Spoiler Rate RAW 3/23/2015

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 23, 2015.

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  1. You saw the show, now tell us what you thought of it!


    Below are the results from tonight's RAW episode that took place in the Staples Center of Los Angeles tonight in case you need a refresher:


    -The show opened up with Sting's music hitting and then hitting the ramp.. Sting speaks for the first time about his WM31 opponent, HHH. Steph McMahon's music hits and then she walks down the ramp to talk to Sting. Steph attempts to slap Sting causing the Icon to grab her wrists.. Triple H's music hits and he approaches the ring to confront Sting.. Sledgehammer & Bat come into play and without stepping into the ring the prominent figures of the authority walk away.

    -Dean Ambrose & R-Truth vs. Stardust & Luke Harper.. Four of the IC Ladder match contestants face off in a tag team match.. Bad News Barrett is on commentary for the match. Was a decent back and forth between the two teams, nothing overly impressive here all 4 competitors were able to show some offense.. R-Truth gets the pin on Stardust.
    WINNER: R-Truth and Dean Ambrose

    -Renee Young announces the WWE's partnership with the Country's Special Olympics event that takes place this June in Los Angeles.

    -A brief Roman Reigns WM31 video package is aired.

    -Damien Sandow, The Miz, Adam Rose, Konnor & Viktor vs. Titus O'Neil, Darren Young, Zack Ryder, Ryback and Erick Rowan:
    Bill Simmons came out as a guest commentator for this 5-on-5 tag match.. Nothing really special about this match, everybody seemed to get a small form of offense or another.. Sandow got some big pops throughout the match. Ryback looked like a beast when it came time for him to get in the ring. Ryback destroys Miz and gets the pin for the win.
    WINNER: Titus O'Neil, Darren Young, Ryback, Zack Ryder & Erick Rowan

    -Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins w/ J&J Security: Randy unloaded on J&J to start until a distraction let Noble get some offense in. Orton gives J&J a double DDT off the rope. Rollins comes in tries to curb stomp Orton, misses and runs out of the ring after Orton failed to RKO him.. Orton RKOs Joey Mercury and gets the pin.
    WINNER: Randy Orton

    -A brief interview video clip of Cena on his match with Rusev at WM31 aired.

    -A short backstage segment between Paige & AJ was shown.

    -Paige w/ AJ Lee vs Nikki Bella w/ Brie in a title match: Nikki offered either AJ or Paige a title shot but the decision had to be made by them.. this was an attempt to cause a rift between her & Brie's WM opponents for this Sunday.. AJ gave up the chance to Paige because she didn't want to create any tension on her team.. Not a terrible divas match, especially coming from WWE.. A decent bit of action followed by a good couple of nearfalls from each competitor.. AJ accidentally elbows Paige thinking she was Nikki sneaking up on her outside of the ring.. Nikki picks up the pin after a rack attack.. Paige attacks AJ for a brief moment after costing her the match.
    WINNER: Nikki Bella

    -Snoop Dogg is out at the ramp for his guest star segment.. Axel comes out and starts talking crap and Snoop calls out the 'Mania' no one's talking about.. 'HULKAMANIA!' Out comes Hulk, him and Snoop send Axel out of the ring.

    -A Brock Lesnar video pre-WM31 video package aired.

    -Tyson Kidd, Cesaro & Natalya vs. The Los Matadores in an interspecies tag match: This match was nothing special at all.. El Torito pinned Natalya for the victory.
    WINNER: The Los Matadores

    -Jack Swagger vs Rusev: This match didn't last long at all, Swagger got in minimal offense and than Rusev unloaded on him and forced him to tap.. Rusev refused to let go of his hold so Cena came to make the save.. Rusev proceeded to beat up on Cena and choke him out.
    WINNER: Rusev

    -Bray Wyatt comes down the ramp, enters the ring and gives a promo relating to his match with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

    -Kevin Nash as Diesel's official WWE 2015 Hall of Fame Announcement is presented.

    -Backstage Segment involving Burger King, Tyson Kidd & Natalya.

    -Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Dean Ambrose as the Special Guest Referee: This match was created simply due to the reaction it got to close the Gauntlet match on SD last week.. It seemed to start off pretty slow but picked up a bit later in the match. There was a decent bit of back and forth here and both men got in a good bit of offense. Dolph Ziggler hits a superkick out of nowhere and executes a zig zag then pins Daniel Bryan..
    WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

    -Dean Ambrose then goes onto attack Dolph Ziggler after the match.. all the contestants of the IC Ladder match at WM31 come out and a brawl ensues.. All of the men are laid out and none of them make the symbolic climb to mock grab the IC belt.

    -Roman Reigns & Brock Lesnar (w/ Heyman) have a last face-to-face confrontation before their match at WM31.. It starts off with Heyman & Brock; Paul discusses all the things that Lesnar has done since he has returned.. Roman heard enough and came down to say a few words of his own.

  2. tug of war out of ten
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  3. I got to see a Broski boot AND a Ryder win. 10/10.
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  4. After watching the show in full..... And it's not often I say stuff like this.... But this was pure, unadulterated garbage.

    Not a single positive to take out of this episode of RAW. And this was the go home show for Wrestlemania.

    In comparison, this was how the RAW before mania ended last year:
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  5. I've not read any comments, but I just started watching...

    the opener was pure shit. Sting and Steph arguing about Monday Night Warts? who gives a shit 0/10

    Ambrose dancing w/ Truth is the most cringeworthy shit of all time

    and then they are advertising a "vote for who Orton wrestles" on the ap. Jesus Christ, this is the go home show? debating if I should finish
  6. This show feels like it belongs in the 80s in the Golden Era. Except for Brock, he is awesome. The rest? ugh. wtf. I can't watch this cheesy shit
  7. It was garbage overall. Not a good build to Mania at all.
    Having Roman Reigns and Lesnar play tug of war with belt, well whoever thought that would be enough to get people excited should be slapped.
  8. never thought I'd be watching Ziggler vs Bryan on Raw and think to myself "this match sucks"

    get your fucking shit together WWE
  9. Their little back and forth at the end of SmackDown's Gauntlet match last week was far superior.
  10. I'm sure you and the other 3 guys who watch SD enjoyed it
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  11. . . . Okay? I was just letting you know in case you wanted to watch it be done well.. not sure what the whole passive aggressive response was for.
  12. Snoop/Axel was the highlight of the show for me personally.
    This was a shit go-home show, shit build to probably a shit Mania.
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  13. lol wtf is this shit. am I logged in to the right account? Dolph'sZiggler, right? Are you getting butt hurt about the tone of my post? ffs you aren't new here. Sorry if my abrasive posting suddenly offended you. I'm not concerned with Smackdown. My post reflected that. Do you agree the Raw match was horrible? Wtf was up with that? It was like it was booked by someone who just learned what kayfabe was. The ending was aight because Ziggler >Bryan, but the rest seemed horribly off. Crowd was also disinterested for the most part which was appalling.
  14. It didn't offend me, it surprised me I guess.. I just didn't really think you would take a "shots fired" approach at me for merely offering a suggestion for a good physical interaction between DZ & DB, a simple "Fuck SmackDown!" would've sufficed.. anyway yeah I agree it was a pretty bad match, especially involving those two and the crowd wasn't nearly as hot as it was during the Gauntlet match so they couldn't really play off that like they did last Thursday. Los Angeles crowds seem to be pretty bad though in general for the most part I've noticed when it comes to WWE shows there, there was barely any life in them last night.
  15. Who booked this shit? 1/10

    The go-home show for WM sucked big time and it was embarrassing to watch.
    This episode of RAW was easily the worst from this RTWM.

    - Wyatt's promo was the only thing I liked from this episode.

    - The openning segment was a yawn fest.
    - Ambrose & R-Truth vs Harper & Stardust was meh.
    - Orton vs Rollins/J&J Security
    - That whole Snoopmania, Axelmania and Hulkamania segment was a total waste of time.
    - TK, Cesaro & Nattie vs Los Matadores & Torito was meh, boring.
    - Rusev vs Swagger, as well as Rusev/Cena segment.
    - That backstage segment including Tyson and Natalya was so cringe-worthy.
    - DB vs DZ was meh. Wow, never thought I'd say that. Their match at SmackDown was miles better.
    - A tug of war between the so-called Beast and the so-called badass? lolololol Way to get people hyped for the ME at WM, WWE.
    - It's like WWE applied the 'No-physical contact' rule for Sting/Trips and Reigns/Lesnar, those are the things that bothered me the most from this episode.

    The 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
    - I had zero interest in seeing the 10 man tag team match.
    - The divas match
  16. I'm actually with you on that. Despite it running longer than every other Raw Diva's match from this year combined, it was predictable at best. Didn't feel like much actual wrestling happened during the match either. Instead of this 2 vs 2 BS (which it is since they don't even have a tag division) they should be putting the title on the line. Other words- giving it somebody that isn't Nikki Bella at Mania.
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  17. I agree...
    Remember when we all assumed they were gonna be going for Nikki vs Brie for the title at Mania? Maybe they should've gone with that, but now we have this tag team match and I'm sure they'll find a way to ruin it at Mania by giving it 5-6 minutes. Oh, well...
  18. That final segment. Fucking hell. Whoever commissioned that should be fired. I've had a bigger tug of war with my fucking dog.
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  19. I mean you end the match/segment prior to ending the show with a brawl between the IC competitors and that alone could've ended the show.. but then you have a worthless Lesnar vs Reigns face to face to close it down, big mistake on the go home show if you ask me.
  20. Things would've been much better if Lesnar lifted Reigns for an F-5 while they were playing tug of war... Then they could've had Lesnar either hit an F-5 on Reigns or have Reigns escape the F-5 and have him Superman punch/Spear Lesnar to end the show.

    But nah, to hell with that, two big dudes looking like kids fighting over a toy is a much better option.
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