Rate Raw: 30/01/2012

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  1. As RAW is now over, I really want to here what you all thought about it. So, post in this thread everything you thought of RAW 30/01/2012 ^^

    My opinions on it:

    Pretty much everything on RAW was done right imo. The opening segment was great, setting the whole night. The GM Mr. Excitement setting up every match, this is how it should be done imo. No random matches.

    And of course, Punk singing and getting the whole crowd to join him was great too.

    I think Bryan still needs a bit of work to be able to cut a promo in the same ring as Punk, but he still did great. He is definitely getting better every single week.

    Also, with the opening segment, I think Sheamus did a great job. I was very skeptical on his Rumble win, but judging by his overness, his in ring skills and mic skills, it's well deserved. He's definitely a future top babyface. He cut a great promo.

    All the matches were decent to great. Punk and Bryan being the best, with an awesome interference by Jericho. Now I don't need to stress and wonder if he'll verse Punk at WM, it's now set. I can't wait.

    The Orton/Ziggler and Kofi/Miz matches were pretty good aswell, I honestly just wish they would stop burying Miz. It's been happening a lot, and I thought after the strong showing at the rumble it'd be all over, but oh well. Kofi did deserve the win, after that fantastic spot at the rumble ^^

    There was also the divas championship match, which lasted ten seconds pretty much. Oh well. But it did give us an awesome segment after, involving Eve Kane and Cena. It was very well done. It showed us the aggressive and emotional side to Cena, which I very much liked.

    The last segment not everyone liked, but I did. It was a great way to end RAW, infact a fantastic way. Not the usual dramatic interference in a match, but a fantastic return and stare down. Taker returned, and just by looking at him it seemed as if HE was the one begging for the rematch. HHH seemed to reject this, as he has already stated that he believes he's ended the streak.

    Now, not everyone wants a third Taker v Hunter, but I think this story will work well with it. It isn't just a drag, it has a meaning. And the two can and will put on a great WM match.

    I give this Raw a: 9/10

    What's all of your guys opinons on RAW, and how would you rate it? Don't worry, you don't need to rate the whole show like me, just what you thought was good and bad :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. 10/10 it was unpredictable taker was coming and cena was gona kick the crap ouy of cant
  3. 8/10. The whole show was great until I they done the exact same stare-down as last year, but this time making Taker beg for it. Further pushes his reputation down I think which HHH already done after last years match. I'm hoping HHH seriously has walked away and Taker has no one to face. If so; then the show gets a 9.5.

    Matches were great, every match had some sort of story-line, Miz was buried yes but it's only to legitimize Kofi as a EC contender.

    I even enjoyed Sheamus' segment tonight.