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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. 4/10 for me.

    Opening hour was the worst thing I've seen in years, but the second hour redeemed itself with an average tag-team main event match with Jericho looking quite strong and Cena and Rock going head to head at the end.
  2. 3/10

    I was bored by everything aside from Rock vs Cena's promo. Even the D.Bryan match didn't interest me too much. The ending was cool and Punk had some decent examples of selling but aside from that it was so meh.
  3. 3/10 for Rock only

    That US Title match fuckery was one of the worst things I've ever seen. Only 3 matches, including the divas, and all ended by roll up. Oh, 4 matches, I forgot about the useless Kane squash/feud with Orton. Pretty awful stuff all around though
  4. There was 2 minutes of wrestling in the first 60 minutes apparently, something like that. That's despicable. The main-event did literally save RAW from a 0-1 rating for me.
  5. I'm 75% convinced WWE hired Russo without anyone finding out and he booked this show
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  6. 1/10

    Positives: The Discussion thread, Cody Rhodes, No Khali

    Negatives: Felt like a 2010 TNA re-run, Rock overkill, Rock/Cena storyline overkill, idiocy of the continued Miz burial, idiocy of the Dolph burial, pushing Kane, loads of star power yet Santino gets the pop of the night (As always), about 6 issues with that idiotic title change, 20-minute boring ass opening segment that could have been done much more effectively in 5 minutes, 20 minutes of wrestling with no good matches, Ryder no-selling a broken back, 3 matches less than 2 minutes long, a whole bunch of possible injuries in the tag match, Jerry Lawler was even more incompetent than usual, Twitter... :facepalm: I can go on forever.

    Can't wait for Impact.
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  7. If Russo booked this show it'd be a hell of a lot better in my opinion. I'd kill to see some fungus pop out the ring and dissolve a diva, beats watching Teddy Long or Big Show.
  8. This is first day Russo. Give him time, before long there will be blood buckets of doom coming down from the ceiling
  9. 2/10. I want the WWE Championship being more important than the damn GM wars.
  10. Lmao, is it actually a sign of how bad RAW was tonight that I'm generally hoping for a Russo return?
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  11. It's a horrible sign for Raw because it's just so damn boring and predictable. We can bash Russo all day long but nobody ever accused him of being either of those things
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  12. Well I'm a big closet fan of swerves and gimmicks so maybe I'm a closet :russo: fan.

    God I miss gimmicks, so, so, much.
  13. Official Time for Wrestling on this show: 22 minutes, 10 seconds
    Triple H got 20 minutes.

    Not to mention that watching the Rock tonight felt like Jeff Jarrett with mic skills.
    Good Grief, how much time did he get tonight?
  14. 3/10 getting really bored of this rock vs cena shit it dominates the whole show.Bryan/Jericho vs Punk/Sheamus was average wwe tag matches are always dull and never have any proper tag moves.Other matches were bland.us title means shit all
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  15. Quoting for truth!
  16. 5/10

    nuff said
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