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  1. Post you ratings and thoughts about tonight's show in this thread.
  2. 8/10

    Shield vs Americans MOTN
  3. 5/10 I thought it was pretty boring except for the parts with the Sheild and the Undertaker
  4. 8/10.

    Wyatt/Cena segment, HHH/Cole segment, Undertaker/Lesnar segment were all excellent and furthered their Mania feuds.

    I'm surprised the fatal 4-way isn't getting more love, considering that, as overbooked as 4-way matches are by their very definition, it was still a well-worked match. Everybody got their spots in and sold well. Also, the Langston/Christian interaction after the match showed the real differences in their respective characters.

    Shield/Americans was a terrific match (yes, I'd go with MOTN, too). And the interaction between them and Steph/HHH was good. The announcement of their Mania match was expected, so, you know. The celebrity interaction segments weren't too bad. Schwarzenegger really likes WWE and it shows that he's having a good time, and Manganiello looked like he was, too (even though nobody seems to be sure how to pronounce his name....:hogan:.....brother). And Scooby with Sin Cara was great for the kiddos.

    I thought it was an entertaining and productive show.

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  5. -Batista was a boss for the way he insulted Stephanie last night and then no sold the slap she gave him afterwards. Loved the way the shades came off while his head barely moved and his facial expression remained unchanged. Almost made me want to cheer for him again (but not quite.) Stephanie gave a great promo, btw.

    -The fatal four way match was a great opening bout for the night. Lots of exciting spots and near falls (my favorite being Ziggler hitting Sheamus with the X-Factor/sitout facebuster from the top rope), and the crowd was pretty into it as well.

    -The Shield beating Ryback's ass... just like old times.

    -I enjoyed the Hogan/Schwarzenegger/Manganiello/Miz segment as well. Sabotage looks like a pretty solid action flick. I can usually tell which are the good ones based on the trailer alone, and this one looks promising. I wish that when Miz mentioned bragged about being an "action star" because of his role in The Marine 3, one of them (Manganiello would have made the most sense) had insulted the movie by saying they watched it only after picking it up from the dollar bin.

    -The Triple H sit down interview was excellent. I thought for a moment that Michael Cole might end up on the receiving end of a beat down with the way Triple H was going on about how the Triple H of old would do despicable things in the middle of the ring and how he would have to become that person again at Wrestlemania... made me think he'd attack Cole as a way of illustrating to people how contemptible he could still be.

    -The ending between Taker and Lesnar was alright. Pretty standard stuff for a Taker feud, nothing special.
  6. That Fatal 4 Way for the #1 Contenders match tho...
    Christian would be an interesting person to see holding that IC belt, maybe they'll have him win it and have Sheamus beat him for it at WM?
  7. 8/10. Was a wonderful episode of RAW which contained some great build to the feuds we actually care about.
  8. Raw on Hulu rating: 8/10 as well, even though all the discussions on here sidetracked me so much. You guys are great.

    Enjoyed the opening segment, mainly for Steph but Batista was at his comedic finest. Arrive, mumble, let Steph talk down to you so she can be even hotter, make some sex jokes, get slapped, deliver a shitty spear and rip your pants. Glad you're back, Batista!

    Only got to see 4 minutes of the Fatal 4 way, but those 4 minutes kicked ass! Was a great way to change up the formula and felt really fresh despite having a bunch of stale characters (and Ziggler) that are a bunch of great workers (and Sheamus) and really reminded me of how great the talent roster really is in this company. Seriously, this was so great. It's a shame that IC Title matches force you to root against the guys you like, then again I was happy to see Ziggler job again.

    Don't have much to say on the Triple H promo, but it's so interesting to see the #1 feud on this show seems to be catering to the IWC. Welcome to 2014, WWE! And the sad thing is is that so much of what he said is correct, there's no bigger heat magnet than the truth. :emoji_slight_smile: As for a better promo... oh, standard stuff from Wyatt. We need a Wyatt promo on every show and luckily we're getting them. (Hey, TNA! Resign Bad Influence!) Harper vs Cena was pretty good, Cena sold the fear of Wyatt well, Harper keeps getting better... and honestly that Cena promo from a few weeks ago was effective in hindsight. The 'being tied up with the sheep mask" spot went from "Hmm, effective build" to "YEAH FUCK YOU CENA YOU STUPID JOKE TELLING CORNBALL PIECE OF TRASH, THAT'LL TEACH YOU!" Heel heat to the max, WWE knows how to get it from us.

    One of the main reasons I watch on Hulu is the fast-forward button. Thanks, Crayo! I don't have to watch Hogan! :yay:

    AJ now walked out of 3 shows in a row, is this a rib on Punk? Whatever, fine setup for the Divas' whatever it is. Good for them.

    Rollins and Ambrose vs the RA almost put me to sleep due to the tag formula, but then ROLLINS WENT SUPER SAIYAN AND STARTED FLYING AROUND AND KILLING PEOPLE! :yay: Shield Triple Powerbomb, couldn't stay seated. Can these guys never break up?

    I didn't watch the final segment. There's nothing they can do to make this match more interesting after 21 years of build and a thousand Bork-ings throughout the years. Lets just get to WM already baby!
  9. 9/10. No DB was a huge bonus, and the Brooklyn crowd didn't ruin the show with a ton of shitty yes chants either.
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