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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, May 20, 2013.

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  1. Put all your silly numbers in this thread!

    I can't post a number since I apparently didn't watch the show the "right way", via the WWE app. Silly me decided to actually watch the TV.
  2. wtf @ that ending/10
  3. Joe Michael Curtis Henning McGuilicutty Axel Perfect/10
  4. It was pretty solid, a nice 6/10 the whole night I guess, then the ending just had me baffled. I'm not even sure at this point. But, we saw Curtis Axel which I was extremely happy about.
  5. I'd go with 6/10 too. It was watchable but nothing amazing. The ending was WTF.
  6. Didn't even watch, but 9/10.
  7. lol @ people hating on the ending here and in the discussion thread. The ending was fine. Triple H selling the big sledgehammer shot from Brock the night before is a bad idea, how? Or did people not figure that's why he was passing out? I know it's a bit silly since Triple H has given more than one sledgehammer shot to people before (and taken them himself) and they haven't exactly suffered from an aftershock from them 24 hours later but wrestling isn't exactly consistent and any wrestling fan who's been watching for a long time accepts that on some level. I'm hoping this leads to a rematch between them at Payback that puts over Axel in a big way.

    Not a whole lot of highlights this week. I kinda have to dig deep to come up with anything:

    -Fandango deciding to dance and leaving Barrett hanging was pretty funny.
    -Them already announcing the Payback main event and having Ryback destroy Zack Ryder was pretty cool.
    -The Shield dominating again.
    -Orton and Swagger in a hard fought match. Orton still one of the most over guys on the roster and yet WWE gives him nothing interesting to do.
    -The ending, which I had no issues with.

    Oh, and most of all....

    -No John Cena! :yay:
  8. Think it's not a PROBLEM that he's selling the sledgehammer shot as much as we were really confused about it.
    We didn't know what was going on, it was sold terribly and it would have been cool if the commentary would have said "Triple H really took some damage after that sledgehammer shot last night!" Give us an explanation and everything's okay.

    Good mini-review.
  9. I figured most would assume that's what it was since it couldn't possibly be anything else. My only criticism of the final segment (which I didn't mention but I'm deciding to nitpick now) is that Heyman and Axel just vanished at the end. Would have loved to see Heyman standing over Triple H laughing manically at Triple H slowly fainting.
  10. Ahh. Well with Triple H in the picture, Axel just disappearing is really the best we could have hoped for haha.
    But yeah that would have been cool.
  11. There is a rumour that Henning poisoned H's bottle, lol.
  12. *Hennig
  13. That would be epic.

    Without doubt the best Raw since the one after WM, which to be fair isn't saying much:

    - Shield and Hell No having yet another awesome match. D-Bry is the best hot tag in the world.
    - Loved the random ending to the tag match with Fandango
    - McGillicutty :yay:
    - Triple H not burying McGillicutty :yay:
    - And ofc, no John Cena :yay:

    There's probably more things I've forgotten in there, but I enjoyed that Raw so I'm going 6/10
  14. 7/10 and nearly 8. The segments I tuned in for were great.

    -The Shield were there AND cut an awesome promo, as well as putting on a great match.
    -Axel is money.
    -No Cena
    -All Ryback segments were great
    -HHH didn't bury Axel, but being in the main event with him made him look good.
  15. 8/10

    -The Shield
    -Without Cena
    -Hunter didn't bury Axel but it was still a boring finish unless they have something more planned, which I doubt considering Hunter barely wrestles anymore.
    -Fandango stuff, I hope it's Barrett/Fandango now w/face Barrett. Jericho/Fandango is old now and Barrett/Miz is :lol1:
  16. Forgot about Barret's new theme. Excellent.
  17. Db/shield steal show/10
  18. 7/10

    wasn't sold on Axel tbh, glad he didn't lose though.
    that Shield 6 man tag with Hell No and Kofi was PPV quality
  19. 7.5/10

    I dont really like Axel. I mean, I just dont think he was the best choice. We will see
  20. I'll go with 6.5/10. But it's Wednesday so I can't remember all of my reasons. Just take my word for it. :otunga:

    Would give it a 7 possibly, but with that messed up ending and lack of commentary during said confusing ending, I just can't go that high.
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