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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. Rate 3/31/14's RAW with your rating and extra thoughts on tonight's show.
  2. It was pretty boring until about the end. 7/10
  3. 7.5/10.

    Great stuff with Bryan/HHH/Orton/Batista and Bray/Cena
  4. 8/10
    Great crowd
    Great build for Bray/Cena Taker/Lesnar Orton/Tista HHH/DB Overall best show of March to me, great way to cap off RAW for March and before Mania. :dawg:
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  5. 7/10... The ending was strong... the 8 man tag and Big E/ADR matches were good... Wyatt's and Cena's promos were both very good and all the parts with Triple H and Steph were enjoyable to watch. Everything else was meh.
  6. I passed out in the middle of it tbh. The taker bork setup was great, the shield match was exactly what i'm sure everyone expected, and the Main Event was great. Gotta love HHH and Stephanie just hating hard lol.
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  7. 3/10. Terrible episode. The crowd were just waiting for Bryan to show up.

    Thank God that's the last ever RAW with the authority storyline though. :yes:
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  8. 7/10. Felt like it started and ended strongly but a lot of the middle stuff was draining.

    - Taker Vs. Brock segment – Awesome opening segment for the final Raw before WM30. Marked out for the Lesnar F5, Really looking forward to this contest leading in to WM. 99% certain we have a Taker victory coming this Sunday though.

    - Del Rio vs. Big E – Actually a really good match heading towards the battle royal. The crowd was fairly behind Del Rio which surprised me (this has happened with certain crowds recently). Crowd gave him a big pop after the three count. It will be interesting to see whether the crowd continue to support Del Rio, especially considering the hatred he received as the WHC.

    - Bray Wyatt and Cena - I enjoyed the segments that both provided throughout the night, pretty good build towards their showdown. Cute touch from Cena after the Wyatt match by wearing the sheep mask. I'm calling a Bray Wyatt victory at WM30

    The Authority/Batista/Orton Segment – Nice burial of Fandango by HHH :bury:. Loved this promo, the crowd insults were perfect antagonizing leading to the main-event finish. The segment also asserted HHH’s dominance on the mic.

    8 Man Tag – May get a little hate for this but Yeahhhhh I kind of skipped this match because it was of no interest to me, I don’t really enjoy the WWE tag team division at present...only really because there seems to be no build or reason for anything that happens in the tag team division. Sorry xoxo.

    Brotherhood Vs. Jobdow and Jobdango – I am still so impressed every time I see Goldust in the ring, the agility he still has at 44 years of age is ridiculous. On another note poor Sandow! The guy has gone from Mr MITB to not even getting TV time during his entrance, I'm genuinely sad to see how far WWE has allowed him to fall.

    Piper’s Pit – I enjoyed seeing Roddy Piper on WWE TV again, was not expecting Piper’s pit to occur. PS: where the fuck was Mark Henry during this segment?

    Orton Vs. Batista – Stephanie’s exaggerated commentary did shit for me, she was screaming WOW at nothing. This match helped us realise just how bad the main event of WM30 could have been in terms of in-ring quality. The ending with Daniel Bryan however was really good, certainly added some juice to the storylines heading in to WM30.

    Side Note: The parts of the show I forgot to mention were because I had no comments to muster up about them...
  9. What a parade of dumb-dumbs
  10. pretty boring except for HHH
  11. 6/10 The ending was just boring and lame.

    I've started to get tired to hear the word "Yes", So lame and childish. I like DB but...
  12. I like DB but.... I just like ending my posts passive aggressively.
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  13. Finally caught all of it and not just random scattered bits and pieces;
    it was okay, wasn't the kind of WM RAW lead-up show I would've epected.. it was hmm a bit more boring..
    Umm I'd prlly give it like a 5.5/10 or 6/10.
  14. 7/10

    Overall solid show, good matches, pretty decent storyline build up.
  15. 5/10

    Show Spoiler

    This show really felt like Impact. Very little wrestling and what wrestling it had was meaningful.

    Taker and Heyman talk for 10 minutes. Didn't care. Liked Heyman's promo and seeing the F5 was cool.

    Bray Wyatt had a promo, yay! Can't take my eyes or ears away from the TV when he talks, no matter what it's about.

    Triple H had his 10 minutes of screen time a week that I've banned myself from talking about, Batista came out to insult people, Orton came out to... Alright, it was 35 minutes into the show at this point and there was nothing but talking, with 3 of it interesting me. Raws and Impacts should be more promos than wrestling imo, but this was horrible. Most of this was effective WM build, but it was so flat. Nobody wants to watch a bunch of heels yell at each other.

    HOLY SHIT! WRESTLING! AND IT WAS GOOD! This show kinda felt like Impact in a way. While this 8-man tag felt like a waste going in (outside of the obvious "lets create a visual of the preshow match" booking), but it was a great way to spotlight both face teams. The Usos controlled the match which I LOVED. SO refreshing to see them do something besides the incredibly stale tag formula. Then the hot tag made the match feel really hot as usual... and while I don't see why they had to resort to Twin Magic, I felt like it got us talking about the Matadores and giving them a win elevated the profile of the match. Good stuff.

    The Wyatt Family killed Team Pacman. Good for them... The Cena visual was really cool, seeing him take out the Wyatts 3 on 1 was not, while his regular promo backstage where he yelled in Renee's face didn't help matters... Geez, I really hope Bray Wyatt mops the floor with this jackass on Sunday. (Mission accomplished!)

    AJ Lee vs Naomi was almost a good match, but I'm confused. This feels like they're trying to tell the story of "AJ's getting her comeuppance for tormenting the Divas' Division for the past year, and Vickie Guerrero is leading the charge!"... First off, AJ Lee is a face in my eyes, since the only thing she's actually done as champion is blast Total Divas. (Even if you like the show (understand), you get the point.) while the top face here is Vickie? Get outta here with that! And Rosa looks horrendous as a blonde by the way.

    Kane vs Reigns happened... I'm trying to defend this match, but every time I see Kane it becomes impossible. Looks like Roman Reigns has his main-event move loop ready to go. Crayo called it, the IWC love for this guy won't last for long.

    ZIGGLER GOT A MIC! :yay: That alone made this Piper's Pit great! THANK YOU. We need Ziggler mic time every week. Same goes for Sandow.

    Randy vs Batista had a point going in, with Triple H trying to unleash the beasts inside them both... again, like Impact. Outside of Steph's commentary this was fine, and the ending was your classic Bryan stuff that we've seen a billion times and I can see a billion more. It's not stale at all. Best of all, Bryan came out on top... so does that mean Triple H wins on Sunday?
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