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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Simple. Rate it out of 10 and post why.

  3. Apparently hardcore wrestling fans are jealous of someone who forgot the show was on.
    That says more than any number grade could dream of.

    Just read the results. The Beat the Clock challenge is usually interesting, but this was way overdone and very badly done. Not only did it feel pointless in the end, but several matches were underwhelming by themselves, and kept them from establishing a mid-card feud (not that they do that anyway) Creative heat does not translate to GM heat. Trying to get heat on Daniel Bryan is a waste of time, but Punk may be the only guy who won't get heel heat from feuding with the company's unintentional top face. Triple H, get the fuck off TV. Brock's return is an even bigger waste than Jericho's. Kofi and Truth have been buried for 3 months yet win the tag titles easily. Layla needs a new theme song. Yet another squash match for Brodus. SuperCena can withstand vicious beating, a broken arm, even a fucking Honda Civic. Pretty sure he'd reverse the end of the world into the 5 moves of doom. Bore-Ing. Lord Tensai is still there. Orton/Kane continues

    Positives? :themiz: making up for his loss. Punk vs Bryan should at least be a good match. They managed to not bury Ziggler and Rhodes for once, because they weren't on the show.
  4. 6/10

    ...because I'm nice.
  5. 4/10 waste of time now I have to cram time studying and make up time for my creative role on here

  6. Please, please, please, defend that 6/10 rating.
  7. or delusional one or the other
  8. Daniel Bryan facing CM Punk at Over The Limit in Raleigh, NC which is 1 hour 1/2 from where I live.

    Oh it's true.
  9. On a personal note I quite enjoyed the show, but that's only cause Daniel Bryan won the beat the clock challenge and because I fast forward most of it.

    Triple H's involvement could be good if he gets destroyed by Lesnar - sadly - we all know that's not gonna happen. Instead he's going to take all the spotlight to himself, and probably win the match. I'm looking forward to the match itself to be honest, it should be pretty good, it's just the constant spotlight hogging from Triple H in the build up and aftermath that makes me so apathetic towards it.

    The beat the clock challenge tonight was very disappointing besides the result. 4:18? Really? Couldn't they have just had less matches and more time for them all? Cause not one match got any sort of rythym or physcology going, cause they didn't have the time to.

    Lord Tensai Cena is an absolute load of steaming pish. Does anyone actually give the slightest fuck over Tensai? Fat, talentless, ugly, old, useless bastard. Cena as well - why the hell did he return first night back? Completely no sold Brock's beat down on him last night. Have to admit thought I marked for Johnny's beatdown.

    4/10 Because I also enjoyed the fact that there's new tag team champions in R-Truth and Kofi. For whatever reason it was not working out for Primo and Epico.
  10. I'm not sure Brock is even feuding with HHH. It seems to be more Brock breaking rules and being a trouble maker rather than him feuding with HHH. It'd be the worst thign ever to use him that way - the current angle is "What consequences will Brock receive?" which sucks, he should be the dominant star on RAW atm.
  11. Maybe Brock should just beat ppl up, regardless. I don't care 4 him, but wrestling fans want violence so let have it. It is wrestling, after all.
  12. Did you watch extreme rules? You have to admit it was an amazing match between him and Cena. As a Cena fan, do you want that to continue? If I was a Cena fan, I'd rather him face someone like Brock than Lord Tensai/Johnny Ace.
  13. I didn't, but I've heard good things. I think John is talented enough to make any match good. Brock would be fine, if he so wasn't childish. The F-5 (sp or spinner thing he does) he did to John was horrible two weeks straight.

    You are not supposed to land on your side ever when you take bumps and Brock tossed John over his shoulder like sour potatoes.
  14. You really should, it's the best PPV I've seen in years. John is talented outside of the ring, he's incredibly entertaining and makes any segment watch-able. But I'm not sure I want to see the good old "babyface vs evil boss" again - especially with Lord Tensai effectively being the enforcer, meaning we're going to be bored to tears.

    Even though the F5 looks bad, it's one of the most harmless finishers there is lol. It's effectively just falling from a small distance in the air, it's rare you'll get hurt. Especially as you're landing on your front so you have more control over it.
  15. I can only echo these sentiments. And please if you give this match a miss make sure to watch Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus and CM Punk vs Chris Jericho.
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