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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Apr 12, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Vote above and give your opinions below. I'll leave a link to the detailed results, below.

  2. I didn't watch it at all so I can't vote but it sounds awful. What are they trying to do with these wrestlers, for the love of God... :facepalm2:
  3. What the fuck? Two really good Raws in a row, am I in bizzaro world? Seriously though, great show from top to bottom, Zayn/Styles was amazing, the women's match was great. I loved all the storylines going on all at once, and the interviews being meaningful and developing the wrestlers. Just really good, all around.
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  4. Giving it a 6/10... there was more good than bad tonight but there were still some cringeworthy moments. I must say that the additions to the main show are really making it look much, much better. AJ Styles in the title picture is a good thing, Anderson and Gallows destroying the Usos is also a good thing, Enzo and Cass are the hottest tag team at the moment and haven't even wrestled on the main show yet, Apollo Crews is looking impressive but needs to stop wrestling jobbers.. I, personally, would love to see Crews vs Big E, I hope it happens somewhere down the line. The Dr Phil segment with Ric and Charlotte was actually enjoyable and plants a seed for what will eventually need to take place, her change from daddy's girl to being her own woman. Charlotte vs Natalya was the 2nd best match of the night behind Styles vs Zayn.. the newly rehashed Women's division is definitely not disappointing... yet. The Bray/Roman teamup makes me think that AJ has zero chance at Payback and that Bray might just be Roman's next championship challenger... especially with the endshow staredown. They need to take the mic away from Roman.. he is really bad with no personality and absolutely no likability when on the mic... Brock barely speaks, he lets his actions and Heyman speak for him.. Reigns needs a mouthpiece. Who can't predict the final 2 in the TT tournament? (Who? WhO? wHo? WHO?) We all know that the Dudley Boyz and Enzo and Cass will be facing each other.. why our time is being wasted by the other matches is beyond me. Cesaro as the new IC champ will be best for business.. but of course Maryse will somehow interfere to make sure that Miz keeps the title just a little longer.. or will she cost him the title? I'm hoping for the latter.

    There are my random thoughts and observations of RAW and the current happenings in the WWE. Thanks for reading.
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  5. 6/10 It definitely had its good moments but this was really just another long RAW that still sort of missed the mark but was still entertaining.

    i liked:

    AJ vs Zayn... wasn't great but it was a decent match.

    Anderson and Gallows

    Charlotte vs Natayla wasn't bad but having that moron Dr.Phil there hurt it. The guys a disgrace to psychology.

    Enzo and Cass

    Main event was decent but it's becoming obvious that Roman is not moving quickly towards a heel turn but that they are trying to make him a tweener.

    Shane being back and in control was good.

    Cesaro vs Owens was pretty good but could have been better.

    I didn't like:

    Dr. Phil and everything else.
  6. The segment with Ric and Charlotte was good though, it sets up them finally being able to get rid of Ric.. and you gotta admit that the woos at the end of it by Dr Phil were pretty funny.

    Wyatt Family vs League of Nations says to me that they are leaning toward babyfacing the Wyatts and the staredown between Roman and Bray tells me that Roman (heel) vs Bray (face) is incoming.

    Your thoughts?
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  7. The Roman and Bray thing is something I could see happening. But I honestly don't know. I think Wyatts as faces are a pretty sure thing... Roman as a heel... they seem reluctant to pull the trigger on it still. I am at the point where I won't believe it until it happens.

    Sorry on the Dr.Phil thing. Although I agree that Charlotte should be herself and not be doing this whole Nature Girl thing and having Ric with her all the time, I can't stand Dr.Phil. Having someone I can't stand imitating and sort of making fun of my favorite wrestler of all time it's not something I found too funny. I just wanted to throw a brick at him.
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  8. This week's RAW was GOOD! Wow, that's two good episodes in a row. I mean, the show felt fresh and the BS was kept to a minimum.

    And more importantly, the show felt like it meant something as we head to Payback. 7/10

    - Having Shane-O Mac on the show and as a babyface Authority figure is odd, but satisfying.

    - Cesaro vs KO was a great show opener, enjoyed it!

    - Enzo & Cass.

    - Charlotte vs Nattie was solid.

    - Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson's debut.

    - I liked Shane ordering KO to be escorted out of the arena after he told him he’ll hurt Sami Zayn. That's how all GMs should be acting when their employees are threatened.

    - AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn was great, enjoyed the hell out of it.

    - The Highlight Reel was good and enjoyable. Heel Y2J has been awesome thus far and Ambrose's dismissive attitude here was awesome.

    - The ME was decent, but it's weird to see Wyatt positioned as a face and Reigns as a heel/tweener.

    - Dr. Phil and everything else.
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  9. Pretty much agree with what Prince noted above and also giving it a 7/10 myself.

    It indeed is quite refreshing to be getting back to back entertaining shows but...it's true, it's damn true and a big part of it obviously has to do with all the fresh faces that have arrived. No Big Show, no Kane, no Ryback, none of those guys, just fresh blood in the system taking things to a new level.

    I'll probably revisit with some in detail thoughts later on but one of the negatives, in my opinion, was having Enzo and Cass debut on Smackdown. I feel they should have done this match on RAW, even if it's against the Assencion and even if we know it will probably be a squash. Anyway, I guess the idea is to have them and the Dudleyz on RAW next week so I guess I'm fine with that...
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  10. 7/10

  11. That right there is why i love your sexy ass :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  12. So Prince Balor has upgraded to writing reviews in graffiti. :yay:
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  13. Hey, I'm just happy we have those cool fonts! :yay:
  14. Gallows and Anderson have arrived... and you know what that means!

    Gallows is with the Dudleys! Aces and Eights reunion FTW!
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  15. So now we're just waiting for either Finn or Styles to join 'em.
  16. Sooooooo I watched this on the recommendation of a friend... and whoa. Oh my goodness.

    The second thing I heard about this show behind the obvious was that "WTF WWE Y U NO MAKE SENSE" and all that typical bullshit and I couldn't wait to see what happened so I could rip this show apart in here... And... Guess what, I'm going to go against that.

    In the buildup to Wrestlemania... Forget about the Undertaker's reasoning, forget about what's in the black box, forget about the Authority (seriously)... The biggest issue I had when watching that never-ending match they had at WM32 was simply "These stipulations don't matter. If Shane takes over, nothing will change anyway. It'll be the same show with a different voice making 20 minute promos, whatever."

    So now Shane got control. Vince just gave it to him at behest of the crowd. Why? To make the fans happy. And then he did it again, due to "overwhelming social media support". To make the fans happy. Hell, at this point it makes TOTAL kayfabe sense to say "Hey, all these polls we put online say these shows have been kicking ass, Shane. A hell of a lot better than Triple H did with his 10% approval ratings on .com! Keep going!" And Triple H gets spurned and goes to hide away in their basement over at Full Sail University where Vince won't even think to look.

    Because look what we got here.
    -Great wrestling. Immediately booked Cesaro vs Owens and Zayn vs Styles. HELL YEAH!!!
    -No Triple H or Stephanie to be found. Fantastic. Get those two as far away from television as you can!
    -Most importantly: Wins and losses actually mattering!!! YES! My biggest problem with Raw and why I find it so painfully boring is just this. Even if it is Cesaro vs Styles, if there's no point to who wins, who cares? Divas' match was on the line! A tag team tournament was started! And hell, even the main event super-established the Wyatt babyface turn. THEY ARE EVEN STARTING TO FIX BRAY WYATT, AM I SERIOUSLY WATCHING THE RIGHT SHOW!?

    Just for all of this, this show gets a 9/10. Sadly I can't rate it match-by-match due to Hulu, because when you have a show where damn near everything mattered, all the matches looked severely edited for time :emoji_slight_frown:. But I just can't bring myself to watch the 3 hour version
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  17. Also, another positive from the show that I've obviously failed to mention is: Cesaro's tear-away suit will be a recurring theme! Sweet!:cesaro:
  18. I just noticed the Bond straw minitron. Love that their going with that. lol.
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  19. Can you believe they brought back No.1 contender's matches? Never thought I'd see the day.
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  20. Fastlane 2016?
    Last week?
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