Spoiler Rate RAW 6/2/14

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Jun 2, 2014.

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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's show in this thread.
  2. 2/10 for the first two and three quarter hours. Mostly filled with garbage. How is Dolph still in the bad books? Why are we still having to watch 3MB/Los Matadores?

    :blackshock:/10 for the final segment.
    It was the very last thing I expected to happen. I was really excited about a Shield split, hopefully all three of these guys will come of it well- they deserve it.
  3. Rollins heel turn/10
  4. Didn't expect that at all. So The Shield were on a roll and Rollins turns the tables... So is this the end of the Shield or will Reigns and Ambrose still carry on? This should be interesting... Rollins you've got some explaining to do. So The Shield split was coming, it wasn't a matter of if but when. I thought it was going to happen a few months ago when Ambrose and Reigns couldn't get along, but I never thought Seth Rollins would turn on them. I always thought Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were the more impressive. For some reason Ambrose doesn't impress me that much. So what now? Will we get some answers on Smackdown?
  5. Fuckity Fuck Fuck/10

    Still in shock... more to come later.
  6. Now I gotta change my sig.

    I'm completely shocked and quite honestly not able to think after that. I know it's kayfabe and everything but The Shield has become my main guys in wrestling. Really have no rating since the show besides the last segment was garbage.
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  7. Seen it coming a year ago/10

    Who am I?
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  8. Harper and Rowan versus The Usos was a hell of a match and easily the best match of the night (not that that's saying a whole lot.) And I loved that the heels were allowed to pick up the clean victory here. And speaking of the Family, I'm glad the Cena/Wyatt rivalry is officially over.

    Loved the Seth Rollins heel turn. Completely unexpected, although perhaps it shouldn't have been. I figured it would take at least a couple more months before we saw any sort of breakup, but after seeing The Shield dominate Evolution and defeat them clean as a sheet twice in a row, there was really no higher mountain left to climb for the group as a babyface unit. I loved that it was Rollins who made the turn since it was more unexpected than Ambrose turning would have been (although you can likely bet that he'll turn on Reigns himself when Reigns and Hunter square off at Summerslam.) Interesting to see where it goes from here, although a new and improved version of Evolution was/is sort of the last thing I wanted. We'll see.

    These were the two highlights of Raw for me. The rest of the show was alright.
  9. Did George R.R. Martin write the end of this episode, because god damn I didn't see it coming. I don't think my body can take anymore of these swerve endings xD! 10/10
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  10. If George R.R. Martin was writing stuff for WWE, it would've been at least 10x better than it is.
  11. WHY SETH, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! God damn it, I also joined in screaming Nooooo like the guy did as Seth was about to take Reigns out with the chair!

  12. In about an hour, I'll watch last night's episode of RAW, hopefully the last segment is as good as you guys say.
  13. Just finished watching it and it was easy to see when only Rollins had a weapon, and as Ambrose/Reigns walked forward he hesitated.

    Still amazing, though.
  14. Up until the last segment the show was a 3/10.... I'll bump it up to a 6/10 because of the surprise factor of the Rollins heel turn.

    Not much really happened last night. Rowan and Harper beat the Usos and are now #1 contenders for the tag titles... that was expected. Cena came out and insulted Steph, she had Kane beat his ass... booooorrring! Nikki Bella gets punished in a handicap match because she said she misses her sister?! Boooorrring! A medal ceremony for Rusev? For what... he's done fuck all so far... very stupid segment. Del Rio beats Ziggler in the "battle of the soon to be expired contract" match for a spot in the MITB ladder match... well that was just a waste of time.. and various other wastes of time... terrible show!
  15. Apparently he doesn't carry himself well backstage or something. Rubs the top brass the wrong way.
  16. It sucks, Dolph deserves way better than this. Also, love the gif in your sig!
  17. Rollins/10

    Rollins>The Shield
  18. But is it actually over... that can't be said until we hear from Bray on Smackdown. I know it seems as if Cena moved onto a feud with the Authority (??) but that doesn't really mean anything. We'll see from the Smackdown results tonight.
  19. I really see no reason why the program should continue, especially with Cena involved with the authority now I'm sure the feud is over.
  20. I agree it should be over.... but who is to say that Wyatt won't be the Authority's strong-arm against Cena?
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