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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. :gusta:
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  4. Horrible beyond the contract signing, Brock attacking Matthews and the opener. Also the soberity test was pretty good.
  5. @[Seabs] what happen in the soberity test of CM Punk?
  6. The good:

    -Edge's promo
    -All of the Teddy Long hate from everyone
    -Josh Matthews getting owned by Brock

    The Bad:
    -3 hours- probably 1/2 of it commercials
    -Showing the Brock promo from last week two more fucking times
    -Tag team champs betean by joke wrestlers
    -Big show/Khali
    -Brodus Clay and Hornswoggle

    Honestly I thought the contract signing was just okay at best. Overall: 2.5/10. Most of this shit was unbearable.
  7. 3.5/10

    Opener was epic, Jericho/Kofi was a good match, Punk's test was good (with Jericho), Main event was good. Rest was poor. Below poor. Miz on the pre-show and yet again not even on RAW, Ziggler jobbing YET again, argh, too many bad things to list.
  8. He failed it as they went to take the belt away he showed he was really sober by passing hit Jericho with the mic and punched him a few times.
  9. Oh and did I miss something or was Miz MIA for the 2nd straight week? and on a 3 hour show? the fuck? so much for his big push
  10. I hate creative why was he failing it in the first place? Fucking I just read the results on wrestlezone and they say he was stumbling? Did he explain why he was stumbling?
  11. He was trolling Jeritroll.
  12. 6/10 contract was gay as shit
  13. Daniel Bryan looked kind of like Bruce Lee chanting Yes on the Ramp after locking the Yes! Lock on Sheamus.
  14. Another below par Raw. There were some entertaining parts but they were heavily outweighed by the horrendously dull parts.

    The first segment was quality - it always tends to be though. Edge 's return and promo was awesome. Don't care if he isn't wrestling, I still marked.

    Chris Jericho/Kofi Kingston was a good match. It actually lasted for a decent amount of time, very refreshing.

    Lord Tensai/R-Truth Another dull Tensai squash. I'm still raging that he went over Cena, doesn't deserve it at all.

    Kane/Orton segment I though was pretty good considering how little I care. Was cool seeing Bearer back again, though I didn't see the point in Orton burying Kane afterwards. WWE really don't get how to build a monster.

    Great Khali and Big Show/Rhodes and Del Rio - Why WWE? Why? Why have 2 talented superstars buried by those two? This fued has not out Rhodes over whatsoever, all it has done is made him look worse. He better move onto bigger things after this because he deserves it.

    Punk gets tested for Alcohol - First of all, it was cool seeing Riley back sort of as a heel, hope he gets more TV time because from what I've seen of him he looks like he has potential.

    Anyway, as entertaining as I found this, there was so much stupidity it was painful. First of all, not allowed to drink within 12 hours of a WWE match. Surely Vince would have used this against Austin back in the day? Then they go out and test Punk with a line, alphabet test etc, instead of just using a fucking breathiliser?!

    Anyway, was a pretty funny segment, Punk was pretty good at playing a drunk considering he's never drank before. It was also done well because I actually though Punk was drunk (Kayfabe). Although he did still fail the alphabet test :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Brock Lesnar arrives and assaults Matthews - :laugh:

    Nicki Bella becomes new Divas champion - I never watched the match, but WTF? How random can you get? What have they even done in the last few weeks besides getting beat by AJ? So many better candidates than them to win it, hope they drop it soon.

    Mark Henry/Sheamus - You know something is wrong when your face WHC is in the ring and gets no reaction, yet as soon as a heel gets announced as special referee the crowd go beserk! Was good to see Bryan get the upper hand for the first time in the fued, and Mark Henry technically getting the win :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Primo/Epico vs Ryder/Santino Totally pointless burial of the tag division again. Total filler.

    Brodus/Hornswoggle vs Ziggler/Swagger - Fuck off. Why the hell is one of your most talented superstars getting buried again? Total bullshit and I'm already getting fed up of Brodus, he will start to get booed cause of WWE's horrendous booking. Oh and don't even get me started on "Horny", stupid little waste of space.

    The contract signing - Got a little tedious after a while. Was a bit like Punk's contract signing only not anywhere near as entertaining. Seeing Cena come out with his chain was pretty cool though, was a little bit heelish I thought.

    Overall 5/10 That's maybe a bit generous but storylines progressed pretty well. Otunga, Eve, Laurinitis and Lesnar are looking really hard for anyone to overcome whilst they are working in a team. Brock will win the title soon I think and they will be on top for a while until somebody beats him.
  15. Either he does legitimately have something big coming (hence the hate from WWE atm), or he's going to become a jobber. I wouldn't bet on the second, he gets the most heat on most shows, he can work, best mic worker in WWE imo, and the best media outlet in the company. He'll have something big for him. He'll lose on the pre-show US title match at ER, which I'm glad about, I don't want him holding that jobber title.
  16. 4/10. The opening, Chris Jericho's match and his gift, Josh Matthews, and the ending segment.
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