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ShaRpY HaRdY

Main Event Mafia
You know the drill, if you need a refresher you can find the results below!

The show is in Pittsburgh, PA tonight.. Wiz Khalifa is special guest.

-Show starts off with a 2 on 1 handicap announcement and a segment involving the Authority.

-Daniel Bryan vs Bad News Barrett.. Daniel Bryan is the winner. Almost everybody involved in the IC Ladder match at WM31 ended up being out there after the match.

-Stardust vs Dean Ambrose.. Dean Ambrose is the winner. An all out brawl breaks out between all the competitors of the WM31 IC match except for DB.

-Connor 'The Crusher' HOF Induction Announcement.

-Heyman & Lesnar segment.

-Bray Wyatt quick promo involving an urn.

-Ryback & Rowan vs Show & Kane, Big Show accidentally hit's Kane costing them the match via Rowan's pin.

-Wiz Khalifa & Miz opened back from commercial with a backstage segment.. Miz wants to do a Wiz & Miz thing but Wiz says he already found an A-Lister to chill with.. Wizdow, out walks Damien who now appears to be fully away from Miz.. After a brief commercial Wiz comes out and performs a couple of songs and Wizdow pops out at the end of it all.

-AJ Lee vs Summer Rae.. AJ Lee makes Summer submit and is the winner.

-Rusev was on his way out to the arena and gets confronted by John Cena who tries to convince him for a rematch at WM31.. Rusev goes one on one against Curtis Axel and easily defeats him.. [HASHTAG]#Axelmania[/HASHTAG] is still a thing though! Cena heads out after the match and puts Rusev in a submissive maneuver until Rusev passes out.. Lana caves after Cena won't stop submitting and gives him a US Title opportunity at WM31.

-The New Day (Xavier & Big E) vs Tyson Kidd & Cesaro.. A New Day came out victorious when Xavier Woods pinned Tyson Kidd who was previously distracted by Natalya.

-Naomi vs Natalya.. Naomi gets the win by pinning Natalya.

-Los Matadores vs The Usos.. after El Torito distracted an Uso, the Los Matadores picked up a win via pin off a roll-up.

-Bray Wyatt attempts another call out of the Undertaker, Taker's music hits and then Taker accepts the challenge for WM31 but he wasn't exactly there in the arena.. as it was a titantron message similar to Sting's acceptance for HHH's match proposal.

-Main Event: Randy Orton & Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns in a 2 on 1 handicap match.. Big Show & Kane were sent home by Stephanie earlier in the show so they aren't out for this match.. Randy ducks Seth's tag attempt and Seth turns around to get speared by Roman and then Reigns pinned him for the victory.. Randy turns on Seth and gives him a little payback for what he did to him that knocked him off air for a bit. Randy proceeded to beat Seth down and RKO him through the table for a good 15 minutes after the show ended.

Jacob Peabody

Quiet You
I was originally going to give this show about a three. I was really bored out of my mind throughout the majority of it. But that ten minute beatdown by Orton on Rollins (and I am more of a Rollins than an Orton fan) doubled my score. It has been a long wait to see how that would play out, but that was the kind of vicious behavior I have missed seeing in Orton. It was absolute GOLD. So I give it a 6 based off Paul Heyman, Bray Wyatt and Orton and Rollins.

I liked:

Barrett vs Bryan was okay, but they sure are burying their IC Champ.

Heyman's promo was five star

Stardust vs Ambrose was all right

Bray Wyatt's promo was gold as usual

Orton's master plan manipulating the Authority and his assault on Rollins was wonderful. I am more of a Rollins fan than an Orton fan, but it was absolutely perfect revenge.

I didn't like:

Kane and Show vs Ryback and Rowan was boring

Crappy rap performance

Both Divas Match

The Sting promo was weak

New Day beating Cesaro and Kidd was weak

Indifferent to:

The opening Segment with Orton and the Authority was all right, but it seemed very forced.
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ShaRpY HaRdY

Main Event Mafia
First hour of the show - 7/10
Second hour of the show - 3/10 (generous)
Third hour of the show - averaged at about 5 or 6/10 with that Beatdown by Orton and the Bray/Taker segment.

Overall I'd probably give it like a 6 out of 10.
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Just Kevin

All I can be is just Me!

As Sharpy said, the first hour of the show was really good and then the second hour was not so good, but they finished on one hell of a high note.

Things I liked about the show:
The Orton/Rollins story line was advanced greatly and was handled very well.
Bryan/Barrett was an enjoyable match.
Connor's HOF induction video.
Cena's ruthless aggression, forcing a title match against Rusev.
Bray Wyatt promo with Undertaker's "shocking" response.
The end segment beat down of Rollins by Orton.

Things I disliked:
The 3 chained together matches in the second hour.
Summer Rae's terrible display of "wrestling" against AJ.
Once again the stupid stealing of the IC belt over and over again.
Kane and Show vs Ryback and Rowan, Ryback and Rowan deserve much more.. and they are teasing another turn for Show, oh joy!

That's it folks, thanks for reading!
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Prince Bálor

I'm kind of a big deal
What an astonishing build-up towards WM!

Seriously though, it doesn't really feel like a WM season.
It's not a complete clusterfuck, the show's got some good moments and all, but the rest of it is just bad, when it really should be enjoyable all the way through the show.
It's been a lackluster build-up for the past three weeks, to say the least.
With 3 weeks to go till Mania, I hope they step it up a notch.

Giving this episode a 5/10, purely because of Heyman's promo, Wyatt's promo and Orton/Rollins beatdown.

- Orton's promo in the openning segment.
- Bryan vs BNB was alright. LOL at BNB jobbing to almost everyone on the roster. Way to make your IC champ look like a clown, WWE.
- Ambrose vs Stardust was okay, as well as the post-match brawl involving the challengers for the IC title.
- Heyman was legendary as usual.
- Wizdow rappin'
- Bray Wyatt's promo was great.
- Orton flipping off Rollins and then destroying him afterwards was great. One of the very few enjoyable moments from this episode.

- The openning segment was meh and boring when Show and Kane were the ones doing the talking, everything except that was bearable.
- Rowan & Ryback vs Show & Kane was garbage.
- Sting's promo was meh. If the real Sting was actually gonna show up and cut a promo, then this would've been a helluva lot better.
- Rusev squashing Axelmania was BS.
- The New Day over Cesaro & Kidd? LOL
- Los Matadores vs The Usos was meh, boring. But Matadores going over Usos was nice, though.

The 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
- Gladly skipped the Wiz Khalifa performance. A total waste of time.
- The divas division match.
- Skipped Rusev/Cena segment.
- Skipped another divas match.
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The Artiste
Try to not be so vulgar.
10/10. Would be a 9, but Steph's yelling makes it a 10. She's so bossy, it's kind of hard....

Ok I guess the sentence is ok to end there. I wanna dress her up in that SummerSlam gear except crotchless and holes for her titties

< -- >

Obviously the Taker/Bray & Randy Orton shit ruled. Roman got his win from last week. He and Seth are neck and neck right now. It'll be interesting to see if Seth cashes in. For sure Roman is winning the belt from BROCK.

Of course maybe Brock will keep throwing Gammaplexes and hold the belt.

I like not knowing which way we're going... And WWE has no signs of showing! And the build to mania will not stop slowing!!!
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Filthy Creep
It sucked for the most part, the first two hours felt so slow. Despite having had absolutely no interest in Taker vs Bray, that segment kind of got me interested. Orton getting payback on Rollins was pretty good.


The Architect
For some reason, instead of recording Raw my DVR recorded some show on the History Channel instead (despite the recording still labeling it as 'Monday Night Raw' on the listing, although that changed to 'To Be Announced' instead about ten minutes into the programming... strange), so I couldn't skim through what was no doubt a wonderfully put-together show like I ordinarily do. What a travesty!

But the good news is that because of Youtube, I was able to watch a few segments from the show that are among the most talked about (Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar, Orton/Rollins, Bray Wyatt's in-ring promo) and all three segments delivered well enough imo. Another confrontation between Reigns and Lesnar would be much appreciated but Heyman's promo was good as always at least, Orton turning on Rollins and bitch-slapping him around for a bit was good stuff, and Wyatt's resurrected rocking chair being struck by lighting was a cool moment. That's just the kind of mind games I expect Undertaker to play with Wyatt if he isn't gonna show up in person until Mania.

C.M. Shaddix

The Architect
Raw gets a 6/10
I liked this week's show, I tuned out before the Main Event. I think its a really good idea with the Warrior Award concept and honoring Connor. The IC title feud is coming up interesting, but still looks like a retain to me as usual in these high challenger spots. The Bray Wyatt/Undertaker feud is getting somewhere now, Undertaker's response was good, at first I thought nothing would happen then smoke started coming out of the urn, genius. Adding Los Matadores and The New Day into the tag title feud is better than it was before, I still think Naomi and Natalya is getting no where, its just different match combo week after week. John Cena got his match of course, so we'll look to see of course Cena pin Ruzev and win the US title. Randy turning on Seth was what people all saw coming, no brainer there. So that gives us Seth vs. Randy at Mania. Oh and the rapper, that's why the show wasn't 7/10... WWE used to have bands like Saliva and Limp Bizkit come out on stage, not this rapper pop crap. Wizdow though pulled him through, hope he wins the battle royal.


- Orton's promo at the start of the show was pretty good.
- The brawl between the participants of the IC ladder match, and R-Truth.
- Heyman's gold promo.
- The Cena/Rusev segment was surprisingly good.
- Awesome segment with Bray Wyatt.
- Orton beating the living shit out of Rollins

- Too much boring matches.
- New Day beating Cesaro and Kid
- Weak buildup for the Triple H - Sting match.
- Lame rap performance.

OVERALL : 6/10 - The Heyman promo and the 2 last segment's saved this show.

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