Spoiler Rate Raw 3/5/2018

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Mar 5, 2018.

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    Kurt Angle came to the ring. He called out Triple H but Stephanie came out and tried to tell him to tow the line because he had bills to pay. Triple H and Rhonda eventually came to the ring and the Wrestlemania match was made to be Angle and Rousey vs HHH and Stephanie. A brawl broke out which saw Angle and Rousey left alone in the ring.

    Nia Jax vs Asuka

    Asuka won by pin fall.

    Revival vs the Bar: if Revival Wins, they Get a title shot at Wrestlemania

    The Bar won by pin fall

    Goldust vs John Cena

    Cena came out to talk about his Smackdown match. He claimed he wouldn't be able to do this on Smackdown and talked about becoming a 17th time champion. Goldust challenged him to a match. Cena won by pin fall

    Bayley vs Mandy Rose

    Bayley won by pin fall

    Elias vs Braun Strowman in a Symphony of Destruction Match

    Strowman won by pin fall

    Bray Wyatt vs Rhyno

    Bray won by pin fall

    3-on-2 Handicap Match: The Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel vs. Finn Balor and Seth Rollins

    Seth Rollins and Finn Balor won by pin fall

    Paul Heyman

    Heyman gave a promo in response to Reigns' promo from the previous week. Reigns came out and confronted Heyman, asserting he was serious and correct. The show ended with Heyman leaving the ring as Roman stared him down.
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  2. Sorry I fell asleep on you guys, but I think seeing the results of the show, it doesn't seem so shocking.
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  3. Wow this sounded like it was boring.
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  4. #5 The Sheik, Mar 5, 2018
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2018
    Opening segment was great. Rond Rousey is awesome and i hope she kills Stephaie McMahon at WrestleMania. It was also nice to see some intensity from Kurt Angle again.

    Asuka vs. Nia Jax, pointless match.. If Nia Jax is challenging Bliss for the title, it's a dumb way to build her up who needs more momentum than Asuka right now, who's already undefeated. Feed someone else to Asuka.

    The Bar vs. Revival - Gotta be honest, i had zero interest in this match. Revival has a lot of potential, but they haven't been doing shit with them lately to have my interest.

    John Cena cut a good promo. Goldust's interuption seemed kinda random, but they put on a solid match. Didn't expect much more than that.

    Bayley beats Mandy Rose as expected in a nothing match. Still wondering why they called up Mandy and Sonya to the main roster so quickly. I guess they would probably be doing more if Paige wasn't injured.

    Spent 10 minutes recapping the last 2 hours.

    There's no point in continuing Strowman and Elias after this. Braun ripped through him multiple times, now what does Strowman do until WrestleMania?

    The Miz awards was way better than i thought. It was funny and entertaining.. until Seth Rollins and Finn Balor came out.

    The main-event segment was very lame. Didn't really care for Heyman or Roman in this. Could've been much better, i'm sure it will be next week with Brock.

    Terrible show 3/10
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  5. And lets have a look at RAW this week...

    ~ I DO NOT care about this mixed tag match & I refuse to give it any of my time.


    ~ Asuka wins...again. You know Ember Moon really should have been the one to
    defeat Asuka. You know I hope Ember still does...I hope she's drafted to the main
    roster & gets to face Asuka again & I hope she beats her clean for a main roster title.

    ~ The Bar vs. The Revival...on RAW...Okay...& The Bar win...Okay...


    ~ Does John Cena really have to be on the Wrestlemania card? I mean doesn't he
    have a film or TV show he can go & work on?

    ~ Okay...Bayley is a retard, having Paige on TV with her not being able to wrestle
    is annoying, Absolution should be broken up, Bayley can win 100 hundred matches
    but it still won't change the fact she's a retard & Sasha should have left her alone to
    get what's left of her brain kicked out of her head.

    Bayley is a fucking loser & I don't care about fucking losers...

    Well...to be fair Sasha is kind of a loser to...but at least she's knows how & when to use
    a fucking kendo stick.

    I'm never letting that go...ever.

    ~ Alexa Bliss can shut up or fuck off preferably both in whatever order she wants.

    Seriously I feel physically ill whenever I see or hear her...and I was one of her biggest
    supporters when they first started pushing her on SmackDown...but now...she's the
    Roman Reigns of the Women's Division.

    But at least Reigns can work a great match.

    Yes I just said that.

    ~ Okay WWE...please stop having Elias serve as a punching bag for Strowman...it
    is slowly burying him.

    ~ The WWE couldn't even make Woken Matt vs. Bray Wyatt interesting...that's how
    lame their writer's are.


    I don't care about this feud anymore...but hopefully Ultimate Deletion is at least
    fun to watch.

    I also doubt they will be pairing Matt & Bray up because Jeff is due back fairly soon.

    ~ Now the Miz is awesome...but without Maryse...something is missing...and no I'm
    not talking about Maryse's chesticles.


    Although I am thinking about them now...

    ~ I have to be honest...both Seth & Finn could really use a run with the I.C title...but if
    the rumors are true...Demon Balor will be winning it at Wrestlemania while Rollins gets
    fed to the Plank of Wood.

    ~ Just a quick quiz question WWE...what's Strowman doing at Wrestlemania? You're
    not just going to keep him hanging till the very last minute & then just throw him in the
    ATGMBR right?

    ~ Final Segment...Don't care! Turning the show off.

    And I'm Done...
  6. you know, the armbar is one of the most dangerous submission holds irl, once locked in real tight, you tap out instantly because otherwise your arm would be broken in half. WWE keeps on disrespecting that with people holding onto it for 2 minutes to show "strength" but in reality they're just hurting the move and making this whole thing seem really unrealistic. They recently did it with Ember Moon and Shayna Baszler and the only people that pop for it or give the person locked in the hold props for staying strong, are people that don't know that this is an actual killer of a hold, and that number of people is decreasing by the minute because people aren't reacting to it by going "omg she's holding on!" but moreso "omg, they're really trying to convince us that Nia's not having a broken arm at this point"

    That's the only thing that stuck out to me in the show, the Mixed Match is a good call on them because it mashes up 2 big matches into 1 and it totally makes sense. And Finn/Seth/Miz is a solid IC bout for the biggest show of the year (I'm honestly just glad that the title's on the line at Mania and it's not the pre show). I am interested in what Braun's going to be involved in, as I expected him to join the IC title picture for Mania.

    and also, I can already see how Miz is gonna carry this feud just by looking at this segment:
  7. God that seems like one of the most boring shows in recent memory. I'm glad I didn't waste 3 hours on that lol.
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  8. Thought this show was pretty good. Then again I only watched the YouTube clips. So my opinion is invalid. Every Raw is 5 or above when you watch just the highlights.

    The Ronda Rousey segment was fandabidozi tho. Not much to complain about this weeks show in terms of booking. Miz did make Finn Balor look stupid af tho. What is Finn suppose to be?

  9. Man you guys are too negative.

    Asuka vs Nia was a fun match. So was The Revival vs. The Bar

    I didn't care for the Balor/Rollins vs. Miztourage match but whatevs, I loved Miz's promo

    Braun vs. Elias was great

    They really need to get Brock on TV. Plus I hope they don't protect Reigns until Mania (i.e. not putting him in any matches)

    It was cool to see Goldust face off against Cena. Hopefully we get to see more cool match-ups against Cena during the Road to WrestleMania

    Not a perfect show, but still entertaining. 8/10
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  10. It was.. Maybe the worst show of 2018 so far.
  11. Wrestling fans. No matter how much they hate the show they still watch. Kinda shows how strong the WWE product is at retaining viewers who don't like the show. If you rate a tv show less then 5 out of 10 more times then not, you tend to not watch the show. WWE really grip people in man.
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  12. But its more fun & easier to be negative...

    If I want to be positive about wrestling...I'll watch NXT!

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  13. But I didn't watch...
    SUCK IT VINCE! :finger:
    Okay I will stop... :okay:
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  14. Yeah, this episode was boring. Though: Opening was good, Cena vs Goldust was refreshing, albeit quick - doesn't matter, the point was that it was something new! Reigns/Heyman was yawn, but it's to be expected since Brock is playing hardball with WWE at the moment.
  15. Pros :

    + Roman Reigns is fighting for the honor, and pride of pro wraslin. He won't stand by and let the Universal title get disrespected, it can't be placed on the floor (even though he carried the midcard titles like a sack of potatoes). March on Roman, defeat the evil tyrant Brock Lesnar, and make wrestling great again.

    Cons :


    Overall : Bitch/10
  16. Certainly not the best show they put together lately, gave it a 4/10:

    - Opening segment pretty much confirmed what we already figured was going to happen at Mania so no real surprise there. I felt the setup came off a bit sloppy as in, for instance, Ronda rushing to announce who she'd choose as an opponent (literally right when the drum roll started) but I guess one could call it a minor detail. Oh, and HHH sold the shit out of the Angle lock...

    - It's really pathetic how cold the Revival have gone...and that's on WWE...

    - While on the subject of the tag team division, I guess the only intriguing thing is who will the Bar face at Mania, being there's really no one left to beat. Do they actually call up a certain team from NXT early, prior to Mania? It ain't really how WWE usually operates but I really can't thinki of anything else nor can I come up with some other team making a suprise return or anything so if that's the case...I'm thinkiing in typical fashion the Bar come out during Wrestlemania, issue an open challenge and whichever team they choose to call up from NXT come out and beat them...

    - This whole Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt feud got stale pretty quick but at least they are taking it to the next level so hopefully the best is yet to come...

    - Not so sure having what is supposed to be the monster of the woman's division crying on live TV is best for business...Oh, and if that didn't telegraph that it's going to be Bliss vs. Nia Jax at Mania for the RAW Woman's title (therefore Asuka vs. Charlotte), don't know what else will...

    - I've said it before, I'll say it again: if WWE think that by having Roman repeatedly use the term "bitch" makes him some tough guy, they should think again cause it aint...

    -How funny (and ironic at the same time) is it that the guy who dragged the IC title (and the US title before) like a backpack in junior highschool is calling out Paul Heymann and talking about "respecting" the belt?
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  17. I am thinking they will leave the tag titles off of mania like they did with the smackdown titles last year.
  18. #19 Stone Cold X, Mar 7, 2018
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
    I was half expecting the booking to be separate, and not a mixed tag match. But, I guess WWE wants to make the actual match be a spectacle. Why not SPECTACLES, WWE!? *rolleyes*
    I dunno what's the big deal or big hoopla around Revival. I saw them a little bit on NXT, but I never really saw anything that makes them so... "groudbreaking." Oh well. *yawn*
    I almost said the same thing about Orton vs Wyatt until the House of Horrors match. Let it climax.
    Jesus. Just enjoy the show, dude. Be glad that he's allowed to say that. We can't even get SCSA-level shit, so please stop with these comments.

    The promo wasn't perfect, but it's what they [WWE] have to work with for right now. Because right now, Brock Lesnar is being a fucking little bitch right now. I like Brock, but this bait and switch thing he's got going on every year before or after Wrestlemania is getting old, and stupid. Might as well give up hiring [Brock] for whatever kind of booking they usually have him. This shit can only go so far, that fans will eventually tire of this bullshit.

    If he really wanted a better contract, all he has to do is just ask - no need to play leverage, or blackmail with WWE or UFC. Either you want to be at Wrestlemania or you don't. Either you want to be at UFC, or you don't. You don't want the Universal Championship? Then drop it to someone who does!

    I mean, really, it's really that simple. Stop wasting everyone's time, or money. There are fans who would pay good money to be at a Brock Lesnar match, only to find out he's not there...? Vince can keep this up for only so long until someone has the balls to file a lawsuit.
  19. I would almost agree with you but there's something that we need to consider here and that is Sheamus's injury. The fact of the matter is, his injury is quite serious and my understanding is there's a big possibility this could be his last Wrestlemania before being forced to call it a day. Whether we like him or hate him, it's a really awful situation so if indeed this is a career ending injury, I can't see how the Bar is left off the Wrestlmania card.

    Time will tell, I'm sure and, besides, we're less than a month away so won't be that long...
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