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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solidus, Jun 22, 2015.

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  1. Full report here.

  2. forgot poll lol
  3. 3/10

    Nothing held my attention the entire show.
  4. I don't watch RAW live but just found out that apparently Lesnar apologised and then got rekt by the Authority. Rollins, Kane and J & J Security. Same guys who I think got rekt by Reigns, Ambrose and Orton all singlehandedly at times if I can remember correctly. Would have been badass if they had King Barrett, Sheamus, Rollins and J & J Security taking down Lesnar.
  5. Shoddy episode, much like last week. 3/10
    So, there are like 3 weeks left of underwhelming build and then Battleground should be good, right? Okey-doke.

    - The opening segment was good. I'm glad the show didn't start with The Authority.
    Damn, Heyman and Lesnar have surely been missed. Anyways, the moment when Lesnar was about to apologize to Cole and JBL and them acting scared shitless was gold. lol
    - Reigns vs Sheamus was OK till the moment Reigns had to walk away...
    - KO/Cena segment was alright.
    - The brawl at the end featuring Lesnar, Rollins, J&J and Kane was fine.

    - Kane vs Ambrose was dreadful. Also, Kane over Ambrose. lolololol
    - The PTP vs The Ascension was a yawn fest.
    - Neville vs Kofi was meh.
    - Ryback vs Henry.
    - DZ vs Adam Rose. Great, DZ's being thrown in random, meaningless matches again.

    The 'I don't give a FF' about this segment:
    - Clown Barrett vs Broski.
    - Skipped the divas match.
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  6. When Owens went into French, and then Cena responded with French of his own and Chinese then a language everyone can understand ... I was dreaming of how Stone Cold would have handled it:
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  7. pretty bad Raw for having Brock back. The main thing that pissed me off was the fact that Brock got his ass kicked so easily. And it started with Kane for God's sake....Brock should be able to dismantle him with one arm....it was just awful...brock looks weak to this shit?!?!?!
  8. Sounds terrible, won't waste my time watching this.
  9. WWE booking Brock like a regular babyface didn't do it for me. He isn't the type of babyface that needs to have adversity to overcome. For once, I actually want someone to be booked like superman. Seeing Brock take out all 4 of those goons last night would have been much more satisfying than seeing 50 year old Kane chokeslam him and shit. The opener with the apology was good.

    I didn't really watch anything besides Brock. I do like the groundwork they are laying for Rollins face turn. Sheamus/Reigns was decent while it lasted, actually a pretty good tv match, but I can't stand shit where the babyface is so stupid that they just leave matches in the middle to run backstage and look for something they won't find. Had to be a better way to involve Wyatt in that match. IMO Wyatt really misses his family during the build up the most. He needs some goons to help advance his feuds. Don't think I watched anything else from the show
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  10. Tonight is the night! The self-parody pyro hits to get us all excited for some dopey motherfucker to talk for 10 years... And... Then the guitar riff hits! Yesssss WOOOOOOO LESNAR!!!!!!! I get excited before remembering this is Raw Lesnar and he just stands there while Heyman cuts a promo and wait a minute WOOOOOOOO HEYMAN!!!!!!! Death, taxes, Lucha Underground, Heyman promos... Oh, and Lesnar making Michael Cole shit himself on commentary. That was beautiful! And I love the Authority announcing, for the second week in a row, that a dude attacking a non-wrestler must "apologize publically". LOL, goon squad

    Then stay tuned for FUCKING KANE! *sigh*... They do stuff, it sucks, comeback, it sucks, nobody cares, Hi Rollins... And now Kane pins Ambrose off the distraction, and I go take a walk... I look in the sky at the clouds overhead, see one of them shapes like a pear... I walk by the bushes, high-fiving he branches like the kids we were pretending to be the Rock just to cut my hand on a discarded beer bottle... I sit down, enjoy the wind and the fresh air and wonder what other gimmicks I'll take from wrestling commentators more successful than I'll ever be... And just say... Wow, life is good.

    Then it's time to go back inside and watch more of the adventures of Kane in 2015. And Seth is backstage being him and extending the olive branch because he's scared pantsless of Bork and Kane just gives him the cold shoulder.... And I realize that you pinned and seemingly depushd Ambrose for this. To get this over. This fucking feud.

    Lucha Underground, Wednesday nights at 8 PM
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  11. Yes the first time lesnar looks "weak" since mania 30 is because of a fucking Kane choke slam and J and J security. Unbelievable.
  12. I don't really care about Brock at this point. The whole episode sounded awful.
  13. ...
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  14. Fast forwarding to the good stuff... This friggin' Cena promo. :facepalm1:
  15. Oh crap someone sent me this.

  16. Yeah, that's pretty much a 3 hour show in a nutshell. Good job, Rocco.
  17. I see what you did there. Oh, I do.
    By the way, thinking about how Vinny V of all people is someone to look up to makes you think. I may also go for a walk now
  18. I dunno, I thought it was a pretty decent show.

    -Ambrose/Kane wasn't that bad aside from that incredibly weak chokeslam off the top rope that ended the match. I know most folks aren't too thrilled about seeing Kane wrestle in 2015 and whatnot, but I wasn't completely bored watching it or anything.

    -Reigns/Sheamus was a pretty good match, and I love how they're actually utilizing Bray Wyatt properly again by having him get inside his opponents' heads instead of just standing there spouting his nihilistic philosophy in the same dark room backstage like the way he does every other week.

    -The Cena/Owens standoff was cool.

    -Ryback/Henry was a fairly entertaining powerhouse match for the short time that it lasted, and may I just say that I'm actually starting to warm up to Ryback as Intercontinental Champion. At least he feels like he has some sort of direction for once instead of just floundering about the card.

    -The Brock "apology" was alright, as was the ending with The Authority managing to put Lesnar on his back. However, he went down WAY TOO EASY... As I recall, did he or did he not run into the ring on the go-home Raw for the Royal Rumble and hit Big Show and Kane with a pair of F-5's within the span of about ten seconds (and that was with the two of them standing in the ring waiting for him) when trying to get to Rollins? And yet last night Rollins, Kane, and Joey Mercury were able to, even without someone like the Big Show in The Authority any longer to provide extra assistance, put Lesnar down.
  19. Yea they should have had to of come at Brock with weapons and more people. And it still should have taken longer to get him under control. They had the right idea, just horrible execution
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  20. That final segment was an absolute catastrophe. Wow wtf was that
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