Spoiler Rate Raw 4/16/2018

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Apr 16, 2018.

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  1. Rate Raw and make sure to leave comments to let us know what you think of the show.


    Kurt Angle introduced Jinder Mahal and the United States title to Raw. Jinder wanted a limo but Kurt told him he didn't agree to that. Mahal demanded Brock Lesnar level treatment. Angle told Mahal to email him his list of demands and when they asked for his email, he told them Kurt.Angle@NoFreakingWay.com. Angle told Mahal they handle things in the ring and immediately made Mahal defend the US title. Jeff Hardy came out.

    United States Championship: Champion Jinder Mahal vs Jeff Hardy

    Jeff Hardy pinned Jinder Mahal to become the new United States Champion

    After the break, Jinder claimed it was a conspiracy by Angle. No Way Jose's music played over his talking and Jose told a seething Jinder to not take it seriously.

    Sasha Banks vs Bayley

    The match ended in a no contest as the Riott Squad came to Raw and took out both.

    Heath Slater and Rhyno vs the Authors of Pain

    The AOP won by pin fall.

    Miz TV

    Miz introduced Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to the Raw Roster. They announced themselves as a five man group but Kurt Angle came out and told them that he didn't sign KO and Zayn. They insisted an email from Stephanie McMahon allowed Zayn and KO onto Raw since Angle was too emotional in his decision.

    Miz was mocking Angle but Angle informed Miz he had just been moved to Smackdown. Miz was shocked at first but claimed he and the Miztourage will Smackdown the A show... but Angle told Miz he was not letting the Miztourage go with them. He then made a 10 man tag between the guys in the ring and Bobby Lashley, Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor someone and a mystery opponent making their Raw debut.

    Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt vs the Revival

    Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt won by pinfall to advance and face the Bar for the Raw tag team championship.

    Backstage, the Bar was complaining about how weird Wyatt and Hardy were and the Breezango showed up as a new tag team on Raw... they gave the Bar fashion tickets.

    In another short backstage scene with Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle, Natalya was introduced as a Raw wrestler.

    Ember Moon vs Mickie James

    Ember Moon won by pin fall

    Dolph Ziggler

    Ziggler was introduced as the next Raw wrestler in the shakedown and began talking about how great he was. He was interrupted by Titus Worldwide. They offered him a role in the group. He told them they interrupted him and that he didn't come to raw alone. Drew McIntyre then attacked them from behind, taking TW out.

    Roman Reigns

    Roman came out to talk but was almost immediately interrupted by Samoa Joe, who mocked him for not being able to beat Lesnar. Joe promised to put the Big Dog to sleep once Lesnar was done with him. Roman called Joe a lazy fat ass and challenged him to get in the ring. Joe pretended like he was going to come to the ring several times, but made it clear he would not do it until Backlash.

    Mandy Rose vs Natalya

    Natalya won by submission. She was then attacked by Sonia Deville and Mandy Rose. Then Ronda Rousey came to the ring and they ran from the ring. Deville got back in the ring. Rousey quickly beat her down though.

    Baron Corbin was then introduced to the Raw roster.

    Breezango vs the Bar

    Breezango defeated the Bar by pin fall

    Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Bobby Lashley and Bobby Roode vs Miz, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

    Strowman pinned Miz when the Miztourage turned their backs on him and left.
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  2. Honestly this wasn't a bad show. The main event was fun, if not really a good match. I was happy to see Jeff Hardy win the US title because Mahal has no business wearing any belt that is not just to hold up his pants. Bobby Roode is a good addition to Raw, but just about everyone who has moved over has really made it look interesting.

    At the very least, it's good to see such a lot of roster moves, much more than they used to do in draft lotteries.
  3. Sounds like a decent Raw, which is a shocker. I'll have to watch some recaps. :obama:
  4. Well most of the good stuff were the roster changes but there were some other decent moments too.
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  5. I wanted to be silly and put a Bobby meme here but Google gave me this:
    Annnd I am done with wrestling for the night.
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  6. It really wasn't. Only thing decent was the main-event. It was a fun match.
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    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
    And lets have a look at RAW this week & Pt.1 of the 2018 Draft...I mean the
    "Superstar Shake-up" Sorry Vince...

    ~ And no surprise to see Jinder on RAW...I'm sure he'll be feuding with the Plank
    of Wood sooner rather than later...

    ~ And just to prove my point Jeff Hardy is now the U.S Champion...

    ~ I'd fiesta with Renee...if she wasn't married to Ambrose of course...watch
    yourself Jose.

    ~ And the Riott Squad are on RAW now...that's no real shock after Charlotte went
    through them one after the other recently.

    Shame they couldn't wait till after Bayley had tapped out before getting involved.

    ~ The Authors of Pain go over...no shock there...

    ~ Owens & Zayn on RAW...no big shock there...

    ~ Woken Matt & Bray is WONDERFUL! to see. Give them the titles or move them to
    SDL please.

    ~ Breezango on RAW...I picked that...

    ~ Natalya to RAW...but she's a face now teaming with Ronda? Really? Okay...maybe
    Ronda can help Nattie be less cringe?

    ~ Nia Jax bores me...as does Ember Moon if I'm being honest...& Moon defeats
    Mickie James...no real shock there.

    ~ Ziggler & McIntyre on RAW...Okay...I can handle that...but is McIntyre a heel now?

    ~ SKIP!!!

    ~ Baron Corbin on RAW...I picked that. Maybe he can get the Plank of Wood over as
    a babyface? Or maybe it will just backfire like it did with Strowman.

    Wow...load up RAW with new heels WWE...Jinder, Ziggler, McIntyre, Corbin, Rawley...
    I see what you're attempting to do here WWE...I'm not a moron.

    ~ Way to make the Bar look good. Are they moving to SDL? Can Cesaro move to SDL?
    RAW can keep Sheamus.

    ~ And Bobby Roode to RAW...which I also picked.

    In fact the full list of moves so far is:
    Jinder Mahal
    Liv Morgan
    Sarah Logan
    Ruby Riott
    Kevin Owens
    Sami Zayn
    Zack Ryder
    Mojo Rawley
    Dolph Ziggler
    Drew McIntyre
    Baron Corbin
    Bobby Roode
    Mike Kanellis
    Chad Gable
    The Ascension

    Of the 19 moved...I picked 11 of them...and the best thing about this...

    It appears not only are Charlotte & Becky Lynch staying on SDL...but Asuka will most
    likely be joining them...and SAni†Y will hopefully debut on the main roster tomorrow
    night to begin a feud with the New Day.

    Also...if Sasha & Bayley end up on SDL...all the better.

    I could get behind a "War of the Horsewomen" title feud storyline.

    I am happy with this draft.

    You read that correctly...I am happy.

    And I'm Done...
  8. it seems like we're gonna have the same pattern of drafts as last year, first we switch the midcard title holders and then Raw's taking every talent Smackdown fucked up so they revive their status again
    • opening segment was fine, Jeff vs Mahal was actually really decent and the crowd seemed to like most of it too which just proves to me that Jinder matches can work if the circumstances are right. Jeff actually winning the title was cool too but, like any other US title reign, I doubt they'll do anything special with it.
    • Sasha/Bayley just picked up towards the end and it's a shame they cut it short again. I hope they get this shit wrapped up sooner or later. The Riott Squad didn't get to do much on Smackdown yet so I'm interested in seeing if they can get a spotlight over on Raw now.
    • the AOP match was way too long, should have ended in seconds.
    • So Owens and Zayn first start on Raw where they both had way too many segments with then GM Mick Foley, then they went to Smackdown where they had a whole feud with commissioner and GM in Shane and Bryan and now they're going back to Raw once more to start an argument with current Raw GM Kurt Angle.. I get that it's cool to have GMs who can wrestle now but you don't have to make everything a management issue now with Owens and Zayn. Just let them feud with other wrestlers.
    • isn't it crazy how Miz has been building this imaginary feud with Bryan for almost 2 years now and it's finally becoming a thing now? Interesting how things work out sometimes.
    • Bruh that eclipse on Mickie looked sick, she ragdolled it and it looked great. Also, whenever you put a wrestler on commentary, it has to be a Miz or an Owens, or generally someone who's really great at talking. So I don't blame Nia for being overexposed once more because the commentary position is really hard for most wrestlers.
    • not too big on Drew yet but I hope he does better on Raw than he did on NXT, that's for sure if he wants to stay relevant. I love how enthusiastic Ziggler is towards everything now, you can tell this man's just happy he's making 1.5 million a year now.
    • Rousey's takedown looked brutal and I guess Natalya's soon gonna be Ronda's first one on one opponent.
    • Breezango winning was a nice upset, was also a quite fun match with Breeze kicking out and commentary marking out over it lol.
    • the main event was nothing special, Bo and Axel turning on Miz got a good reaction yet I don't think they'll go far without Miz on their side. I mean, I kinda want them to do well but I just don't see them doing anything special after this. The way they introduced Roode was a bit extra, given that he was a complete failure on Smackdown but I guess Raw has bigger plans for him
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  9. Honestly, this wasn't a bad show, it was just average. The main event was pretty entertaining, and Jeff Hardy winning the US title was pretty cool. Bobby Roode is a good addition to Raw, Kevin and Sami being on RAW now was something I saw a mile away, and the other debuts were okay.

    Overall, I gave the show a 5/10 because it just felt an average RAW show.
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  10. Off the bat, gave this a 6/10. Not a bad show but it just bothers me how they don't take these opportunities during drafts (or shake-ups, whichever you prefer) to have some fun and entertain us a bit more in the process. Like, give us some live interaction between the two GM's of each brand negotiating a deal or a trade and/or give us a couple of backstage skits with superstars themselves getting involved as in putting in a request to be traded or showing first reaction when they hear they've been drafted to the other show. Simple stuff overall that I feel would add to this whole concept, making it a lot more fun; it's called entertainment after all, is it not?

    Elsewhere, I did my little rant last week in regards to the Roman Reigns situation and I'm still waiting for a decent answer or explanation as to WHY THE FUCK he's getting another opportunity at the Universal Championship. The question is mostly rhetorical cause, quite frankly, we all know the answer but I would have at least appreciated some kind of explanation from WWE. Last time I checked, it was CHAMPIONS losing their belts that had the so called "rematch clause", not the CHALLENGERS.

    One quite popular theory has it that Vince changed the finish the day of Wrestlemania and opted to do the title change in the upcoming Greatest Royal Rumble so the reception Roman gets would be better. To be honest, I ain't even sure the title is changing hands in Jeddah but even if this were to be the case, what difference does it make really? I mean, unless WWE decide to be touring outside the US for the next year (or so long as Roman is champion for that matter), he'll still get shit on and booed out of arenas every week anyway so, again, what's the difference?

    Whatever the case, can we finally just get this shit over with and MOVE THE FUCK ON?

    Give it a few months (if not even sooner) before Natalya turns on Ronda. It'll be typical WWE and a case where Natalya will claim she "made" Ronda the star she is given she was the one that trained her and blah blah blah. As a matter of fact, wouldn't even be surprised if they have a match as soon as Summerslam.

    P.S.: So all these outlets reporting that Rusev was pulled from the casket match with Taker at the Greatest Royal Rumble, yet WWE advertised the match again last night? :idk:
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  11. 19 Smackdown people are now Raw people. Less like a shakeup and more like a complete tsunami of change. Over 50% of the SDL roster are now on Raw.

    This show was a cool show. I would give it 7/10. Lots of good promo work and its interesting to see who gets traded.

    I'm excited to watch Smacksown
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  12. Depending on what happens at smackdown, I could see Raw getting the short end of the deal in this shake up. Kevin Owen's and Sami Zayn are the only real valuable trades. Especially now that Zayn is a heel. I had my doubt about him turning heel but he actually is perfect because he can be really annoying. Him and KO together is perfect and they should keep this going for a long time
  13. Probably...

    I've been predicting Nattie would be Ronda's first "real" feud
    since she signed up seeing as Nattie was Ronda's main training
    partner (along with Becky & Charlotte).

    Natalya maybe "cringe" when she talks but she can be trusted
    to work the best possible match she can with anyone.
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  14. Matt and Bray = :woah:

    I heard the Nero reference correctly, no?
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