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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Jun 1, 2015.

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  1. Below are the Results of Tonight's (6/1/15) episode of RAW:

    - The Authority comes out to start the show they demand Dean come out and return Seth's title.. Roman Reigns' music hits and he makes his way down to the stage. He says Dean isn't coming back until he gets his rematch from Seth in a ladder rematch. Rollins accepts much to the dismay of the Authority as they kept telling him to refuse the offer. Triple H tells Roman Reigns if he doesn't win his match tonight then he's no longer in the MITB match.

    - Roman Reigns def. King Barrett in order to secure his spot in the MITB Match, this was an okay match that ended after some good offense by both sides, spear followed by pin won it.

    - Backstage Segment w/ Reigns & The Authority, they sent a 2nd match up for him vs Mark Henry.. Byron Saxton interviews Nikki Bella and Paige comes out and Nikki vs Paige for the Diva's Title is set for tonight.

    - Ryback was set to go against Miz to defend his newly acquired IC title but Big Show came out and knocked Miz out and told Ryback if anyone was going to beat him it was going to be him.

    - Kevin Owens delivered a promo on John Cena and incorporated tidbit of how his son is a huge Cena fan.. KO proceeded to say he will beat John again at MITB. John Cena comes out to address the words of KO.

    - Dolph Ziggler def. Kofi Kingston in a singles match. After the match New Day jumped olph Ziggler until PTP came out to lend him a hand.

    - PTP & Dolph Ziggler def. New Day.

    - Roman Reigns def. Mark Henry by countout.

    - Nikki Bella def. Paige in a title match. Via some twin magic where Brie managed to sneak herself in the match while the ref was distracted (even though they don't look a like really) and got the win for her sister.

    - Randy Orton def. Sheamus by DQ. Sheamus wouldn't back off of Orton which caused the DQ.

    - Neville def. Bo Dallas.

    - Roman Reigns def. Bray Wyatt, he was vsing Bray Wyatt when the Authority came out to support Wyatt, after the match they started to beat him down and Dean Ambrose made the save and walked out of the ring tonight again with the belt.
  2. 4/10

    @Rich Homie Aids don't bother watching it.. Kevin Owens promo was the best thing on the whole show.
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  3. Since I was partially paying attention to the last hour and a half I decided to rewatch it to see what I missed.. I too give it a 4 out of 10, it just seemed like a weird episode, Reigns in 3 matches, Dolph in 2 matches, not getting to see Ryback shred Miz due to Big Slow coming out.. I will say I am interested to see a nice Shell shock delivered to the 7 foot giant by Ryback
  4. Shitty, uneventful episode for a second week straight. A generous 3/10 purely because I really enjoyed that KO segment.

    - Reigns vs Clown Barrett was OK.
    - Enjoyed KO's promo.
    - Reigns vs Wyatt was OK.

    - Everything else.
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  5. So, is Big Show still with The Authority or not? Unless I missed something, he came out, knocked The Miz out, told Ryback that he was coming for his Intercontinental Championship, and otherwise shared no segments with any members of The Authority at all. So since he's been gone for a short while, are we to possibly assume he may have separated himself from The Authority without rhyme or reason (or do people not give a fuck about the Big Show enough to care either way?)

    And unless it was a plant, that little kid and/or their parents during the Cena/Owens segment are attention whores for bringing a sign to the arena that says "I'm battling cancer." I don't care that it has to do with being a fan of a guy who regularly donates to Make-A-Wish, that just seems like a desperate attempt to draw attention to themselves to me. (And don't bother hitting me up with excuses like "All signs in the crowd are meant to draw attention to the person holding it" because pointing out that you have cancer is obviously on a whole other level.)
  6. I'd like to think it was this.. it doesn't seem like he is associated with the Authority anymore but then again who knows maybe after his feud with Ryback they'll get back together.
  7. Seriously? As a son of a cancer survivor who is currently battling again, if my mother came to a show with me, I would be proud to bring a sign that says "I beat cancer and I'm doing it again!" and have my mother hold it up for all to see. It's an accomplishment to have pride in, not something to slink away from because you're worried about people might think about you. I was glad to see that kid be proud that he is surviving, and the smiling parents happy that their kid got recognition and words of encouragement.

    This is possibly the dumbest thing I've seen posted on this forum and I'm surprised it came from you @Lockard23 you usually post intelligent stuff.

  8. Yes, seriously. I personally see it as a little attention whorish since it has nothing to do with wrestling and is the kind of thing you know will draw attention to you. I don't care if it involves beating cancer or not. If I survived being shot, raped, or murdered, or if I narrowly escaped a burning building that claimed the lives of several others, I wouldn't bring a sign to a live event making that known to the rest of the world either. I can see the argument that it's tied to Cena and his "Never Give Up" mantra and whatnot, but I just don't give a toss.
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  9. I'm glad that the majority of human beings don't have your outlook as the world would be even more sad than it currently is. You've got your viewpoint, your opinion, I still maintain that you are incorrect and I'll leave it at that so that this thread can get back on topic.

    It was a shitty episode of RAW anyway.
  10. Of course it was a plant, but it was so obviously a 'Make-A-Wish' Participant, nothing wrong with that.. it's all about remaining high spirited and having support behind you when you're battling something like that.. if John Cena is your hero and he shows you support publicly like that then hell fucking yeah what better support is there than that?

    But the real thing I want to touch on is that if this kid was an attention whore for doing this thing once.. then what the hell did you think about Connor? was he just a complete piece of shit to you? (RIP Crusher)
  11. Ryback should've attacked Big Show last night as he was making his way out of the ring..

    To you Ryback:
  12. The "I beat cancer" thing annoys me. "I survived cancer" is something I would get. But I seriously don't think you are tougher then anyone because you survived some awful diease, just makes you lucky. Sure, a person with a positive outlook is going to have a better chance, but most people in advanced stages die in spite of that. So what, these people "lost" to cancer? Did cancer somehow pinned them in the middle of the ring? That just makes the people that died look weak, as they were the babyfaces. Unless of course cancer gave them a low blow and shitty rollup, in which case that's an okay mentality.

    I'm just ranting doe, I am annoyed by it, but I get it. If I was a parent, I would want to make my son feel like tough shit too, if it improved his chances.

    On topic: Raw was shitty
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  13. Thanks @Rich Homie Aids for pressuring them into making this shit public yo. Actually was tempted to watch for the EC fallout and now won't bother! :yay:

    WWEF.net: Because there's no more valuable resource than time. :adr:
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  14. [​IMG]
    It was all worth it.
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  15. But I voted 10/10. Does my opinion not matter? :sad:
  16. :nope:...:smug:
  17. If Henry gets pushed I'll start watching Raw again
  18. Wishful thinking, right there.

    But yeah, I'd much rather see Henry with The Authority than Show or Kane.
  19. Ew, Authority. Henry can kill people on his own because that's what he does. If Henry is another geek running in during Seth matches (and probably getting very little mic time, which is really the important part) I won't be as enthralled.
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  20. I guess I should've worded my last sentence better.
    I was just implying I would've much rather seen Henry with The Authority from the get-go (or now, whatever it takes to turn him heel) than Kane or Show.

    Henry wrecking people on his own sounds way better, I agree. I hope they turn him heel ASAP, 'cause babyface Henry makes me wanna puke.
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