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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 16, 2012.

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  1. :lol1:
  2. It was really boring usually i get distracted but i barely did today 4 stars.
  3. I'll give it a 3/10

    1 point for the crowd
    1 point for the Lesnar interview
    1 point for the WWE Title match
    and -7 points for Lord Tensai, Big Show, and Khali.
  4. Lord Tensai is not that bad don't know why people are bitchin' bout him.
  5. Because he has been around 3 weeks and is already being used to go over Cena? The guy that nobody goes over? Somebody worth a damn could be getting that push, but it's being wasted on him.
  6. Dolph Ziggler deserves that push. Fucking put him back with the Funkasaurus.
  7. I freaking hate you. This is my thread.


    Pro's: WWE title match was awesome, everything about it was great apart from Henry losing cleanly, way to ruin the monster gimmick -.-. This is a guy who 2 weeks ago made Punk unable to return to the ring. But the match itself was good. Also, the crowd was epic. Great chants. Daniel Bryan getting a backstage segment AND a good match, finally, he's appearing on RAW regularly and is the most over person there. Brock Lesnar interview was great. Kingston was also great, forgot to mention him. As Dolph said he's so underrated. Santino vs otunga believe it or not was quite funny.

    Cons: Big Show & Khali, one of the most frustrating segments in WWE history for me. Squashed your tag-team champions, Vince really gives zero fucksucks about the division of tag-team wrestling. The booking of Dolph. Lord Tensai in the main event.
  8. For me it's a 7/10.

    Great crowd, decent matches like CM Punk vs Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan vs Kofi, Labell Lock to YES! Lock, and the Lesnar promo/interview was great.

    But, Ziggler Clay, Show/Khali Primo/Epico and Tensai/Cena were all utter shit.
  9. He stole your thread, so you steal my style of reviewing? Really? Really? :themiz:

    Didn't watch the show, looked pretty bad from the spoilers.
    Love what they are doing with Cena. First Rock, then Brock, now Tensai. Unfortunately these were wasted on stopgap talents at best.
  10. Crowd was worth it. London rocks.
  11. Agreed. Very stupid call by WWE right there.

    Focus on the young talents instead of bringing this fat b*tch back to go over people like Cena which (as you stated) nobody "usually" goes over. Really sickening considering the fact he's squashing A-Ry three consecutive RAWs.
  12. Gave up on the show to apparently join an alien circus but from what I saw a 4/10. Crowd was good as was Punks match and the following Jericho segment but the WWE title should never ever open the show. A fair bit of crap followed judging by the spoilers. Even I as a fan of his work don't want Tensai to feud with Cena. Also Brocks interview was really enjoyable. Cenas not so much.
  13. I'd give it 6/10, it started well I thought with the WWE Championship match. Thought Bryan and Kofi's match was pretty good too. Crowd were good, 'YES!' chants nice and loud. Enjoyed Lesnar's interview, the p***ing his pants and s***ting himself lines were great. Always nice to see Kane absolutely destroy someone too!

    Had its bad points too though, the tag team match with Khali and Big Show was pretty awful, and agree with the people who are saying Tensai should not have been against Cena. I haven't made my mind up about him yet but surely putting him up against Cena was too early for him.
  14. 4/10.

    DB's YES! chant when he renamed his finisher, Lesnar's interview, Lord Tensai vs Cena, and the crowd.
  15. I wanted to pour a bowl of fruity pebbles in my ear to make Cena's drivel stop.

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