Spoiler Rate RAW 3/2/15

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 2, 2015.

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  1. How did you feel about tonight's show on a scale of 1-10?

    Long Results of Tonight's show below:

  2. #2 Prince Bálor, Mar 2, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2015
    Haven't watched the whole show, I'll do that tomorrow. Only managed to catch the divas match which was meh (but the storytelling was important here and on the entire show from what I've gathered), Heyman's promo was gold, the daily show with Rollins/Stewart and Bryan/Harper which were good segments and Reigns/Rollins which was dope, purely because of the post-match segment.
  3. I am giving it a 6. I think the show may have seemed better because the live chat was so lively, but I had a good time watching it and that is all that mattered. My usual breakdown:

    I liked:

    Opening with Seth and Reigns was good. I don't like them egging Rollins into a triple threat, though. However, maybe it's not a bad thing. We had one of the best triple threats of all time with Rollins, Lesnar and Cena at the Rumble... having Rollins and Lesnarr with Reigns might be as good.

    Ambrose vs Barrett was okay, but they should let Barrett have his title. I liked Harper behind JBL

    The segment with Miz and Mizdow with the commercial was priceless. It was nice to see Mizdow finally get pissed.

    Steph totally laying into John Cena was awesome in so many ways. I loved her ripping him a new one.

    HHH's promo was great but I was hoping that Booker would kick his ass

    Daniel Bryan vs Luke Harper was ok

    The Daily show segment was weak, but Jon Stewart low blowing Rollins was wonderful.


    Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns was not bad. The spear to Rollins after jumping off the top rope was awesome. I do NOT want Rollins to add himself to the main event though. Cash in after!

    I didnt like:

    The 6 person tag was a waste of time.

    Axel getting beat fast by Cena was a waste of time. They played it off as Cena being aggressive again, but it was just the same Cena crap we've been getting for 10 years.


    The Divas match was pretty boring but seeing AJ back was nice. It was also good to have an actual Divas match that was longer than a minute and a half.
  4. RAW was decent.. Good promos on the show, not many great matches. All 4 divas were boring as usual, i'm really digging this Rollins/Orton storyline going on and the IC Title feud is pretty good as well.
  5. It was an OKAY show.

    What I liked/remember
    - Opening was alright
    - Jon Stewart
    - Daniel Bryan Vs. Luke Harper
    - Paul Heyman Promo
    - HHH/Booker T was alright
    - Main Event

  6. I gave it a 5/10... I really expect more from the build-up to WM31, other than verbally stating a dozen times that it's the build-up to Wrestlemania they really haven't done good job at visually building it up.
  7. #7 Just Kevin, Mar 3, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2015

    The Good
    Miz/Mizdow segment was good.
    The Jon Stewart portion of the Daily Show segment was good.
    The spear at the end of RAW was good.
    Cena being owned by Steph.
    Wyatt promo.
    I marked for AJ, but I'm a sucker for her every time.
    They gave the divas more than 5 minutes.

    The Bad
    Usos vs Kidd/Cesaro did nothing to further the feud, meaningless match.
    Paige vs Nikki Bella was just a reason for AJ's return, nothing more, even though it was supposed to be a championship match.
    HHH's segment.. I just didn't get the point of it.

    The Ugly
    The switching/stealing of the IC title belt from person to person is dumb.
    Opening segment with Rollins/Reigns wasn't necessary... the same thing could have been done during the Daily Show segment.
    Axel being squashed by Cena.
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Thanks, I'm very proud of being intelligent.
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  10. Isn't it funny how Seth Rollins and Jon Stewart are more over than Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns?
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  11. I really love this episode of RAW and I rate it 10/10 . Only things that I didn't like was Divas match (of course I like that return of Aj Lee) and I didn't like Curtis vs Cena . There was some funny moments at this episode, specially that commercial including Miz and Damien .
  12. Very surprising that someone thought this highly of a build up to WM show that was VERY lackluster in my opinion as well as the general public.. I'm pretty sure I haven't seen anywhere above a 6 for this one other here.
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  13. Well, actually I haven't seen as interesting Raw show as this for a long time (remember it's my opinion) so that's why I've rated it so high .
  14. It was decent. 6/10

    John Stewart Vs Rollins
    Axel's promo
    The Miz and Mizdow's commercial
    Steph calling out Cena
    Bryan Vs Harper
    Paul Heyman

    IC switcheroo
    Wyatt promo (mostly because idgaf about him vs taker)
    Not enough Ambrose or Ziggler

    something else

    HHH Vs Booker T wasn't amazing
    Divas match- probably one of the longest Divas match on Raw in like two years (at least) but since it was only to facilitate AJ's return- meh.
  15. 5/10. Felt average and didn't really get me to want to watch next weeks Raw. Moment of the night for me was between the Cena/Steph moment and the Niagra moment :haha:
  16. The first two episodes of the build-up to WM have been kind of lacklusters. 6/10
    Hopefully they'll step it up in the coming weeks.

    - The openning segment featuring Rollins & Reigns was quite alright.
    - Ambrose vs BNB was okay.
    - Miz/Mizdow in that backstage segment with the whole locker room present and laughing at Miz was hilarious. It's gonna be so glorious when Mizdow finally bitch slaps the Miz.
    - Wyatt's promo.
    - Steph totally owning the little narrator.
    - HHH/Booker T segment.
    - The Daily Show segment featuring Rollins & Stewart was good.
    - Bryan vs Harper was okay, could've used a bit more time that was wasted on Cena/Axel and the 6 person tag.
    - Paul Heyman's promo was gold!
    - Reigns vs Rollins. The only reason this is a positive is because they made up for Reigns' loss in that post-match segment, which was badass. The match wasn't bad by any means, the finish to it was, though.


    - This whole IC title stealing is silly.
    - Cesaro, Kidd & Natalya vs The Usos & Naomi was BS. Filler segment.
    - Axelmania being fed to Cena.

    - Paige vs Nikki was boring, the match ending in a DQ Fest and AJ coming back was far too predictable...
    However, I didn't hate it nor did I love it. But at least they decided to give the divas division more than 2 minutes of air time.

    The 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
    - Gladly skipped John 'The Narrator' Cena talking segment.
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