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Future Endeavoured
I had a nap before the show and I dozed off three times while watching it. Get your shit together WWE or AEW is going to embarrass the fuck out of you. I am a liberal and I find Ted Nugent more enjoyable than the trash you all are putting out.
Loin Cloth, yes please

Mr. Roman Empire

The Game
I am really getting into the Seth Rollins storyline. I think Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn aligning with Baron Corbin is good stuff and puts Rollins in a tough spot to overcome the odds. I feel like Rollins is finally clicking as a babyface and they are on the right track. I noticed that they are mentioning that him and Becky Lynch are dating on air more and more. I really believe they could somehow tie and emotional long term storyline with Lynch and Rollins together with them both being Champions and somehow an issue of their relationship is the catalyst for one of them losing the titles by starting some type of drama of betrayal. I just think theres potential there for a good story.


The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
For one, Mr. Roman Empire makes a very good point above, especially when it comes to WWE noticably mentioning Seth and Becky's relationship. She was neatly added to the picture last week right by the ambulance, later getting in as it drove off and then last night they just flat out mentioned it on air, Cole specifically. You know, if I didn't know better, I would not be shocked if they eventually turned this into a mixed angle that could lead up to Wrestlemania, the opposing side being HHH and Steph. Granted, it's been done already (Seth and HHH solo, that is) but what has ever stopped WWE from being repetitive?

On a side note and while on the same subject, it's too bad Edge will never be cleared otherwise a programme with Seth and Becky against Edge and Beth would be quite fun and this based on the back and forth lately on social media between them. Too bad...

Aside from that, the one thing I am glad in regards to the show last night was the Revival becoming our new tag champs. Now, if only WWE were to book them properly and get this division going. Like, seriously going...

Lastly, I can't help but notice how hard WWE are playing this Rollins/Lesnar angle. The idea, obviously, is to "plant" the idea in our conciousness that sooner or later Brock will cash in however I am personally going to stick with my guns on this one and still call that Brock Lesnar will eventually cash in on Kofi Kingston and with the upcoming Fox deal always in mind, I would not be surprised one bit if they saved it for the first Smackdown Live on Fox come October. Wanna talk about a big splash and/or get the (wrestling) world buzzing? There's one way to do it, not to mention the ratings.

Koko B.

The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
Boring boring boring. Baylee in a match in her hometown = guaranteed loss.

Bunch of people come out during a promo = multiman tag team.

Shady set up in final match = DQ

0 surprises
0 creativity
0 interest from me.

I would add a comment on the two tag matches, but nothing matters.


Terminator Oscillator
Yep...its just like before...

Bayley is a Champion but is still being pinned like a chump...


The Revival are the RAW tag team champions? WTF?!

How do you guys watch this shit?

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