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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, May 26, 2014.

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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's RAW in this thread.
  2. First two hours like a 6/10 (although I did miss the Rhodes Bros vs Orton/Batista so that could've bumped it a bit)
    Last hour probably like an 8/10

    Lawler/JBL/Wyatt Family/Cena/Usos segment was pretty good definitely a nice build up to Payback.
    ADR vs Sheamus was dope IMO was decently long and showcased the abilities of two vets like them. Plus Cesaro coming in after it all and dominated Sheamus while he was distracted by Heyman.
    Shield & Evolution Contract Signing was Brutally Entertaining :emoji_slight_smile:
    Adam Rose vs Davy Crockett (Damien Sandow) wish it was longer but still I think Damien does bear a slight resemblance to the Crockett they were trying to go for, he did a pretty decent character job. Plus the Swagger beat down and Adam Rose getting the win after a failed steal by Sandow during the distraction and then making Swagger look like a bitch was good for his character (Rose that is) and I like him.

    Pretty decent show IMO, I can't say I hated it.
  3. The show wasn't bad, but it felt a little flat. I blame the crowd. They didn't seem to understand that they weren't at home watching on television. Still, the rating reflects the overall experience.


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  4. Crowd was silent like Helen Keller for the most part. With the most interesting storyline as of now being Shield vs Evolution, I would expect the fans to cheer just a little bit.

    Like, just a little.

    Come on.

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  5. I fell asleep at the start of the 3rd hour.. just rewatched it.. I give it a 6/10

  6. Yeah I can agree with both of these for the most part, wasn't it in Knoxville, Tennessee too? That place can usually get pretty loud IIRC.
  7. 4/10 - pretty sure WWE have shown the same RAW for like a month.
  8. Maybe I just watched in a good mood but I'll give this one a 7/10. This was also the ultimate show to check out on Hulu as from what I read live the show dragged like a mofo thanks to countless stupid segments that got cut out.

    The Cena/Wyatt segment was actually very good and well constructed, everyone almost got over in this. Bray seemed despicable for picking on Lawler (even though we all want Lawler to get his ass kicked as his comeuppance for being shitty on commentary), Lawler looked sympathetic, JBL looked like a hero for trying to make the save, Harper looked strong for the attack, Cena I guess got over as a face for saving Lawler, and the Usos for saving Cena... There's a really really really long list of issues in this feud, but I suppose they're realizing it's 2014 so Wyatt is getting the promo material he needs to keep the adults interested (he seems so much more realistic than Cena, ironically enough) while Cena keeps the kids happy, I suppose.
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  9. The show was decent. 5.5/10

    Cesaro vs RVD wasn't as catastrophic as it usually is (thanks to RVD not being able to work with Cesaro), but this time when they sped things up a bit, it was decent. Sheamus Brogue kicking Cesaro after the match and then shaking his hand, will possibly lead up to a heel turn.

    Skipped the Los Goons/El Torito vs 3MB. I'm still annoyed that those 3 very talented individuals (Drew, Slater and Mahal) are WWE's clowns. Good thinking, WWE.

    The entire Bray Wyatt/Cena segment was great, it's a good build-up for Payback. I just hope Cena doesn't win, but knowing Cena and his Last Man Standing matches, he's probably going to win, unfortunately.

    What's with Rusev being dominant to all these jobbers? Hell, I could beat Zack Ryder. Just give him a feud with Big E already.

    RKO and Bootista vs The Rhodes Brothers was decent. Loved Randy's RKO on Cody while he was going for the Disaster Kick. And LOL at Botchista's 'spear'. Damn, that was God-awful. That thing that Bootista does is all, but a spear, they should call it Spearing Headbutt. LOL

    The reprise of Bo's match with Sin Cara from last week's SD was good. I'm a BO-LIEVER.

    I was glad to see my boy DBry back on Raw, nice to see the recovery is well underway. Yeah, I thought he'd defy the Authority, so at Payback he'll probably just surrender the titles 'cause he doesn't want his wife to lose her job... or they could just make him surrender the titles at Payback, just like they did at Night of Champions last year. We'll see...

    Adam Rose vs Sandow was... oh God. I genuinely can't stand Rose, purely because of his gay gimmick, I could say same thing about Fandango. It's not like Rose or Fandango can't wrestle, but their gimmicks are just... Eww, God-awful. Anyways, I was entertained by Sandow as Davy Crockett. I'm digging Sandow more and more with each week passing by.

    Sheamus vs Del Rio was alright, even though I dislike Del Rio. Loved everything that Heyman said after the match, before Cesaro beat him down. It's gonna suck if Cesaro loses at Payback.

    And FIIINAALLY. Oh wait, The Rock's not here...
    The Shield and Evolution segment was good, they've been building it up for Payback real nice. Cannot wait for that match! #BelieveInTheShield
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