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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Nobody, Apr 6, 2015.

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Rate RAW team, it's why you're here!

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  1. Hey guys! I haven't watched RAW yet and am going to wait until tomorrow, so I thought the best bet was to make this own thread myself. Go ahead, tell the world what you thought, be incredible, you're the best around! Nothing is ever going to keep you down.

    Vote, it's public.
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  2. Shitty[​IMG]. uneventful show. Not a good match all night. I guess the one good take away was that I didn't have to listen to HHH and Stephanie talk for twenty minutes at the start of the show, so that was at least something. Instead, Seth Rollins got to bask in the spotlight and soak in all that mega heel heat that the crowd was giving him.
  3. this thread sucks. Sharpy always posts results. how the fuck am I supposed to know what happened
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  4. I didn't watch it as I'm yet again behind on the show but apparently Neville vs Rollins was one of the highlights of the evening but they decided to have the WWE World Heavyweight Champion get rescued by J and J Security from the guy from NXT... I mean, come on. Him being scared of Lesnar last week was freakin' awesome but he should, in the end, be beating Neville. I'm pretty sure Bryan didn't wrestle, which makes RAW drop a few points in my book. Lucha Dragons did though, so it regains one of those points. New Day are on the way to turning heel, I think. Miz vs Mizdow happened apparently so they just fucked up slightly again in the feud instead of giving us the match at Axe-treme Rules.

    And apparently they put Ryback in the main event so Orton wouldn't need to pin Reigns, who was taken out by a dive to the outside, J and J Security and two knock-out punches from Big Show. :damn:

  5. Forgot all about Rollins vs Neville. I guess there was one match that was good afterall, although even that one still isn't worth going out of the way to see.

    To be fair, J&J Security didn't really 'rescue' him per se, Jamie Noble got on the apron to prevent Neville from making the leap onto Seth, but the interference didn't really lead to anything. He still had time to hit his aerial move on Rollins but Rollins ducked in time and ended up putting Adrian away with the curb-stomp cleanly.
  6. I just wanted to point out the crowd... we went from the dope ass international IWC crowd to the crowd of kids that WWE wants to have. That sucks to me, they cheered who WWE wanted to cheer, that makes me shameful to watch WWE at my age today.
  7. Booing the "bad guy" is actually good for change.
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  8. you are a retard
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    Hahahaha, I knew it! All downhill from the post-Mania RAW. We're back to typical BS/10 episodes.
    A generous 2/10

    - Rollins vs Neville was good. Neville's entrance was sweet, although it was a bit rushed. So, just a week after Neville's RAW debut, they put him against the WWE-WHC. This might be a good sign... Or not.
    - Cena vs Stardust was alright.
    - The PTP promo was hilarious.

    - The opening segment was a yawn fest, there was just a plethora of redundant talking.
    - Orton vs Kane was garbage, b/c Kane is a useless turd.
    - Ryback vs Harper could've been a good match, but they just CBA to give it enough time.
    - The Lucha Dragons vs The New Day was meh just because it was too short. But anyways, good to know The New Day's heel turn is on the horizon, as well as The Lucha Dragons' title shot.
    - Reigns vs Show was garbage, b/c Show is a useless turd.
    - That backstage segment with Kane and all those divas was uber-corny.
    - No DB, DZ and Ambrose on the show.
    - Sheamus vs Henry. What a filler segment. What garbage. Also, Henry's still a babyface? Puke...
    - Miz vs Mizdow was meh.
    - The ME, just like last week, was dreadful.

    The 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
    - Gladly skipped Cena's promo.
    - Gladly skipped the divas match.
  10. Indeed I am, its what I like to be
  11. I'm going to be generous and give it a 5/10..

    I enjoyed the Rollins/Neville match and the Cena/Stardust match..

    I also enjoyed watching Sheamus in heel mode, his attitude and facial expressions are perfect and now his look is great too despite the dumbass crowd chants.

    Miz/Mizdow could have been good but they were holding back for match at ER which is why they should have been in a segment and not an actual match.

    Everything else was just meh... The main event was the worst match of the night, thrown together horseshit.
  12. Seriously, if you are watching WWE just to see asshole smark crowds try to undermine the product you have some weird priorities.
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  13. Yeah... I always thought they were weird but that's just me, I dig the anarchy of the crowd.
  14. Rollins/Neville was good. Appreciate the New Day character progression, match vs the Dragons was fine also. PTP was alright. Cena having good/fine undercard matches for the US is refreshing, won't complain about that. Those things were fine. Seth screaming "Kane was there too!" on the opener was really the only thing worth anything there I believe. Rest I skipped pretty much. They keep booking Reigns/Show lol
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    That'll be the new Cena/Orton feud, we'll get to see it very often.
  16. Not a real worthwhile episode to watch, again.
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  17. It was a decent show, Rollins vs. Neville was good like everybody says, love the new direction they're going with the New Day. The divas division is slowly getting better, and getting rid of all the dead weight in that division will make room for woman like Sasha and Charlotte to debut.
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  18. Enough of Big Show and Kane. Please. Enough. I don't even mean the usual gripes about how these two assholes can't be any more done, although that's true. Not even about how these two ratings killing jabronis are beyond played out, although that's true. No. The story of Monday Night Raw is just how bloody awful this show's writing team is. (Welcome back to the 50 weeks before Wrestlemania! :yay:)

    Holy macaroni with jalapeno cheese this is silly. Wanna know why the Authority angle doesn't work, it's because Triple H has no teeth at all as he's holding MASSIVE GRUDGES for months and every damn week the story of Monday Night Raw is "Triple H wants to PUNISH you for what you did to the Authority! So here, deal with Big Show and THE DEMON KANE, ooooooh!!! That'll teach you to rebel against our authority!!! " Just. Fuck. Off. These two dudes can't beat ANYONE. They aren't a threat to you 2-on-1 more less in a one on one match! Shoot the Authority can have 4 guys out there and that's barely enough of a distraction for Rollins to make a break for it most of the time!

    So now the "evil heel GM's" wanna put three guys they hate in a #1 contender's match... okay... but say ALL OF THEM need softening up so they must be punished by Big Show, Luke Harper, and Kane... Didn't Harper and Kane have MORE LOSSES THAN LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE ON THE ROSTER in 2014? These jobbers can't beat ANYONE. They couldn't beat Zack Ryder or Emma or Famous B or Brody Hoofer or Matt Classic or Matt Flynn or Carlton Mitchell or Ralph Wiggum or Kanye or that Gabe dude I just watched doing a Lets Play on Youtube or ANYONE. Bet half this forum has a pinfall victory over Kane. HOW IS THIS PUNISHMENT. If I was Triple H, I'd pick you. Yes, you, reading this, right now, as the guy I'd want to beat up Randy Orton for his "INSOLENCE AGAINST THE AUTHORITY" than freaking Kane.

    I mean, at least with Harper you can at least say "he always loses but he throws enough powerbombs and brutal lariats and suicide dives that you're getting your ass whooped either way" Nah. This is Kane and Big Show. Lame sideslams and corner chops and slow-mo clotheslines that always miss for everyone... oh, right, Ryback just plowed through Luke Harper in 2 minutes. PUNISHMENT...

    Lucha Underground: Wednesday nights at 8 PM on the El Rey Network/10
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  19. I told you not to bother with this underwhelming episode, but you just didn't listen, Snow.
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