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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. 2/10 for me. Yes, abysmal rating I know. The Chris Jericho and The Miz promo and believe it or not, the John Cena/Rock/Henry segment were the only parts I enjoyed. The rest was completely below mediocre.

    Miz promo was ruined by Pale HHH burying him yet again, Cena/Rock segment was sort of ruined with Henry taking 2 finishers on his "revival", but he did dominate the match which doesn't signal a burial. Jericho's promo was good, their feud is the best efud in WWE and it gets fuck all time. The ending promo gets what, 20 minutes again and it was SO SO bad.

    But yeah, how about you?
  2. 3/10.

    Jericho promo, Otunga entrance/winning, and Johnny dancing.
  3. Pretty much same as u mate another poor effort this week. Didn't even enjoy Rocks promo personally but that may be cause I was zoning out by that point and losing interest. Hope to high heaven that next week is a marked improvement with WM the week after.
  4. Rock promo was alright when he got serious. But the crowd were dead for it. Someone said Phily was good, swear it was Dolph's, but meh, they sucked tonight.
  5. 10/10 just for the Punk Jericho segment since it ended edgy and Otunga and Cody being a boxer and beating the shit outta Big Show made my 2 hours worth it even though I have so many tests and projects this week.
  6. 1.5/10 The first quarter of the show (Punk/Jericho and Kane/Show/Rhodes) was good, so they get a quarter of a good grade, but they lose a point for that insufferable ME and the pointless Orton segment.

    It's amazing how WWE is treating their entire roster like an afterthought. Pretty much everyone who's still an active wrestler is in the Johnny/Teddy match or something else that has just been booked to feel so irrelevant. I have no interest whatsoever in this Wrestlemania and probably won't even watch it or the Raw/Smackdown shows leading up to it.

    Liked Mark Henry looking like a monster and Ziggler getting a pin, but then they looked like complete jobbers in favor of Triple H and the Rock. :russo:
    Therefore, the highlight of the last 3/4 of the show was looking at Vickie Guerrero photos online.
  7. 2/10. Awful Raw and I had a feeling it was going to be from the start.

    Jericho/Punk was awesome. These guys have basically had two proper promos and have made me care more about their match than any of the others. Punk swearing was pretty cool imo. Unlike CEna last night it felt like he actually said it for a reason. It seemed like for a sec he lost himself and that he hated Jericho so much he didn't care about PG and whatever his punishment will be. This is by a mile the best fued going into Mania. Kudos to both men.

    Rock's promo was okay. He found a good balance between jokes and being serious. He finally gave a reason to wrestle Cena as well! Not just because he's a fruity pebble and kung pao bitch or whatever. He was going on about how Cena is the only person he needs to beat to solidify the fact he is the greatest of all time. He should have said this a few weeks ago though, but still, it makes the match feel a lot more important. Was annoyed with Henry being buried, just find some other jobber and bury him?

    Orton's promo. Yawn.

    Ziggler Swagger vs Kofi Truth was a decent match. Not very long but entertaining enough, and Ziggler won! I found the Aksana Vickie stuff at the end completely unnecessary, they should have just used that time to make a longer match.

    Undertaker HBK HHH was a piss poor segment again. It's not that it was of bad quality it's just that it's been the exact same thing for 5-6 weeks now, and it's so boring. I moaned about Cena/Rock potentially getting the last segment again but this was even worse. It's probably had the best build out of the matches and pratically writes itself - so why exactly do they need to give it so much time and the last spot. Grr.

    Still, looking forward to Punk/Jericho and seeing Undertaker's hair at 'Mania.

    Dreadful stuff, I'm don't like moaning at the product but if they manage to ruin this 'Mania they have missed a great oppurtunity. Next week's Raw better be f'n good.
  8. I fell asleep so barin
  9. Agreed on it all apart from HHH/HBK/Taker. I don't think it's had the best build up at all. It's just been boring ass mic segments which result in nothing. The crowd literally couldn't give one single shit about the feud, it gets silent when they speak, not because they're bad mic workers (which they are in comparison to Punk/Miz/Jericho now) but because it's a pointless feud. We've had this effectively 4 years in a row now right? Taker vs HBK, Taker vs HBK II, Taker vs HHH, Taker vs HHH III with HBK. It's just pointless.

    Punk/Jericho should be given the main event time and have 15+ minutes, their feud is easily the best and they're given nothing. One promo, 2 backstage promos, and a tag-team main event, wtf is that?
  10. I'm not really enjoying the build, but it has been built up about as much as it can be, for the reasons you explained above. They have been given shitloads of time to develop the story, which they have. I think out of all the matches this has been built the most, because it has been given enough time of promos.

    I don't think this week though they needed another long drawn out promo. I think it had been built enough, and a simple recap would be fine until next week.

    Totally agree about Punk/Jericho. It has been the absolute most entertaining but has not been given enough time. Next week they should be given the second best spot on the show (whatever that is) because Triple H undertaker does not need it.
  11. After rewatching the Rock promo I agree it was actually alright and I watched him do the Rock Bottom again and thought afterwards that it was a more psychological move to not hit it on Cena but overall poor RAW however despite my moans the WWE is still more entertaining than most other things on TV and as such I still love it despite everything just a bad patch atm it'll improve as it always does it all swings in roundabouts.
  12. Great post. I just can't stand the inconsistency at the moment. The RWTM is meant to be epic, but the whole roster is being buried by three feuds. Then the period after WM always sucks big time, it's normally rematches which never affect anything and pointless bullshit until the summer.
  13. I agree see i think this year due to the Rock/Cena match being announced last year so long before WM means it's had so long to build and very little has been done in reality that it's made this RTWM difficult for the WWE as they're obvs trying to hype this match up due to this big build but with now not that much time due to Rocks involvement in other things and because of this it's hit on the other feuds and given less time to them resulting in a stale build to WM
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