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  1. I'd give it a 3.4/10. Burying Miz and making Otunga job to Shaemus. Although Dolph saying he wants to be in the singles division is a good sign for the future. Punk segment was decent. :facepalm1:
  2. Why do people steal my thread? Sigh.

  3. 0

    A couple of decent matches, but both were ruined with the aftermath (Randy burying Miz, Kane being involved in Punk/Bryan's feud)

    Dolph going solo was the only positive, but 10 Big Show segments means Raw deserves a 0

    also where the fuck is Brock/Heyman? ffs
  4. I presume they return next week. Brock doubled the amount of required appearances in April so no-shows May.
  5. Positives: Kofi and Truth chemistry as a team. Ziggler possibly dropping those two losers soon. Punk vs Bryan match with AJ. Brodus showing a more serious side in the backstage segment with Show. A Doink reference. The people power scooter.

    Negatives: Fucking Big Show being shown more than anyone else on the show. Him burying Brodus and the tag champs.

    Big Show makes the show a 0/10 for me. I can't stand him.
  6. :lol1::lol1:
  7. 3/10

    + The Johnny Ace Video Game Cover was hysterical, Punk/Bryan was very good despite the Big Red Douchebag, loved AJ, I liked the backstage segment with Big Show and Brodus where we finally got a legitimate reason of why Big Show turned heel and hates Cena. That was desperately needed. Dolph Ziggler dumping Vickie and Swagger? Hell yes! That's something that needed to happen a year ago. Plenty of addition by subtraction with idiots like Tensai and the Divas being nowhere to be found. Always good to see Christian, throwing Miz into the Jericho spot was smart if nothing else, and I liked how they used all the bad stuff from that awful Raw as storyline fuel.

    - Being dominated by that jobber Otunga (sorry Hoss) does not a big star make. They're doing the best they can to bury the mid-card by the way the US and Tag champs were being treated tonight, not to mention the WWE CHAMPION is still playing second-fiddle to the Cena bullshit. That crowd was abominable and only cares about Cena and Sheamus, but I guess that's the right thing to do since those are the only people WWE care about. Miz getting buried tonight sucks, and I doubt Miz will get much momentum in this feud.

    And... oh my goodness... I liked the backstage segment with Brodus... But enough already with the fucking Big Show! This was fucking terrible! I was hoping for Triple H, Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, Eric Young, anyone to come out and just shut this guy up in the opening segment... then he buries Riley... then another backstage segment... then another... then another... Then that fucking main event happened. Kofi deserves so much better than this, shoot, the entire mid-card does. Big Show is 7-foot tall. 500 pounds. That's all the credibility he needs, and them sending people out to be buried by this idiot accomplishes nothing except pissing us off. WWE does this way too often.

    Get excited for 3 hours of this crap, coming soon to a TV near you!
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  8. the IWC will kill themselves for 3 hours. :facepalm1:
  9. Agree with a lot of Rainman's assesment.

    The show itself was actually pretty good if you exclude the Big Show segments. They were so tedious. I mean the first and last segments are meant to be the best bits and they were the worst on this show.

    Ziggler finally appears to be ditching Swagger and hopefully Vickie as well which is a massive plus. Really think he could be getting a push soon.

    Punk vs Bryan was a bit TNA like with having the match before the PPV although I'm kind of warming to the idea of a triple threat cage match. CM Punk just manages to escape the cage before Bryan makes Kane tap to the Yes lock and it would set up a ironman match for MITB.

    4/10 - Would've easily been higher if they had not given Show the two most important segments and given him half the time he got. Seriously just swap Bryan/Punk for Big Show vs Brodus and the show would've at least ended on a high note.
  10. 1/10. Johnny's video game segment was pretty funny.
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  11. Do you remember when Favre was on the cover of Madden right before he was traded to the Jets? EA created an alternate cover that people could order with him in the Jets' uniform.

    If WWE even thinks I'm paying $60 for this, they better have the Johnny cover somehow available.
  12. Michael Cole owning him was hilarious.
  13. Did not knew that but WWE should do that. Putting different superstars on the cover of the video game might increase their sales by a lot. I'd definitely buy the game as well.
  14. They did that with WWE12. The collectors edition had the Rock on the cover. Regular version had Orton.
  15. Yah but it cost $10 extra and gave some stuffs I didn't want. I'd just like the option of buying the game for $60 with different superstars poster only. Everything else would be the same, no extra stuffs.

    They could still do a collectors edition on Brock Lesnar this time.
  16. The game sucks whether Big Johnny is on the poster or not.
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  17. I got the collectors edition for the price of the regular edition at gamestop :otunga:
  18. 3/10

    1.5 Dolph going solo..

    1.5 AJ :tyson:
  19. WWE video games blow. Anyone buying it/not buying it based on the cover is a dip shit


    Crayo beat me to it
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