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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's RAW in this thread.
  2. The show lost like 10 points just out of ten for Santino eliminating Ziggler. So far, 0/10.

    Sad that Ambrose lost the belt but don't mind Sheamus winning. Good Battle Royal. Increased to a 3/10

    Good IC Title match. Increased to 5/10.

    Cesaro vs RVD. Increased to 6/10.

    Didn't like the Rose debut. Back down to 5/10.

    Great Wyatts promo. 6.5/10.

    Good Kane and Bryan buildup and good DBry vs ADR match. 7/10.

    ME was pretty sweet.

    Final Rating: 7.5/10
  3. 3/10 - that shit was fucking disgusting. I'll take a look at the Payback card once matches are confirmed and then think about taking a break from watching if it's just rematches and BS.
  4. Watching this right now, so I'll rate it in like 2 hours
  5. 5/10 now trying to remember what happened lol no particular order

    Daniel bryan segments every one pish apart from his match which i did enjoy. Happy and highlight for me ambrose finally loses his title and frees it up for someone who can defend it more often, although another battle royale found but boring. Barret vs Big E fight i enjoyed also just like their match at ER.

    Rusev fight i actually skipped by. 3md and the mexican guys (anybody else ever think primo may be one of them even though primo was never mexican) with el torrito was an okay small time filler had a giggle at it. The zebb coulter adam rose segment ffs i was enjoying it watching zebbs deportation list then adam rose cam out and bored the sheet out of me. Although my wee boy keeps humming roses tune to annoy me i think.

    Shield vs Wyatts was enjoying but just the constant in my head whens evolution going to appear was annoying for me and then when they did appear i was thinking dam couldnt you have just let this match finish then come out. nevermind.

    Anything ive missed couldnt have been that important in my head.
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    3/10. This sucked.

    At least Cena was off the show. Maybe he and Nikki were having sex in the woods to be the first victims of Demon Kane.
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  7. Thought it was SD/10
  8. 6/10. It was good, could've been a whole lot better, though.

    The Battle Royal for the US title was alright, as much as I like Ambrose, I'm cool with him losing the title to Sheamus, he's been doing pretty much nothing with it for the past year.

    BNB vs Big E was good, so fn' glad to see BNB as the new IC champ.

    Cesaro vs RVD was good. Gotta love that guy. #CesaroRules

    Really liked the whole DBry/Kane and DBry vs Del Rio segment. So, I guess it's DBry vs Kane (again) at Payback.

    Ahh, the Rose debut? WTF? That fag can just piss off, everything about his character is disgusting.

    The ME was so good. Was rooting for The Shield, but I knew they were gonna lose as soon as the Evolution's music hit. Guess The Shield and Evolution feud will continue to Payback and possibly end there...
  9. The 20 man Battle Royale was enjoyable.

    RVD and Cesaro match was shit... if they don't stop this feud now then RVD will be responsible for completely killing Cesaro's momentum... they do not work well together and it's because of RVD,

    Ryback/Cody Rhodes match was completely pointless filler shit.

    3MB/Los Matadores was stupid

    Rusev/Kingston was watchable, but barely.

    The DB/Steph segments were way too predictable, the DB/Del Rio match was pretty good.

    BNB/Big E was another solid match.

    The Rose/Swagger/Colter segment was terrible.

    Wyatt Family/Shield was an enjoyable match and then the boring ass Evolution had to interfere...

    Overall.... 2.5/10... worst RAW I've seen in the last 6 months.
  10. How is something that is obviously part of a longer storyline and feud filler?
  11. Giving it a 6/10

    Rose debut was poorly done
    Brie ruined the segments with the poor acting
    Ziggler being eliminated by Santino

    Axel/Ryback are getting a push, although the tag champs are absent again.
  12. Because it did nothing to advance the split storyline.... they were getting along on the way to the ring and getting along after the loss... pointless.
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