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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. 0/10
  2. Very good Raw. I especially loved the ending. Only thing I didn't care for was the tag match with Santino/Khali and Rhodes Scholars (the former being boring as shit) and the women's match.
  3. THIS RAW SUCK! 2/10!
  4. Call me a WWE mark all you want, but I'm going all the way up to 2.

    Hey, there were good things... Cesaro losing the jobber belt in a good match... Ryback's first segment... The Shield beating down Cena... Slater's selling... The Bellas wearing those outfits again...

    But the bad was really bad. Like, really really fucking bad. Like a whole nursing home trying to Gangnam Style bad.
  5. Actually, I change my rating to..

    [​IMG] /10
  6. Oh, I hated Caesro dropping the title to Kofi, too. Unless it means Caesro being pushed further up the card, I don't see the point at all. Kofi adds another title to his less-than-epic achievements. (Bad night for the champions - Ziggler, Barrett and Kaitlyn got pinned as well. Cena got his ass whooped, which I loved. At least Team Hell No went unscathed.)
  7. 2/10? You guys are bad at rating a show if you think this Raw is a 2/10, that's saying this RAW is at the bottom of the heap out of about 1000+ RAW episodes, this RAW wasn't good, but it wasn't a 2/10, more like a 6/10 for a RAW show, maybe even a 5/10, but there were a couple good moments. Not as good as I was hoping thats for sure, and the Punk segment was kinda like a "what the hell was that?" type thing.
  8. Well that's us back to down to earth with a bump. 2/10
  9. You guys have lost sight on what a bad Raw show really is...5/10, period. :otunga:
  10. There isn't a bench mark, it's how much people enjoyed the show.
  11. Giving it a generous 2/10. The show was far too similar to SmackDown - a show I do not regularly watch for a reason - and simply felt lazy. So many of the matches meant nothing, and a replayed version of SmackDown on RAW is just too crap to rate high. I digged the ending with The Shield, but I'm not a fan of how Ryback is now basically a heel. They seem to tease doing things right (his early booking was good as a tweener), and then fuck them up for the lols. Why would Shield attack Cena, when they are feuding with Team Hell No who have ruined their plans two shows running? This is what I mean, we need Shield to talk more to explain their actions on RAW. They get a speaking segment on SmackDown often - backstage anyway - but nobody cares about SmackDown.
  12. I'd have give it a 5/10 but Punk left, Ziggler jobbed, Barrett jobbed & Rybore didn't fight with Cena. Shocking.

    Thankfully The Shield & Mark Henry made an appearance and saved it from being a zero!!

  13. So glad I was tied up and missed most of this. Cesaro lost to Kofi?!?!? KOFI?!?!?!? :annoyed: For that alone 1/10.
  14. Cesaro could be getting some sort of push, and it's not like the US championship means anything anyway tbh.
  15. Fair enough, but Kofi? He's jobbed to everyone recently, at least make a new star out of it. I would've rather had Ohno/Wyatt debut and win the title.
  16. Same. Kofi is good, but he can't flourish in WWE. They need a cruiserweight division where he'd tear the house down.
  17. Wyatt shouldn't be a face, Ohno winning it with no build doesn't help him so that would have had to wait a few month minimum.
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