Spoiler Rate RAW 3/30/15

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 30, 2015.

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  1. How would you rate tonight's RAW? Spoilers inside!

    Results (open)

    -Heyman & Steph Segment

    -Daniel Bryan def. Dolph Ziggler to retain the IC Title.. Sheamus made his return during this match and attacked Bryan & Ziggler.

    -New Day & Lucha Dragons def. Kidd Cesaro & Ascension.

    -Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar were schedule for a rematch but Seth came out and said he'd give him a rematch another day.. Brock attacked Seth but he managed to escape when Mercury & Noble got involved.. Lesnar started going on a rampage, Steph came out and pleaded with him to stop, he proceeded to drop an F5 on the cameraman and got suspended indefinitely.

    -Damien Sandow def. Stardust, after the match Miz attacked Sandow and gave him the Skull Crushing Finale.

    -Neville debuts and def. Curtis Axel by pinning after laying the Red Arrow.

    -John Cena def. Dean Ambrose in an open challenge for the United States title in a good back and forth match.

    -Naomi, AJ Lee & Paige def. Natty & the Bellas.

    -Rusev def. Goldust via submission.

    -Reigns, Orton & Ryback def. Seth Rollins, Kane & Big Show

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  2. I enjoyed the show. It was above average and it had a lot of things that made me happy to see

    Lesnar's rage mode
    Ziggler vs. Bryan
    Sheamus' Heel Turn
    John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose (despite feeding Ambrose to Cena)

    Main Event
    Divas Tag Match
    Filler matches
    Feeding Ambrose to Cena
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    2 good matches (the title defenses), 1 good segment (Lesnar), a couple debuts from NxT, and the return of heel Sheamus with a new badass look and none of that could save this show from just being average.

    Not impressed.

    Edit: I apologize to the marks offended by my assessment/opinion. I tend to think that not everything WWE does is gold. =)
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  4. Gave it a 9.

    Had a similar feel to mania: awesome chaos.

    I didn't like the main event that much, however. Big show and Kane need to go. Let 2 new heels join the authority.

    Everything else was really good. Especially brock and the IC TItle match.
  5. 7.5/10. It was good, but still thought Mania was better. Lesnar stole the show again and basically after that it was mediocre/good.
    Also shit crowd gets negative points.
  6. I thought it was an awesome Raw. Lesnar going ballistic and destroying everything in sight and then being suspended for it by Stephanie was easily the highlight of the night.
  7. I thought it was a pretty good follow-up to Wrestlemania, was definitely entertaining in more parts than not but it did have it's negatives, like most shows.. Personally I'll give it a 7/10, the Main Event wasn't really that appealing, Goldust vs Rusev was a lame filler, the Divas match wasn't entertaining, a few more things but those are prlly the biggest ones.
  8. Found a comment online.


    Renee: Sting, what do you have planned next?

    Sting: I don't know.
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  9. Haha is that what happened?
  10. Basically. lol
  11. Yeah the whole after RAW thing was basically nothing.. Bo Dallas interrupting Sting and getting dropped that's about it I guess.
  12. Sounds like it was quite good except for the main event, really. Lesnar destroying everyone and everything, ROLLINS AS CHAMPION, Bryan vs Ziggler 3, Cena vs Ambrose and the debuts sound epic but then you get to the fact that the main event was just bad filler and it ruins it for me. And they put Sting and Dallas on the Network, fuck that. They ruined Sting's last run.

    Was the crowd good?
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    8/10 I thought it was pretty good tbh. There wasn't really anything that I disliked.

    The Lesnar segment was great, even if it did result with us being stuck with Lawler and Byron.
    The Divas getting yet another match that lasted more than two minutes.

    The main event wasn't great, but I can live with that.
  14. The show started out great but that last hour was terrible. Just random Raw filler garbage. Lesnar was ace
  15. It was a good follow-up to Mania. 7/10 for me, even though the last hour sucked.

    - Liked the openning segment, Paul Heyman was great as always.
    - DB vs DZ was good. It was miles better than the match they had on the go-home show for WM.
    - The return of heel Sheamus, baybay! He actually looks badass now.
    - The debut of The Lucha Dragons. A bit surprised there were no vignettes to hype their debut, but I hope they are utilized well.
    - Lesnar going berserk on everyone, loved it!
    - Mizdow vs Stardust was okay. It was only appropriate for The Miz to attack Mizdow after the match and further cement their feud. This'll prolly go all the way till Payback.
    - The debut of Neville. So fn' glad he got that big pop!
    - Cena vs Ambrose was a good back-and-forth match, even though they fed Ambrose to Cena. But, oh well.

    - Byron and Lawler being the commentators for the rest of the night.
    - Rusev vs Goldust was the typical/10 Raw filler garbage.
    - The ME was dreadful. Best part of it was Reigns' dive over the top rope.

    The 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
    - Gladly skipped Cena talking.
    - Skipped the divas match.
  16. How dare you? :blackshock:
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  17. Opener was awesome. Brock makes anything worth my time. Love that they are just rolling with the punches and letting Brock be a face essentially. Heyman was playing up to the crowd big time. Steph was good here as well, what else is new.

    Bryan vs Ziggler was so much better than their match on Raw last week. A genuine 5* TV match that would have stolen the show on most nights. This is how you make the mid card matter. Such a nice blend of Bryan mixing in his submission and technical wrestling, Ziggler's amateur/mat wrestling and then just beating the hell out of one another. The top rope backdrop and Ziggler's superkick were both top notch. Barrett on commentary put the match and both guys over well.

    Also thought they did a really nice job of slipping in Sheamus' return. I expected Barrett to attack and thought it was a fine way to wrap everything up, and wasn't expecting Sheamus at all. Fitting him in as a mid card heel is perfect. No more having to deal with him as a top face. They booked the turn perfectly by having him destroy Ziggler and Bryan in front of the crowd they just set on fire. I was actually optimistic that WWE would make the IC belt feel important if they put it on Bryan, and sure enough this was a damn good start. Some sort of 4 way match at ER between Ziggler/Bryan/Sheamus/Barrett could be fantastic. Glad to finally have you back lobster head.

    I didn't really think WWE was crazy enough to give me Brock vs Rollins for free the night after Mania, but what we got was probably better anyway. Brock going ape shit was one of the best segments I've seen from WWE in the last 5 years. Guess we'll see you in 6 months Brock. When Lesnar left before they cut to break I was hoping he would come back out to destroy the EMTs. Imagine the pop if he came back out for a curtain call lol
    Of course, the double edged sword to that tits segment is now we 1.) Know the show is all downhill from here. 2.) Have no commentary team 3.) just killed the crowd spending 10 minutes hauling off the bodies Lesnar laid behind. Had this been a 2 hour Raw and this was the closing segment I would have given this show something like a 9.5/10.
    I think in most walks of life you probably call it a day when a crazed lunatic takes out 3 commentators and a camera man, but naturally the show must go on in pro wrestling. I was waiting for JR to make a surprise appearance, instead we get some guy named Bryan Claxton. I know I certainly wasn't in the mood for a Stardust match at this point, and he didn't seem to be either. I'm probably the only person on here who doesn't care about Mizdow
    Adrian Neville debuted. I don't really care for the little vanilla midget. Frankly I was rooting for Axel, even though I think his "hey I'm deliberately being lame isn't that funny" gimmick is horrible. Byson Jackson called this match with the enthusiasm of a rotting carcass.
    As much as I enjoyed the Bryan/IC happenings, the Cena/US title happenings were like the polar opposite. Promo was typical Cena. Match was typical Cena. Result was typical Cena. nothing about this interested me.
    Once Brock is out of the picture we quickly are reminded of how shitty the WWE is. generic 6 man tag to close this show? Fuck you. With Kane and Big Show? FUCK. YOU. The "Same old shit" chants were definitely warranted.

    Everything up to & including Lesnar getting suspended: 9.5
    Everything after: 0.0
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  18. Byson Jackson :dawg:
  19. Lol what a waste.
  20. I feel sorry for Byron Saxton, he's not that bad (he's enjoyable on Smackdown in the JBL role) and is getting shit on because of this. IMO, him and Lawler on RAW like that isn't going to be very good and they should have gotten Tom Phillips out there as well, putting out one guy who hasn't had much experience BY HIMSELF on the biggest RAW of the year is pretty lame of them to do.
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