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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 13, 2015.

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  1. You know the drill, boys and gals. Vote above, give yer thoughts below!

    Full results below:

    - Bad News Barrett was the guy who answered the open challenge to face John Cena for the United States championship. He lost. After, Rusev used a chain to put a beating on Cena and announced their match at Extreme Rules will be a "Russian Chain" match.

    - Paige won the Divas battle royal to become number one contender to the title. Paige vs. Nikki Bella is now official for Extreme Rules. By the way, it turns out Brie Bella wasn't in the match after all, instead sitting in on commentary. Naomi attacked Paige during a post-match interview.

    - Bray Wyatt cut another promo but, sadly, it was not made clear who he is talking about.

    - Roman Reigns was out for a promo and said he'll be champion one day. The crowd chanted "Suplex City" at him. Big Show appeared on the titantron for a promo and the crowd were chanting things like "boring" and "please retire." There is a taxi next to the stage. Show attacked Reigns on the ramp and ultimately choke slammed him on top of it.

    - The Lucha Dragons def. The Ascension to continue the ascent of the former and the descent of the latter.

    - Randy Orton def. Cesaro in a fairly short singles match. Then Kane came out and said it would be a handicap match with Tyson Kidd getting in on it. Then Orton won that match too.

    - Backstage segment with Kane and Seth Rollins going back and forth on Rollins having to work a match with Dolph Ziggler. He was lobbying to face someone from The Authority instead. Rollins even wanted to face Kane so Kane would lie down for him. Later, Big Show convinces Kane to put himself in against Rollins and Kane says he'll do what's best for business.

    - Dean Ambrose def. Adam Rose in a short match.

    - Stardust def. Fandango in a short match but Fandango danced with the crowd after.

    - Another backstage segment with Kane, this time with Daniel Bryan poking at him about going out and laying down for Rollins. He even brought up that it put WCW out of business and to be a man and not a stooge.

    - Kane came out for the match with Rollins and laid down for him with the crowd chanting "no" at him. But then he kicked out at two. When Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury rushed him, Kane threw them out and then choke slammed Rollins. Instead of pinning him, however, Kane laid down and put Rollins' lifeless arm over him to get the champ the win. Wow.

    - Damien Mizdow def. The Miz via roll up in roughly two minutes. Summer Rae was with Mizdow.

    - Prime Time Players did another promo running down another tag team, this time Los Matadores.

    - Ryback def. Luke Harper via disqualification when Harper used the announce desk. That led to Ambrose coming out and brawling with Harper.

    - They did a backstage segment with Naomi acting apologetic about attacking Paige after the Divas battle royal but then laughing and saying it's all about her. So she's going heel.

    - Dolph Ziggler def. Neville in a good match. Sheamus came out after and laid them both out.

    - Seth Rollins cut a promo in the ring saying he gets to choose the stipulation for his match with Orton at Extreme Rules. He opts to ban the RKO. Randy Orton comes out to say he also gets to choose a stipulation and he elects to have the match in a steel cage.

    - Triple H will be back next week to make an announcement on Tough Enough.

    Source: http://www.cagesideseats.com/wwe-ra...poilers-for-tonight-april-13-2015-from-london
  2. Rate RAW before it's even finished airing? :blackshock:
  3. ^ Just saying, this is the equivalent of posting the SmackDown spoilers tomorrow followed by a thread called "Rate Smackdown".
    It's one thing to read, it's another to watch.
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  4. 2 of 10. This is easily the worst RAW of the year, in my view.

    I liked:

    Neville vs Ziggler


    ..... that's it...

    I didn't like:

    Pretty much everything else. This was lousy.
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  5. Raw was so average

    Neville vs Ziggler was nice and I'm interested to see if they'll give us Ziggler vs Sheamus at Extreme Rules, preferably a number one contendership match. I'd also like to see Neville vs Sheamus happen next week on RAW or Smackdown I guess

    I can't be the only one that likes heel Naomi
  6. Neville vs Ziggler and Barrett vs Cena sound nice but everything else sounds shit, why on earth did they do Miz vs Mizdow II on a random RAW, the main event was Kane vs Rollins apparently where Kane rekt the WWE Champion and then let him pin him. To add to that, NO BRYAN WRESTLING FOR THE 2ND WEEK IN A ROW. Da fuq is this shit?

    And Michael Hayes was teasing surprises. What a load of shit.
  7. Neville vs Ziggler im interested in.. man I hope those two have a few good matches in the time they're with the company.. doesnt sound like a great overall RAW though.. I was stuck babysitting for my sister tonight though so I couldn't watch it.
  8. Extremely underwhelming episode, just like last week's RAW. 2/10

    - Cena vs BNB was alright.
    - LOL. The PTP promo.
    - Enjoyed DZ vs Neville. It was easily MOTN.

    - Everything else was dreadful.
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  9. The show was good

    The divas battle royal I liked because now Paige has a chance to take back her belt back
  10. Kane/10
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  11. I was fast forwarding pretty much all of this abortion of a show same as last weel, only thing good was the US title match without being a classic. So much filler and kane and big slow, please retire. 2/10
  12. He did wrestle in a dark ME, but I guess that means squat since it wasn't televised.
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  13. Hahahahaha when seeing part of what happened here, I laughed. Heartily. It's Naomi's turn to become the Baddest Bitch in da Business because she went out there the last 2 weeks and beat Nikki Bella twice but noooooo it doesn't matter since all the rest of these stupid chicks (and Emma) had to go throw a bitch-fit to Kane and start a battle royal and now Naomi is SICK AND TIRED of her wins and losses not meaning anything, dammit! She's gonna #standupforwrestling and make sure all her non-title victories and thus the matches on Raw matter! YES! I absolutely love this. Naomi is stepping out of the background and is CLEARLY WWE's number one face right now... oh... that was supposed to be a heel turn. :facepalm1:

    see also: Move over Goldberg, I bet I can win 161 matches in a row if all I do is wrestle 1-on-2 handicap matches and face champions that aren't Cena or Daniel Bryan. Seriously. My only chance of losing is if I face Rollins and J & J and Big Show and Kane and Rockstar Spud and Jared from Subway and god knows who else run in. With WWE handicap matches, the guy at the disadvantage WINS. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The hell is wrong with you? Congrats, now instead of Tyson Kidd possibly helping your stupid ass cause of keeping Randy Orton from the "Extreme Decision" thingie or whatever, now Randy Orton has a 100% chance of winning! PUNISHMENT! The Authority are so useless. Here's an idea: How about you go tell you golden boy "It's April, so pick a stipulation, dude" instead of all this... oh, right, 3 hours to fill. Been watching too much Dario Cueto.

    Speaking of poor decisions, congrats to Randy Orton where, in his quest to keep the rest of the Authority from sticking their big snozzes in the middle of his golden revenge plan, picked a match that has a 100% chance of interference! :yay: Come on, dude, picking a cage match to keep dudes out is like hanging a bugzapper outside your house to keep flies AWAY. Yeah some of them may wind up getting killed by it, but all these flies are like "oooooh shiny green light, that looks tasty!" and fly to your house because flies have the IQ of cough syrup. Every single cage match has a run-in, and five bucks says they rip off TNA and have Kane crawling through the ring with the stupid mask on and...

    Hey, I have an idea! Maybe Kane can grab Ryder's headband instead and become Suddenly Disappearing from TV Forever Kane! :woohoo:

    He surprised you with no Bryan for a second week in a row. :otunga:
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  14. Worst thing with Kane on this episode is that it was a negative to both guys. Seth, two weeks after the biggest moment of his career is here getting taken out with one CHOKESLAM by KANE. Now, given that that happened, might as well throw logic out the window and push Kane to win the belt or whatever the hell since Kane is buff now lol. But then Kane lays down anyway. Sucked
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  15. When is a Raw segment not a negative to both guys?
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  16. Dammit Aids take that dislike away I'm saying you can trade Kane for Ryder and get him on Raw!!!

    that's the draft I saved for the inevitable downvote from the champ.
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  17. Ryder >>> Kane :woo:
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  18. Original Plans For John Cena On Last Monday's WWE RAW, More On Daniel Bryan Concern

    Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news...l-plans-for-john-cena-on-last-monday-wwe-raw/

    I hope this doesn't mean DB has to drop the title back to BNB at ER.
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    How dare you insult cough syrup, by far the most intelligent of all syrups. I'd like to see your precious maple syrup keep you from coughing.:tongueout:
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    @Leo C

    I did a little research and searched "handicap" on all the Raws from 2014... Too lazy to go before that, and cba to find all the Raws from this year but it feels like every ME is a outnumbered team winning a handicap match... Anyway, here's the results! :dawg:

    Show Spoiler

    Outnumbered team wins:
    -Big E def. Mahal and McIntyre clean
    Cena def. Wyatt/Rowan/Harper by DQ (AA to Wyatt, then Harper broke up the pin for the DQ. Lol)
    Cena, Sheamus, Reigns def. Wyatt, Cesaro, ADR, Orton clean
    Cena and Reigns def. Orton, Kane, Rollins (Kane gets DQ'ed for kicking too much ass)
    Reigns def. Rollins and Kane (Kane chair shot DQ)
    Reigns def. Rollins and Kane again (Briefcase shot DQ)
    Cena def. Kane, Rollins, and Orton (Another chair shot DQ)
    Cena and Ziggler def. Rollins, Noble, Mercury
    Brie def. Eva Marie and Cameron

    Numbers game wins:
    Randy Orton and Batista def. Golddust
    Alicia and Aksana def. Nikki
    Cameron and Naomi def. Nikki
    Cameron and Alicia def. Nikki
    Kane, Orton, Rollins def. Cena and Ambrose in a street fight
    all these clean

    no wonder lol

    EDIT: Time to do 2013, since I have a big thing of pizza rolls to finish anyway

    Show Spoiler

    -Mark Henry def. the Usos
    -Ryback def. 3MB
    -ADR def. Swagger and Zeb
    -Los Matadores def. 3MB
    -Big Show def. Orton & the Shield when Kane ran in for the DQ -_-
    -Cena def. Real Americans -_-
    -Punk and Bryan def. the Shield by DQ when Wyatt ran in
    -Punk and Bryan def. the Wyatts, DQ for kicking too much ass

    Numbers game:
    -Rhodes Scholars def. Sheamus (YAY!)
    -Shield def. Big Show
    -Usos, Gabriel, Ryder, Kofi, Ziggler, Truth, PTP, RVD, Bryan def. the Shield
    -The Brotherhood def. Orton (orton just left lol)
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