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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 21, 2015.

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  1. You know the drill, ladies and gents. Vote above, give yer thoughts below!

    WWE Raw Results:

    – The show opened with Randy Orton in a steel cage, explaining what he’s going to do to Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules. He promises RKOs all night.

    1. Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper went to a No Contest. Harper fled the brawl.

    2. The New Day defeated The Lucha Dragons. New Day won by count-out thanks to Xavier Woods, who held Sin Cara out of the ring for the 10-count. After the match, Randy Orton attacked the New Day with RKOs.

    3. Fandango defeated Curtis Axel. Fandango won by pinfall after a top rope leg drop.

    – Triple H returned from vacation to put over Tough Enough and mediate an argument between Seth Rollins and Kane.

    4. Naomi defeated Brie Bella. Naomi won with the Rear View.

    – Randy Orton attacked Heath Slater backstage and RKO’d him through a table.

    – Roman Reigns tried to deliver a promo and was interrupted by Bo Dallas. Reigns Superman Punched and speared him.

    5. Sheamus defeated Zack Ryder. Sheamus beat down Ryder instantly. Dolph Ziggler interfered and hit a Zig Zag on Sheamus.

    6. United States Championship Match: John Cena (c) defeated Kane. Cena won with an Attitude Adjustment. Later, Rusev attacked Cena backstage and attacked him with a chain.

    7. The Miz defeated Damien Mizdow. This was a match for “the Miz brand.” Miz won with a Skull-crushing Finale after Summer Rae turned on Mizdow. After the match, Miz celebrated but was RKO’d by Randy Orton.

    – Bray Wyatt talked.

    8. Ryback defeated Adam Rose. Ryback won with Shell Shocked. After the match, he Shell Shocked two Rosebuds dressed as a hot dog and a banana.

    9. Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler. Sheamus interfered, distracting Ziggler. Rollins won with his new finish, a DDT. Yep. After the match, Kane showed up to attack Rollins. Rollins lowered the cage to protect himself but found he was locked in with a suddenly-occurring Randy Orton. Orton RKO’d Rollins to end the show.

  2. Doesn't seem very interesting.
  3. Well, it was a tad bit better than the previous two episodes. 3/10
    Highlights of the episode were Rollins vs DZ and Orton's RKO Fest!

    -"I'm gonna go backstage and I'm gonna RKO every son of a bitch I see!" was the only positive to take from the opening segment.
    - LOL'd at Titus scaring the hell out of Rollins.
    - The New Day vs The Lucha Dragons was okay.
    - Rollins vs DZ was good.

    - Everything else.
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  4. It was a pretty decent show. Orton targeting random people all night long with the RKO and the continued push towards Kane's babyface turn had me interested enough (just for the record, I have little interest in Kane as either a babyface or a heel nowadays; it's just that seeing turmoil within The Authority and knowing Kane is finally leaving them after spending nearly two years by their side represents change of some kind at least, which is fine enough for me.)
  5. Another show I wouldn't dream of watching after reading the results.

    WWE is nearly to the point where even reading the results is too much of a burden. This product is in one helluva rut.

    I'm strangely really looking forward to Ziggler vs Sheamus. Other than that... ew.
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  6. That was one of the most entertaining Raw's they've done in a while.

    Randy Orton's RKO spree.
    The New Day heel finish (the match itself, I wasn't so interested in)
    Sheamus Vs Zack Ryder
    Reigns and Dallas
    Rollins Vs Ziggler
    Naomi Vs Bree (specifically Naomi looking pretty good)
    Curtis Axel's dancing

    I actually thought that they used Kane in a really good way this week (minus the US Championship match)

    Nikki Bella on commentary (and in general tbh)
    Kane Vs Cena for the US Championship

    Who cares?
    Skipped Bray Wyatt
    Miz Vs Midow- the match was actually good, but it felt like it didn't belong on the show and would have been best with a good build up and on a PPV
    Ambrose Vs Harper was pretty pointless
  7. This show involved Axelmania dancing? Well, perhaps there's at least something watchable there (also Slater was good)
  8. And in fact I'm not disappointed by that.
  9. Zack Ryder vs Sheamus was a nice surprise for RAW.
    Summer Rae.. you sloot!
    RKOs.. RKOs for EVERYONE!
    No fucking Neville?
    In looking at the most likely card for Extreme Rules, Lobsterhead vs Ziggler should be MOTN easily.
  10. 2/10 The show was beyond awful. It's bad that this is three bad Raws in a row. I began phasing out during the show which I never do in 30 years of watching WWE.

    I liked:
    Titus scaring Rollins
    Rollins vs Ziggler
    Roman Reigns' pun

    The worst thing about the show is the blatantly obvious Authority setup for Extreme Rules. Making Kane the gatekeeper and making it seem as if he is mad at Rollins so he won't let the Authority in and thus giving Orton a false sense of security. Any one with half a brain knows this is a setup and Kane is really just acting.
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  11. On further inspection, that PTP bit was indeed pretty good. So in fact 3 moments (combined 90 seconds or so) worth watching, I guess
  12. In pro wrestling, the biggest swerve you can make is "thing goes exactly how it was intended"
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  13. Exactly. Truer words about wrestling have never been uttered.
  14. Who is still impressed by Axel's "Hey I'm going to be intentionally corny" gimmick? He needs killed with fire
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  15. Well, I can't see him doing anything much better than this, honestly.
  16. Exactly. He would have never even dreamed of getting a job in WWE if his Dad wasn't Mr. Perfect
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  17. The Miz and Damien Mizdow. One of the best storylines in WWE in 2014. Easily - sure even D'Z would agree, even if "only by default" - the best storyline going into Wrestlemania. A storyline star out of this jabroni Sandow that he actually got cheered at Royal Rumble 2015. A storyline that actually got the fans invested and stop bitching and enjoy something. Something involving the Miz. WWE, you caught lightning in the bottle... how did you screw this up???

    I marked pretty hard when he split from Miz at Wrestlemania. Marked so hard you'd think I was watching a company that knows how to book wrestling. Weeks and weeks I've seen Sandow be tortured and Sandow be conflicted and Sandow having to balance his allegiances and standing up for himself... and I didn't even care that he was the most retarded kayfabe man alive who just "signed his own death warrant" by leaving himself alone with Big Show, the turn was still great.

    Since then, it's been a match on Raw that was just thrown out there in the death spot, then another one, then Marine 4 plugs, then Summer Rae got involved, then it's a match for the Miz brand and nobody, maybe Sharpy, cares anymore. And at the end of the day, you give us a boring, predictable stipulation to make the match boring and predictable and since everything is a swerve these days really nothing is a swerve and everyone waited for Summer to turn on Mizdow and... Ta-dah! Summer turned on Mizdow. CLIMAX. Often in wrestling that would be okay as a plot device, but we know this'll be forgotten in a month. Hell, Miz just went over who was one of your most over babyfaces just to LEAVE and all you accomplished with this whole angle is making Senhor Perfect's nightmares come true. Sandow's just gonna go back to jobbing, because it's what you've done every time. It's what you've conditioned us to believe. Maybe that's why you hear crickets in the audience during your marathon of a show that's 2 hours too long.

    The worst part is, the main event angle is one built around someone who pledged loyalty to a cause just to be conflicted and have no idea whether or not the cause of "doing the bidding of the Authority" is worth it anymore. So now, if anyone wants to get inv... I mean...If I buy enough boxes of Cap'n Crunch to piece together a Stargate out of the toys inside (complete with Plutonium Thingie from specialty marked packages of Oops, All Berries, part of this complete breakfast) to travel lightyears away, through dimensions and galaxies into the deepest, darkest parts of a parallel universe where you can find the ONE PERSON who would even consider giving the slightest piece of a fuck about Kane worrying about his status in the Authority, they don't now. Are you really going to get behind Kane wondering whether or not he should stand up for himself or keep laying down for Seth after we just watched Mizdow stand up for himself in grand fashion just to get thrown out of a battle royal, double-crossed by a chick he just met, and job? No, you're not. (I mean, you don't care already, but...)

    Okay, bigger issue. I'm usually into Orton vs Rollins, and I'm LOVING Orton as a face whenever I can watch him, because in the modern era of when you just kinda sit and nod through wrestling matches waiting for the finish, then see cool shit just to smile and grab another Pringle and half-heartedly say "Good match", Orton matches can end in any moment, that's the beauty of the RKO Outta Nowhere... so.... you ban the RKO. And design the feud around the inner struggle of Kane. And put him out there to solve the dilemma you've created of 99% of stupid cage matches ending in interference. So I can expect a smoz finish and Kane to step up and help Orton or maybe Rollins or not do shit or...

    someone insert a Lucha plug here I've gotta finish all this Captain Crunch
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  18. WWE is so bad that Snowman now enjoys "RKO's out of nowhere". Ouch. Yuck. No bueno.
  19. That's a good rant, buddy. Making midcarders lose to Big Show for no reason, not pushing over people and Kane's relevancy in 2015 do not enthrall you, man? How dare you. I think Orton would also be more over had they not made him "join" the Authority in such an evil scheme whose payoff was him beating up the Authority a month after his return, instead of right away (for no reason). That annoyed me. The pringles comment was spot on also lol.
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