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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Just Kevin, May 25, 2015.

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    Here's what happened...

    The show begins with the bell tolling 10 times in memory of those who have lost their lives defending the United States. The Authority hits the ring andRollinstells the crowd to applaud forAmbrosefor acting like a common thug and extorting them for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship shot on Sunday at EliminationChamber. He says they could cancel the title shot or even fire Ambrose, but Rollins convinced Triple H not to do it because Ambrose isn't even a threat. Hunter tells Ambrose he needs to come out and sign a contract for the match.

    Ambrose appears on the stage and cracks a few jokes at the Authority's expense, but Rollins shoots back that Ambrose will always be a loser. Ambrose heads to the ring to sign the papers, and Roman Reigns' music hits. Stephanie McMahon decides to book a tag team match on the spot: Reigns and Ambrose against Rollins and Kane. Ambrose pins Reigns with a backslide.

    Renee Young interviews Ambrose and reminds him about the contract. J&J Security show up and taunt him by not bringing the paperwork, so he attacks them and hits a cameraman, as well.

    We see a video package about Kevin Owens.

    Rusev squashes R-Truth and then calls out Lana. She emerges, and he says he still cares about her. He asks her to rejoin him, and she takes his hand. He asks her to say the three little words "I was wrong." This sets her off and she tells him she will not deal with his pigheaded ways anymore. She leaves, and Dolph Ziggler shows up on the ramp. The two kiss as Rusev loses it in the ring.

    Dean Ambrose is backstage when Triple H and Rollins bring him the contract. The cameraman he hit walks in with two cops, and Triple H asks if Ambrose assaulted him. He says yes but adds that he felt something on his back. Rollins quiets him, and the cops arrest Ambrose.

    Ryback defeats King Barrett in a short match.

    Triple H and Stephanie are backstage and they discuss that Ambrose cannot possibly make it back in time to sign the contract. The cast of Entourage comes in and the conversation gets uncomfortable when they bring up Ronda Rousey. They leave quickly.

    Stardust comes out for a match and he gets in the face of Arrow star Stephen Amell, who is sitting in the front row. Is my dream of Amell in a WWE ring going to come true?! Neville comes out and beats Stardust with the Red Arrow (or Green Arrow, in this case?). Afterwards, Bo Dallas comes out, tells Neville to Bo-Lieve, attacks his knee, and does a victory lap.

    The Entourage guys run into Summer Rae, Layla, Emma, and Alicia Fox, but the guys have business with Zack Ryder.

    Sheamus defeats Ziggler when Rusev comes out and walks past Lana, who was at ringside watching the match. He distracts Ziggler, which allows Sheamus to tag him with a Brogue Kick and pick up the win. Rusev locks in the Accolade on Ziggler after the match and screams at Lana.

    John Cena hits the ring for his weekly United States Championship Open Challenge but he first talks a bit about Memorial Day and Nassau Coliseum. He turns his attention to NXT Champion Kevin Owens and says he knows those who chant "Cena sucks" will be chanting "Fight Owens Fight" on Sunday at Elimination Chamber. But "Fight Owens Fight" does not equal "Win Owens Win" and he will become the latest hopeful to come up short against the champ. He then begins the open challenge.

    The Entourage cast comes out to introduce the challenger: Zack Ryder! The hometown boy puts up a good fight and hits the Broski Boot, the Killswitch, and the Rough Ryder, but Cena eventually puts him down with the Attitude Adjustment after Ryder misses a 450 splash off the top rope. Cena, Ryder, and the cast celebrate in the ring after the bell, but Owens attacks Cena with a pop-up powerbomb after the other men leave. He hoists his NXT Championship belt over Cena's body.

    Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Seth Rollins discuss Owens backstage when Renee Young asks about the Dean Ambrose situation. Stephanie says all he has to do is sign, if he can make it back.

    Tamina Snuka defeats Paige after Naomi slaps her, which allows Tamina to hit a Samoan Drop.Nikki Bella and Brie Bella were on commentary for this one.

    The New Day comes out to complain about their WWE Tag Team Championship match inside the Elimination Chamber on Sunday, and they take a few shots at Nassau Coliseum and Long Island. Kane comes out and books them in a 10-on-3 match right now against the other five teams in the match. All five teams wind up attacking at the same time to give The New Day the win by disqualification, and it devolves into a brawl with Tyson Kidd and Cesaro left standing.

    The Authority comes out and mock Ambrose for getting arrested and proving he's a lunatic. Roman Reigns' music hits and he rushes the ring, but is quickly overwhelmed by the numbers. A siren goes off and Ambrose, in full police gear, drives a police truck into the arena. He heads to the ring and the two former Shield members take out The Authority. Ambrose signs the contract and The Authority watches angrily from the stage as the show goes off the air.
  2. 6/10 tonight..

    They did an okay job of building up to EC but none of the matches were spectacular.
  3. Big E said it best. Preposterous
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  4. Doesn't sound great, aside from Ryder vs Cena and STEPHEN AMELL.
  5. I gave it a 4. I won't list what I liked and didn't like because for the most part, it was dull. However, there were a couple things that dragged down the score:

    1. Boring opening.
    2. Idiotic arrest story
    3. Cena going ON and ON and On
    4. Idiotic ending to the arrest story.

    I hate to say it, but they really need Brock Lesnar to come back and kill some people.

    For the most part, I am okay with the bad show, though. The pay per views have been really good lately and that more than makes up for it. PLus there is a lot of good wresling on out there. This show had none of it though.
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  6. Shitty, uneventful episode for the most part. I'll give it a generous 3/10.

    I know the EC PPV will be good, so yeah, I guess I'll forgive and forget this one.

    - Ambrose delivering the RAINMAKER LARIATOOO! Also, LOL'd at Ambrose bitch-slapping Jamie in that backstage segment.
    - Sheamus vs DZ was okay.
    - KO killing Cena once again.

    - Everything else.
  7. What Happened After Tonight's WWE RAW On Long Island: Final Match Ever For The Nassau Coliseum

    It's most likely a tease for MITB/SummerSlam.
  8. I skimmed through nearly all of Raw this time around. I just didn't have the patience to sit and watch large chunks of the show last night like I usually do.

    All of the stuff with Ambrose was entertaining. Hearing the crowd chant "We Want Ambrose" on more than one occasion definitely left me delighted. I didn't mind the stuff with him being arrested either, him jacking a police vehicle and using it to drive back to the arena while wearing a police hat and coat and carrying a nightstick was the type of cheesy-but-in-a-good-way stuff that I like to see in wrestling.

    Of course, it stands to reason that I enjoyed watching Kevin Owens lay Cena out for the second week in a row as well, complete with him disrespectfully stomping his foot on Cena's US Title again, too.
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  9. So, this KO/Cena rivalry is now being booked as Champion vs Champion for EC.

    KO pretty much wants to prove NXT title >>> US title.

    Aaand, the more I think about the outcome, the more I get the feeling it'll have a DQ finish with KO getting DQ'd and Cena winning that way.
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  10. Since Owens isn't even part of the main roster yet (and probably won't be for a little while longer), a decisive victory for either guy isn't really a desirable option here in my view, so I think the match getting out of hand and being thrown out by the referee and declared a no contest is the way to go. And then after a huge brawl between the two is broken up by several officials following the match, Owens walks off to the back while raising the NXT Championship above his head in glory while Cena does the same in the ring with the United States Championship (with the two of them locking eyes with one other from a distance as they do it), while the commentators mention how the two will probably meet again somewhere down the road (and they will.)
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  11. oh, you are fucking kidding me on this one.
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  12. somebody gotta be trolling us.
  13. I know it isn't @Just Kevin since he said he'd rock that i'm gay avatar again - then backed out as soon after he demanded I did too..I said yes. It's gotta be a move from the top.

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  14. My money's on Majour.
  15. Nah she's too straight forward for that passive aggressive change in settings. @Trip in the Head you got this tag, right?
  16. I'm confused, what's going on?
  17. It isn't a WWEF HR matter son, we'll contact you when it escalates
  18. I created the thread, what's going on with it?
  19. exactly.
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