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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, May 5, 2015.

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  1. Here are the results of tonight's show, go ahead and rate it!

    WWE Raw results:

    1. The New Day defeated Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. The show opened with Orton and Reigns arguing about who’d get the most payback at WWE Payback until they were interrupted by The New Day, and a 3-on-2 handicap match was made. Reigns accidentally speared Orton, allowing Kofi Kingston to get the pin and the win.

    – Kane and Seth Rollins argued backstage. Kane made Rollins vs. Ambrose for later in the night.

    – Ryback gave an in-ring promo about pooping positivity. Bray Wyatt cut a response promo via the TitanTron.

    2. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro defeated The Ascension. Kidd and Cesaro won with a giant swing/dropkick combination.

    3. Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins. Before the match, Kane announced that J&J Security were banned from ringside and that if Ambrose could beat Rollins, he’d be added to the triple threat match at Payback to make it a fatal fourway. Late in the match J&J Security ran down to the ring and tried to interfere anyway, but Ambrose was able to avoid them and roll up Rollins for the pinfall victory. It will now be Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton at Payback.

    4. Rusev defeated Fandango. During the match, Fandango tried to “Fandango” with Lana. She played along, but Rusev sent her to the back. Rusev won by submission with The Accolade.

    5. Stardust defeated R-Truth. R-Truth was surprised by a bag of plastic spiders, allowing Stardust to roll him up for the three.

    – John Cena cut a promo on Rusev to a “hostile” Montreal crowd. He announced it was time for his open challenge, and Bret Hart answered. Hart said he was there to introduce a new wrestler, but was interrupted by Heath Slater. Hart punched out Slater and introduced the Raw debut of NXT’s Sami Zayn.

    6. United States Championship Match: John Cena (c) defeated Sami Zayn. Zayn injured his shoulder early in the match, but battled through it, hitting Cena with a tornado DDT through the corner and a Blue Thunder Bomb. Zayn even managed to kick out of an Attitude Adjustment, but Cena was able to hit a springboard stunner and a second AA to get the win. After the match, Cena held up Zayn’s hand.

    7. King Barrett and Sheamus defeated Neville and Dolph Ziggler. Neville set up Barrett for a Red Arrow, but Sheamus caused a distraction and Neville jumped off into a Bullhammer.

    8. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns was a No Contest. Before the match, The Authority showed up and announced Jamie Noble was the special guest ring announcer, Joe Mercury was the special guest timekeeper, Kane was the special guest ringside enforcer and that Seth Rollins would be on commentary. Orton and Reigns went through the motions, but The Authority jumped them both. Dean Ambrose made the save and evened the odds. Reigns speared Rollins to end the attack. Orton then RKO’d Reigns, and Ambrose hit Orton with Dirty Deeds.
  2. God Sami Zayn's debut was perfect.. exactly how I expected! Shoulder injury and everything... Sami may have lost but Cena put him the fuck over IMO.

    OLE! OLE! OLE! :zayn:

    Not a complete Zayn fan myself but fuck yeah! Awesome new blood for WWE!

    Ryback vs Bray.. hmm I have no idea who will win that.. Ryback I'm thinking mainly cuz WWE be like SWERVE fuck Bray...

    No Sandow tonight = :please: for me.
  3. I was between giving it a 6 or 7 and finally decided on a 6. If it had been a two hour show with only the parts i enjoyed, it would have been a 7.

    I liked:
    Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins. That was a great match, especially since a lot of people were critical of it being also ran. Enjoyed it a lot. Gotta say I loved the ending, even though I'm a Rollins fan. I also liked Kane's tormenting of Rollins all night.

    Bret Hart showing up and introducing Zayn AND punching Slater

    Cena vs Zayn was great. It was a fantastic match and a few times I actually believed Zayn would win.

    Conversely, there wasn't really anything I didn't like. The rest of the show was pretty "meh" but it wasn't terrible. I honestly think the three parts that I did like were solid enough to make me be forgiving of the rest.
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  4. It was a decent episode, I'd say. But it's also had some bad stuff as usual. 6/10

    Every RAW episode post-Mania one has sucked immensely.
    But, this was the first RAW episode post-Mania one that I actually liked.


    - The opening segment (with Orton/Reigns talking) was actually tolerable for once. Also, LOL'd at Orton bobbing along to The New Day's tune when they interrupted.

    - Everything including The New Day was gold! Heel New Day >>> babyface New Day.
    Montreal Boo Hoo Job/10. Way to get heat, Xavier! Also... "Randy, don't let it tear you up inside that not only does Seth Rollins have your number, he has it on speed dial" had me cracking up. Aaand... WE DID IT, KANE! Their backstage segments were hilarious.

    - Ryback delivering a solid promo and silencing the stupid "Goldberg" chants the way he did.

    - TK & Cesaro vs The Ascension was fine. Cesaro doing those corner uppercuts for like 30 seconds was fun to watch! I like seeing Kisaro working as babyfaces, even though the turn was abrupt as hell. Aaand, the commentators actually putting the guys over (especially The Ascension) for once was nice for a change!

    - Ambrose vs Rollins was a rock solid match. I'm happy Ambrose got that ME spot at Payback.
    Shoot, Rollins got me anxious with the way he sold Ambrose's rebound clothesline. That coud've been ugly.
    We all know you excel at selling, Rollins. But damn, calm down, son!

    - THE DEBUT OF SAMI ZAYN, BAYBAY!!! I got goosebumps, man! Dayumn, I had a feeling last night he'd debut.

    - Cena vs Zayn was pretty good all the way through.

    - Sheamus & King Barrett vs DZ & Neville was an okay repeat of their SD bout a couple of weeks ago, I guess.

    - Rusev vs Fandango.
    - Lana "Fandangoing". This felt out of character for her. Yes, the inevitable break-up between her and Rusev is looming, but she's always been this anti-America badass chick who's stood up for Mother Russia, herself and Rusev... Ehh, this was weird.
    - Stardust vs Truth. Fake spiders/10. That was hilariously bad.
    - The ME was a predictable, typical RAW/10 BS.

    - Orton & Reigns vs The New Day. While the match wasn't particularly bad, it was predictable and did pretty much nothing for me.

    The 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
    - Skipped Cena talking.
    - Gladly skipped the divas.
  5. This week's Raw was great, better than it's been in absolutely ages (minus the post WM Raw).

    Pretty much the only thing I didn't care for this week was R-Truth Vs Stardust, Bray Vs Ryback and the main event garbage.

    The New Day are great as heels, Orton actually cut a good promo. Hell, even Kane was remotely interesting this week.
    Ambrose Vs Rollins was awesome. I'm actually going to care some about Payback now.
    Zayn Vs Cena was great.
    Naomi being heel works really well. Shame there wasn't an actual match- figured Natty might get a match, what with it being in Canada and all. WWE really giving Divas a chance...
  6. I was very pleased with Raw last night. Dean Ambrose beat Seth and is now in the Main Event for Payback. Finally! He's back where he belongs. I got so excited when Dean won. Now we have Randy Orton and The Shield facing each other for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Shield fans can finally get the match they've been wanting to see.

    Also... SAMI ZAYN!!! Awesome!

    Neville and Ziggler vs King Barrett and Sheamus.
  7. Make the voting public for fucks sake.
  8. I know you all care a lot about my wrestling happenings, so just let me say this:

    WWE has been so fucking boring post-Mania, that I won't even bother wasting 35 seconds on Tuesday mornings to read what happened on Raw anymore. Jesus Christ this shit is monotonous. I'm done WWE. You have officially lost me 100%.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Loved it honestly hahahah New Day was the highlight. Thought most the matches were bomb. But like...wasn't the Authority supposed to return?
  11. Watch the fucking show.
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  12. I just finally did. With how bad RAW has been I check in here before watching, and some people rate higher/lower than I would. I don't think it's much to ask for or expect.
  13. Trips has summed it up perfectly here.
  14. It really is a shame WWE lost me so much so long ago, read this recap and felt oh-so-bad that I missed it. This looks like the best show in years, IMO. Even the opening promo looked good.

  15. I love it when it's a good show and I don't watch, its like im cursed or some shit, fucking Zayn debuted AND fuckin Ambrose is now in the title match... that's a good fucking show, we get our shield triple threat PLUS Randy Orton in the mix.
  16. It was bad before Mania too tbf.
    I don't watch it either, but I still do read random dirtsheet reports.
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  17. Get back into it, been really good recently. That's coming from me, a guy who didn't give WWE a chance for years.
    This episode was great, best in a while.
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  18. 6/10

    It definitely had more moments than the typical RAW show. If not for the terrible filler matches I would have rated it higher.

    Ambrose/Rollins was a very good match, you could tell they had great chemistry and everything looked smooth and well performed.

    Bret Hart appearance plus Sami Zayn debut made the night.. This was one hell of a match and to carry on with a shoulder injury really showed the heart of Zayn. Fantastic response from his home crowd and a great match.

    Good to see Tamina back and Naomi is working well as a heel.

    Truth vs Stardust was so stupid. Fucking spiders.

    No Sandow or Axel definitely took away from the show.. To not have the most over guy in the company at least come out and talk was not a good thing.

    New Day has gotten more tolerable as a heel team, but just barely. With that said the opening 3on2 handicap match was actually pretty good.

    The main event was slow and it was obvious what was going to happen, it wasn't very entertaining.
  19. I know, another week with no Ryder on TV...what are they thinking.
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  20. Really good raw for wwe's standards. Nothing really felt like filler to me. Also, I knew new day would be something great one day, jobber squad my ass, new day rocks:finger:
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