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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Apr 14, 2014.

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  1. You know the drill
  2. Compared to last week I'd say 6/10. I know last week was the Raw after Wrestlemania, but I didn't really get excited at all. The crowd and matches last week were so much better. Post Mania Raw crowd > This weeks crowd.
  3. The crowd sucked... Cesaro was impressive again.. Ziggler vs Barrett was, in my opinion, the only above average match of the night. The ending was interesting and somewhat exciting. Fandango/Santino shit is getting tiresome... it was nice to see Sandow talk on the mic again.. the outcome wasn't so nice to see. Everything else was so-so. 6/10 overall.
  4. 5/10. Not much to go out of your way to see but it was a nice solid show that wasn't that hard to sit through. Can't wait for Dolph's thread.

    EDIT: Yeah, 6/10. Thanks, WWAAE. The point deducted for Cena was made up for Sandow's promo. Thank you...
  5. I fell asleep for most of it, out of the parts I did see I'll give it a 7/10.
  6. The crowd fucking sucks. I was marking out when Evolution return, but no reaction? This is what happen when you start letting kids watch the show, the regulars think it is lame ass and leave. Storylines have to be stupid for kids. It become a family outing event when it is not supposed to be. Overall, 5/10
    Evolution returned - 10/10

    Ps, The crowd trying to chant "YES" like if Daniel Bryan is going to do anything lmao. Fans these days are so out of touch, it's sickening.
  7. I wish there was a way of either having the Evolution return last week, or pushed forward a couple to the London show (I assume they're there soon). That crowd's reaction was dreadful.

    As for the show itself, it was fine enough. We were always going to be taken back down to earth after the last few, but at least all the stories/characters that needed progressed were. The matches weren't great either, but at least Ziggler and Barrett were given a decent amount of time.

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  8. Pretty boring/10
  9. The only match in the IC #1 contender tournament that I gave a shit about was BNB vs Dolph. Fandango and Santino has been done to death, Cena and his joke promos- meh. Paige still hasn't shown any charisma. But hey, at least the Bella twins weren't there.

    6/10. Try harder.
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  10. 4/10

    Huge lack of star power. Main-event scene is so thin. Damn they need Punk back.
  11. Can't give it more then a 6/10 and that\s probably generous of me.

    Not much more to add from what has already been said above but, yeah, I have to shout it out too: enough is enough with Santino and Fandango; so damn boring already...

    Kane wearing the mask again? Yeah, I like that much better then the corporate nonsense and I'll be even more pleased if they go back to his slightly bettter, in my opinion, version of his theme song.

    And by the way, lets give this Rusev guy a greater challange, shall we already?

    P.S. This is totally out of the blue but could we get our favorite Olympic Gold Metallist Kurt Angle back? Really miss that guy...
  12. 5/10 for me, the worst Raw I have watched for a while.

    Warrior Tribute/Show Opening - I'm not really an emotional guy but the opening scenes really touched me. I thought they did a really good job regarding their tribute to The Ultimate Warrior. The 10 bell tribute is always a nice touch.

    8-Man Tournament Matches - I think this is an ok way of making the IC title seem more significant, a tournament to determine the number one contender makes it seem worth fighting for I guess. RVD vs. Del Rio was what you would expect between the two, nothing special but passable I suppose. Cesaro vs. Henry was a pretty dog-shit contest to be honest, when did WSM become a full-time jobber? Sheamus and Swagger put on an average contest, for a second there I thought Swaggs was going to pick up a clean victory with the Patriot Lock. BNB vs. Ziggler was by far the most entertaining out of the four opening round matches, very back and forth that could have gone either way. Cesaro and Sheamus in the final with Cesaro winning the tournament I think.

    Rybaxel vs. The Brotherhood - This was a standard tag team bout. Lol at Rybaxel winning. I feel a little bad for The Brotherhood, from WWE tag team champions to losing pretty regularly these days. Push for Rybaxel?

    Uso's vs. Orton/Batista - I thought this match was average, it would be nice to see the two teams go at it with one of them actually scoring a pin fall or submission at some point. I liked that The Uso's got some good offence in, made them seem more legit as the tag champs. The ending to the match was your typical storyline-building end with The Shield interfering and getting the upper hand physically on the two Evolution members.

    The Shield vs. The World - My first comment on this is that Rusev should not have been there. I don't think his appearance really helps his development whatsoever, if the WWE want to seriously push this guy then do not place him in bullshit authority-representing tag matches like this. I thought the match was total garbage itself but the ending was fantastic. I was a huge fan of Evolution during their initial run and as soon as their music hit I was marking. The beat down was vicious and what was necessary to escalate their feud.

    All the Other Shit - Paige vs. Alicia Fox was obviously my weekly Raw toilet break. Santino/Emma vs. Fandango/Layla is the most pointless piece of shit I have ever witnessed, this storyline should have already ended by now and the fact we are still seeing this is starting to decrease my brain cells. Rusev's squash match was exactly what you would expect from a big guy who is new on the scene.
  13. Only watched it this morning and bar the Warrior tributes nothing else sticks out as memorable. Oh and Woods getting buried even further officially jobber status now.
  14. Pretty lame episode outside of the fact that we know Evolution and The Shield will be feuding for a while. DB vs Kane is a dog shit main event for ER. This IC tourney is a decent idea, but the matches (outside of the MOTN Ziggler vs Barrett) were pretty lackluster. Wyatt/Cena was OK at best. wtf else even happened? Filler episode for sure.
  15. Evolution v. Shield will be a good one :emoji_slight_smile:
    I liked the IC tourney too, making the rise to #1 contender for the IC belt a little bit more interesting.
    Barrett v. Ziggler was awesome, regardless of the result both competitors put on one helluva show.
    But yeah as for the episode overall wasn't overly impressed, although DB's time off has been pretty refreshing :emoji_slight_smile:

    I'd give it like a 6.5/10
  16. no yes chants, instant +5 points from me.
    Ziggles and Barret was a good bout(+1) and Evolution v. Shield being set up, earned another point so 7/10 for me.

    EDIT: Oh and the warrior tribute is a def another point so 8/10
  17. Marked for Evolution hard and that was it. 5/10, all 5 points to Evolution.
  18. 50/10 for Evolution

    -43.5 for shit crowd.

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  19. I'm now watching Batista and Orton vs The Usos, a rematch from last week and wow, this show has been midcard mania. And pretty shit. I'd say 6/10, only because of good Del Rio vs Van Dam match.
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