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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Apr 28, 2014.

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    -Wyatt's and Kids singing to Cena
    -Uso's vs RybAxel for the Tag Team titles
    -Adam Rose vignette
    -Heyman and Cesaro backstage
    -Bryan, Kane and Steph hype video
    -Sheamus vs Titus O'Neal
    -Bo Dallas vignette
    -Ziggler, Jackman and Sandow segment
    -Colter and Jack backstage segment
    -Cesaro vs Swagger
    -Alberto vs Cody
    -Rusev vs Xavier Woods
    -Matadores vs 3MB (Slater and Drew)
    -Bryan, Kane, Brie and Steph attack segment
    -Paige vs Brie
    -Bad News Barrett vs RVD
    -Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton
  2. 7/10 Opening segment was great, ending was very good, Bryan/Kane/Steph/Brie segment was well worked, glad Barrett won.
  3. 6/10 God awful opening segment, last hour was the best. Without the last hour it was 4/10 so the last hour adds 2 more points to this below average show.
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    Opening segment. Was god awful especially in wrestling. As a fan of wrestling I do not want to see that on my screen ever regardless of character. Bray and Cena both did meh in my mind. Muted the TV for most of it too though.
    Tag team match was bland and boring. Back and forth action, tags in and out blah blah blah Usos win.
    Sheamus vs Titus. What could've been a good setup for a feud ruined by Sheamus having to win. Why he has to win every single match he's in, I don't know. Could've been a good step forward for Titus, hopefully it will change on Smackdown, but I doubt it. Poor Titus.
    Hugh Jackman being on RAW wasn't bad. Sandow's bit was nice comedic relief done the right way. Took a good break from the shoe and helped hype up the new X-men movie. Also resolved the whole Jackman Ziggler "rivalry", so I'm fine with this segment.
    Cesaro vs Swagger. As a technical match, this match was decent. Good showing of technical abilities on their parts, but nothing really special for a match. Just a usual showing other than that, and the usual managerial interference. I don't see why the managers need to interfere in literally every match nowadays. I'd have no problem with it if it wasn't so common and overdone, it takes away from both Cesaro and Swagger. Also, why in the world did Cesaro win with a German suplex? That is never and should never be a finisher. It's fine if it is a signature, but only if it's something like Benoit's where it's three of them back to back. Also, why did we need this match tonight? It's obvious that these toe will face off at ER along with RVD, so why put this match tonight?
    Cody vs ADR served no purpose at all. None. It didn't help the Goldust separation, it was just there to try and do that. Clearly it didn't accomplish it. From a face standpoint, Goldust wouldn't go in and interfere so Cody would get feel besides Cody would still lose by DQ. It makes no sense with that scenario, and I would've preferred to see something better than that. Plus, throwing this match in for Payback or ER of all times makes no sense. There has been no real tension between the two, and these are minor events. Why not at Wrestlemania? As IWC as that sounds, it does make a point. They were doing nothing during WM season, so why not build that match up and have it be at WM 30? I don't know, just irritating.
    Rusev vs Woods was another pointless match, only a way to try and give Truth and Woods some chance going into ER. In reality, they're going to lose in the attempt to build up Rusev as a dominant heel. As much as I like Rusev, having him squash a fellow NXT graduate and a "veteran" is not the right way to go for his PPV debut. I'm not saying he should overshoot it, but he needs something better than those two. A shame to see another talent possibly wasted.
    3MB vs Matadores. A cluttered mess of a match, and cheap buildup, but a way to fill time. Nothing bad really, just could've used a better way of building up the feud between Torito and Swoggle. Would've much rather preferred a backstage segment or something over a quick match that didn't make sense and wasn't really a match. I easily see Torito winning, and hopefully this ends the feud, even though I enjoyed this feud, I think it should end and at a PPV like ER with the (WeeLC) stipulation involved. Makes sense for me.
    Stephanie and Bryan segment was amazingly generic. Steph played the apologetic heel, Bryan played the generic face responding to said heel. Basic stuff to try and build the feud, which hasn't been built too great. Brie gets a title match vs Paige. This makes it too obvious that Kane is interfering and the mask case thing didn't help. Kane interferes, tries to take Brie, back and forth with Bryan, but a sick chokeslam on Bryan that might've concussed Bryan. Brie and Bryan get away though. Not a bad way to build this feud, and for what it is it's fine, as Bryan's father just passed away, and the marriage is easy to tie into a storyline.
    BNB vs RVD was solid. Not bad but not great either. Was pretty decent. RVD did noticeably screw up several times during this match, and with that he's been too sloppy lately. It's not helping others too, as Barrett had to make up for the mistakes with the springboard moonsault and the barely connected Rolling Thunder. Barrett did a good job with what he did, brought nice moves out there with good execution. RVD was meh as stated before. I don't see the point in having Cesaro and Swagger interfere. Only puts RVD into the match. But hey Barrett was left unharmed, so I'm satisfied, makes him leave strong. I want Barrett to win the belt, as he has a chance of using his gimmick to make some fun storylines for his title reign. Should be a good match with Big E though.
    Shield and Evolution was awful. Not as bad as opener, but awful. Flair comes out, delivers a shoddy promo and sides with the Shield and leaves. That served little to no purpose in my mind, only done to somewhat please the fans, which it didn't for me. Anyways, basic match. Nothing exciting or new, and then of course because everyone is at ringside it ends in DQ, and the brawl ensues. At first, Evolution beats down the Shield but then it all goes downhill. The Shield comeback was awful in terms of move execution, not necessarily storyline. Rollins was to hit the springboard knee on HHH, but he completely missed, yet HHH sold it. Rest of Evolution is just taken out, and then Reigns hits an awful spear on HHH. This is just plain repetitive as far as moves go, and I want to see something more than just this. I'm not exciting with this feud at all as far as ER goes.
    Overall RAW was awful. Too much filler, predictability and generic matches. Nothing special and the crowd sucked as well. Nothing good about tonight really. 2.74/10
  5. How you guys can hate the opening I will never understand
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  6. It was great because it was purely psychological, but most wrestling fans just want action or a lot of someone running their mouth and don't understand the psychological aspect of wrestling, which is why a lot of people won't like it. I enjoyed it a lot.
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  7. 8/10 The opening to raw was truly amazing and gave me goosebumps!

    Edit: (May take awhile for me to write a full review) but i just wanted to speak about the opening.
  8. I'm sorry what? Reigns hitting an awful spear.....I watched it and saw nothing wrong with the spear.

    Anyways, 10/10 for me, I marked out for.....3MB winning (Slaters gonna slate), Brie calling Steph a Bitch, Bad News Barrett,Wyatt Kids Chorus. Well damn the whole thing was awesome.
  9. I understand the psychological aspect of it, but I don't care for it. Literally, it's not something you do to build up a PPV match.
  10. The spear looked like shit to me. That wasn't even the worst part, Rollins completely missing the knee from that angle was downright embarrassing. The spear still sucked.
  11. 7/10. It was pretty good... Especially the opening and the final segment.
  12. From an in-ring standpoint, I found there to be little impressive or stand-out about Raw that's worth mentioning. Even Barrett versus RVD, while decent, didn't impress me as much as I thought it might. However, the show did manage to produce great segments for it's three most noteworthy feuds leading into the Extreme Rules event this Sunday.

    -The Wyatt Children's Choir, I thought, was a good segment. I usually find it cringe-worthy when children get involved in angles like this one, but I found this one to be particularly well done. Very reminiscent of Children Of The Corn. And really, what better way for Wyatt to psychologically torment Cena than this? Cena considers himself a positive role model for the children, so I'd imagine there's nothing more horrifying to him than being forced to watch a whole batch of children willingly partake in Wyatt's message. The steel cage surrounding Cena only further helped to serve as a great metaphor to Cena's mental state while it was happening.

    -Loved the stand off between Bryan/Brie and Stephanie. I also loved Kane coming from underneath the ring and trying to drag Brie down "to the depths of hell" with him. I actually thought it would have been cool if Kane had succeeded in doing so, and the two of them had seemingly vanished when Bryan went to look for them underneath the ring. It could have made for a great moment on Smackdown if Bryan flipped out and went ape shit wondering what Kane had done with Brie, but then it turns out he hasn't hurt her at all, he simply wanted to torment Bryan mentally on top of having already done so physically (neck brace and all.) I marked a bit when Brie called Stephanie a bitch, though. I wub it when curse words aren't bleeped out on television.

    -The ending segment was great. I had a inkling that when Flair came out and uttered the line "I've seen everything in my life come full circle", that he would end up endorsing The Shield over Evolution. Reigns/Orton was a crap match, but the giant brawl that ensued was excellent and a great way to end Raw. As for Rollins missing the knee? I didn't catch that while watching it and they have a picture of it on WWE.com that shows the knee making full contact with Hunter's skull, so I don't think it was as much of a botch as Nero is making it out to be.
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  13. That Spear on HHH was awesome, he sold it like a boss. I also really enjoyed the opening segment, as Lockard said, the story is that the fans are supporting the crazed cult leader over Cena, who does everything for them, and Bray with the kids was just an extension of that, showing that Bray has a hold of Cena's fanbase completely, so to speak. The singing, mask and other stuff made it creepier and much better.
  14. Gave it an 8/10 myself and I think it deserves it, especially after last weeks mediocre show.

    The obvious highlights of the night were the opener, Kane coming from underneath the ring and of course the main event as already mentioned above while I personally also enjoyed Paul Heyman. Neat joke, hehe :emoji_slight_smile:

    On another note, a special thanks to the Shield for putting Fandango through a table on Friday's Smackdown, relieving us from anymore mixed matches with Santino. Enough is enouf with them two/four.
  15. 6/10 Enjoyed the opening segment like all the meant to be psychological mindfeck stuff like that.

    Just couple things i'll go on about, titus o'neil my god noticing more and more his hands are the size of baseball mitts. Hugh Jackman segment i skipped over as knew from last weeks raw as soon as commentators went who will he slap on raw next week that the sketch was just going to be some diddy coming down for jackman to look heroic.

    Thought the cesaro swagger match was quite poor cesaro i thought actually looked tired bit exhausted.

    Paige vs Brie anybody else getting a bit bored with paige? not bored of looking at her but how many times in any of her matches does she need to lean back and roar yep we know hen you have lungs. Enjoyed kane coming up though the ring once again, maybe just me id liked to have seen him manage to pull brie through the ring then amazingly disapear lol

    Happy Bad News won the tournie lot of us expected it but glad its finally over and hope he goes on to win the i.c title.

    Dean Ambrose announced to defend his title at smackdown hope defeat beckons i just cant stand the guy.

    The flair segment two ways about this first of all i was in frame of mind well what was the point in that but then again he could appear at extreme rules in support of shield fecking with evolution. Really unsure though.
  16. I don't understand your hate for Dean, he's a future top heel in WWE. However, I think it's time for a title change (he's been doing nothing with it for so long), even though I hate the guys he'll be competing against - Del Rio, Axel and Ryback. Somehow, I believe The Shield's gonna get involved.
  17. 8/10

    Outside of the silliness with Kane dragging Brie to hell, no real complaints. Good show with great moments.
  18. So the Ric Flair segment just seemed pretty pointless on the night.
    I have the feeling though that Shield will be on the verge of victory on Sunday, and then Ric will turn on them and side with Evolution once again - being the "dirtiest player in the game". I suppose he could be [promo] filler for Batista while he's gone too.
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  19. Opening was great.

    ME was ok.

    The rest was standard filler to keep feuds going to ER. Thats always my problem with WWE at the min they start feuds off well but get a bit meh week before a PPV if they aren't the important ones.
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