free to PM me.

    I'm done...
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  8. Roman calling anyone else 'Vince's Boy'
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  9. This. When I heard this, I died laughing. It’s the exact opposite buddy. Anyone who knows any insight into backstage wrestling knows this.

    I will say this: as much as I hate Roman reigns most of the time, the way they’re building this feud with Brock is perfect... perfect in the sense that it’s their last stitch effort to push Roman to the top and at least he will be somewhat liked in the process. I think that it may work for this one feud, but down the road? Naaaaaaahhhhh.
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  10. I guess we won't know until he walks out with the
    big red belt on RAW the night after Wrestlemania.

    Maybe he'll cut the same promo that he did after
    Wrestlemania 32?

    "Hey I'm not a bad guy...I'm not a good guy...I'm a Plank of Wood"

    That was it right?
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  11. How ironic indeed and what bothers me the most is the fact that WWE THINK they are dealing with fans that don't know better or that are simply morrons. This storyline is one that could have easily worked back in the day when the internet was barely a thing and there were no such things as social media, podcasts and hundreds of thousands of websites, dirt sheets, call them whatever you want that report news, rumors and whatnot on a daily basis. Nowadays however, whether they like it or not, people follow the news, are well informed and for the most part KNOW THEIR SHIT so this bullshit of a storyline, I'm sorry, ain't working.

    The fact of the matter is - and I noted the same thing the other week - it's WWE's last desperate effort to possibly get Roman cheared at Mania. They figure that by portraying Brock as the "dick" it will get people to boo him, thus get behind Roman as if we don't already know that Brock is a part timer signed for specific dates or as if we don't already know he couldn't give two shits about the fans already. Hell, he didn't give a shit about Heith Slaters kids, why give a shit about anything else? Tell us something we don't know already...

    Oh, and this Roman being temporarily suspended....:booker2::booker2::booker2:

    As for the rest of the show:

    - Don't want to be repeating myself but like I've said on numerous occasions, one of Vince's golden rules is to never ever tease anything you won't be able to deliver so as of last night - yet again - it was all but confirmed as far as Cena facing the Undertaker.

    I understand there's a lot of talk of whether this match should happen or not or if its too late. For one, the ending of Mania last year looked like a proper send off for the dead man and then there's the argument that it would have been a lot better if the streak was on the line. Both very valid points and both I agree with, especially the first one and moreso given that whether we like to admit it or not, Taker looked anything but good in his latest matches. However, the fact of the matter is he is one of the most beloved superstars of all time and the fans still want to see him. I mean, look at the reactions when Cena issued the challenge.

    I do admit I'm kind of torn with this situation being he's one of my favorites of all time but I ain't going to complain about it either.

    - So it appears that Braun will be teaming up with Elias to take out the Bar at Mania.

    I guess the "odd pairing" thing does make sense if we consider how Sheamus and Cesaro started as a tag team and it also at least gives something important for Braun to do at Mania so while not the best scenario, it's probably the second best thing and certainly beats the IC title rumors (which I think we all agree would be a downgrade) or a simple participation in the ATGMBR.

    - Speaking of, we know have the respective Battle Royal for the women....Can't get enough of them "first evers", can we? Well, at least it's a good payday for the ladies I suppose...

    - Back to the opening segment, Roman storming back to Gorilla I felt was a nice touch but did Shane have to be there? Like, did we really need to see the commisioner of Smackdown at that particular time? Was kind of odd of a visual, don't you think?

    - I appreciate the fact they've already begun to tell the story for Asuka and Charlotte with the "injured" leg. It will be a hell of a moment when she fights the figure four and NOT tap out....
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  12. yo why is Nia having a mental breakdown in the locker room, did someone call her fat on twitter again? Also, a Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal? Bad form WWE, you know what that woman did and she does not deserve any recognition for anything regarding the women's success in pro wrestling. If anything, she held them back for as long as she was around. First Steph, now Moolah. It's like they're trying to credit the wrong people on purpose at this point.

    Also, Braun vs the Bar could be incredible. They better not team him up with Elias or some shit. Just have him walk in there and win the tag titles on his own. That'd be something new and would help him stand out on an already stacked card
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  13. It was more like......"This is my yard...bitches"
  14. At least they're trying something to get Roman over. Maybe this would have been a good angle four years ago
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  15. Pretty much. They had to play it off because mania ended so much worse than what they expected.

    I do believe that this match will be far more well received than the mania 32 or 33 matches, but it won’t last. By the time backlash rolls around, which is like a month later, Roman will lose his luster because he can’t bash the “part timer.”
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  16. Turned on Raw, saw the opening segment, turned it off. Hoping Smackdown was better.
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