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  1. What did you think of it? I heard there were some good segments and matches.

    Dolph winning was probably a really happy moment for the IWC. Same with Vader return and McMahon segment.

  2. 5/10

    All 5 rating points for the awesome #1 Contenders match and Ziggler's epicness. Found the rest to be pretty boring and/or retarded.
  3. FS people stealing my threads...

    Meh cba to junk.

    Right, 6/10 for me. It had plenty of haters tonight but I genuinely believe people are pumping themselves up to be negative about RAW and are forgetting about the back story.

    Positives - Vince being spread throughout the whole show meant entertainment, he's a gods gift on TV. Johnny's future in doubt - everyone genuinely believing he'd be fired. The promo from Daniel Bryan, everything he touched tonight was fan-fucking-tastic. I'm going to make a thread on this soon, but he's become the 2011 CM Punk for me, speaking on behalf of the IWC. Even Punk was decent tonight and so was Kane. That feud has become epic. The Dolph Ziggler/Christian match, yes I know their were 4 participants but they stole the show. The match was fantastic - so fucking good. Then the tag-team match with Punk/AJ and Bryan/Kane, this was epic. We all cry for build up but then a select few moan when we get it? Come on, this has put everything in the air. AJ comes out in Punk's shirt, admits she still loves Bryan and kisses Kane, we all know she'll have some involvement but for who? Can anyone 100% say the winner of the match on Sunday? Then the Bryan/Vince segment, a semi-shoot type style with Bryan yet again cutting a CM Punk style promo. To top it all off, WWE actually got me interested in Big Show/Cena, Big Show was tolerable tonight because of the exceptional booking he's receiving. With Johnny's job on the line - I'm now interested in Cena/Show.

    Negatives - The usual Sheamful ruining segments, and then having a match with Tensai. Santino/RR didn't need to be on there. Too much filler for me, but it's 3 hours so I can expect it.
  4. Very awkward Raw tonight. I remember the #1 Contender's match, the Kofi/Big Show crap, the final segment, loads of commercials, and nothing else.
    Seriously, there must have been 2 hours of commercials tonight, it was very hard to sit through.

    But still, if you can have a segment as awesome as the #1 Contenders Match was (after Khali left), the show deserves a 6/10 for being above average.

    Sorry to be so dang negative on the thread btw. Maybe eventually I'll switch to Pepsi and lay off the Haterade.
    I guess I'm too sick of the boring babyfaces and the PG crap, and seeing Vincent Kennedy McMahon get sucked into this crap was just really sad.
    And I'm officially done with CM Punk after tonight. Get him off my TV.

    Daniel Bryan's definitely in my Fave 5 after tonight. That guy's gold.
  5. I can see why some are annoyed with Punk, but imo (I understand people disagreeing here though) he was decent. He served his purpose as the face who can bury anyone on that mic. He's elevating Bryan believe it or not. Would you see Cena admit that his opponent has beat him without mentioning it's dirty? I just wish he was a little bit less smiley, but overall he's serving his purpose which is rare for me to tolerate when someone is put in that "must smile to get kids to like you" role. If you're helping Bryan seem legit, then I'm happy.
  6. 6/10 DZ winning was great, i liked the build up for punk/DB/Kane, and marked every time i saw Vince on tv. Looks like Swagger is the one getting away from Vicki, though. Really upset about the spoiler Smackdown commercials in the middle, and i thought Kofi was going to have a better match in the cage, he hits his finisher and it phased Show for all of 10 seconds total.

    Way, way too many commercials, but i did get a lot of cleaning done and made a badass dinner only using the few minutes during breaks, which i assume i'll do every monday once the 3 hour shows get started regularly. Way too many commercials.
  7. Tbh Kofi was fantastic. Once again the opponent looked like absolute GOLD after having a match with him.
  8. i enjoyed it a lot. chatting while watching it makes it more enjoyable :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. I can see your point here. Maybe the truth Bryan was speaking was the issue here. Daniel Bryan told him, to his face, what happened to the new watered-down as all hell CM Punk, and there was nothing he could say because you can't hide from the truth. So Punk came off as a massive hypocrite.

    To casuals (and Savage), this was great heat-generating because Bryan got Punk into the corner, while there's really no point in trying to get IWC heat on Bryan... talk about a lost cause.

    When he mentioned that Bryan beat him clean, that was nice, I'll agree. But to me, Punk may have been a shadow of his former self but there were still pieces left. He flushed those pieces down the drain tonight, and I miss the Straight Edge Savior.
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  10. Yeah I see your point. But being booked like WWE are booking him, it's impossible for Punk not to be a hypocrite in our eyes. The only way someone will be liked by the IWC and by the casuals if someone as talented as Stone Cold arrives and is BOOKED like Stone Cold. If you turn smiley, you win the kids, lose the adult smarks. If you put the finger up to the kids and WWE you have the smarks and lose the kids/parents. If you balance it out, Punk could be amazing like MITB 2011.

    It must be hard feuding with Bryan, he is the hottest thing in pro wrestling at the moment so sustaining a big pop like Punk has is quite impressive. I like this approach though I really do, Punk being less controversial/good is being balanced by Bryan being more controversial/good. I hope that makes sense. Basically, we lost Punk and gained Bryan. A fair swap.
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  11. That... makes perfect sense. Great post.
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  12. :yay: :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. Positives:
    AJ/Punk/Bryan/Kane fued is entertaining
    Ziggler won and pinned Swagger
    Lots of Vince
    Cena not in a match
    AJ making out with Kane
    Ryback being Ryback
    Vader Time

    Mixed tag match was boring
    Big Show destroying the Tag Team Champs

    Writing this I am noticing a lot more positives than negatives but for some reason the show as a whole still doesnt feel that good at all after just watching it and even while watching it I was thinking it wasn't very good. Hmmm. I'll give it a 6/10.
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  14. I honestly believe if this was 2 hours people would be giving 7/8/9's maybe. Commercials were killer tonight, I think nearly every user complained about them. Something we're going to have to live with when it becomes permanent. Commercials really kill the buzz imo.
  15. I'm sitting on the john with the shits and I can't help but to blame Raw. Knocking my rating down to a 4
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  16. Jesus I cried a little. :lol1:
  17. So damn true, those were way overdone.
    Anyone up for a "Raw over Youtube Discussion Thread" every Tuesday night at the time that Raw normally starts?
  18. Lmao if it was something we could get big I'd love that, but it's impossible.

    Do what I do, YouTube music during breaks. In fact, during Big Show's match I was playing "Hollywood Undead - Paradise Lost" and it made Big Show look like a fucking beast, you know those monster montages of WWE superstars? It was like that, awesome. Then I turned it off and was bored.

    Edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS7EIeZ05_M Listen to that and imagine a monster dominating someone in a cage.
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  19. I skimmed through it on Youtube for the first time in a month and thought it was a pretty good show. I enjoyed Vince's appearances, Vader's appearance, the no #1 contender's match and Ziggler going over (to a massive pop), the Punk/Bryan/Kane/AJ angle, etc. Nothing to complain about, really.
  20. Decent Raw once again, shame the end segment was a bit of a letdown.

    Don't know why Sheamus had to come out for the first segment, he had absolutely nothing interesting to say - shock, horror - apart from the word arse for a cheap pop.

    He then beat Tensai cleanly? I don't know whether to be annoyed or happy about this. On the one hand Tensai is gash, but on the other he was meant to be worthy of beating Cena, he should be putting over someone big time.. but instead they just waste him on Sheamus.

    Then a few other segments before that amazing triple threat. Once the Khali part was over it was a pretty amazing match. Crowd were totally behind Dolph. Amazing performance by him in a big match situation and kudos to Christian and Swagger for also making a great (by Raw's standards..) match.

    The McMahon segments throughout were on the main pretty cool, but I was really annoyed by the J.R one. He pretty much mocked his cerebal paulsey(sp) which causes him to speak out the side of his mouth. At least it had Regal in it!

    Kofi vs Big SHow - Never watched.

    Vader/Slater Was cool to see Vader back in action, he looks pretty unfit but still cool nonetheless.

    The end segment was pretty dull to be honest. I'm so glad that the awful Big Show/Cena rivalry will be over by this time next week. Such a boring mic exchange and the second that Big Show came out that segment was ruined.

    The standout by far tonight though was the WWE title fued. Daniel Bryan was absolutely incredible every time he opened his mouth. AJ played her role brilliantly again. Even Punk was pretty good on the mic. Fascinating story and when AJ hugged Kane and the fan shouted "Kane's got a boner!!" was hilarious.

    All in all, a pretty good Raw and it was about time as well. Very good crowd for a Raw additionally 6/10
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