Spoiler Rate RAW 6/23/14

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Jun 24, 2014.

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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's shows in this thread.

    RAW recap:
    - Luke Harper defeated Jimmy Uso
    - Jey Uso defeated Erick Rowan
    - Naomi defeated Alicia Fox
    - Bo Dallas defeated Titus O'Neil
    - Triple H announced the MITB contract participants: Bad News Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, RVD, Jack Swagger, and Kofi Kingston
    - Seth Rollins defeated RVD via DQ
    - Bad News Barrett defeated Dolph Ziggler
    - Stephanie McMahon defeated Vickie Guerrero
    - Triple H added Dean Ambrose to the MITB contract match
    - Jack Swagger defeated Kofi Kingston
    - Big E defeated Damien Sandow
    - Rusev crushed Big E
    - John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Sheamus defeated Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, Randy Orton, and Alberto Del Rio
    - Triple H added Kane to the WWEWHC Championship match
  2. I'm so salty.. Damien with these instant losses.. fuck the WWE.
    5/10 simply for the last addition of Dean to the MITB match :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
    Kane getting into the WWE/WHC one was kind of figured IMO but hey it should still draw.
  3. Rage quit when Cena went to cut a promo. Not just because of the show but various factors. No idea why Kane was put in the ladder match.
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  4. He should have been given an automatic spot in the title match because he was the #1 contender and the person that injured Bryan.

    Although, it makes me laugh that Vince thinks randomly inserting old guys like Kane and Big Show into title matches is what fans want to see in 2014.
  5. Yeah, it does make kayfabe sense but in spirit it's indeed more that old deal of "why is Kane in the main event in 2014".
  6. 7. I enjoyed it
  7. 8/10

    Enjoyed a lot of the show with the exception of the main event (and Kane) and the dreadful Paige and Cameron commentary.

    To me the last two Raw episodes have been so much better than what we usually get.
  8. To give the feel that Cena's not the instant win.
  9. Well, I (particularly) don't really buy Kane as a threat that much. I think guys like Reigns and Wyatt (mostly Bray) already gave that doubt, no real need to put Kane in there imo. But alright.
  10. WWE actually pushing talented guys in a match with Cena? Not happening.
  11. Well, if those guys aren't credible opponents I really don't see how Kane is.
  12. That's the thing WWE officials (Kevin Dunn, Vince McMahon etc) Don't find them credible because Cena's in the match. They find Kane credible because he's tall and has "scary" music. It also revolves around the push Kane is getting. He's being pushed as a dominant monster. They build that up by having him destroy all competitors and give him the edge heading in. This is also a factor in storyline. Remember he's The Authority's demon. Cena and Reigns are his targets. Many factors to why he might be in the match.
  13. Well, the authority putting him there to counteract Reigns and Cena does make sense. But Kane being more credible than Wyatt and Reigns as far as making us think he'll win instead of Cena by any chance or stop him from winning is not true.
  14. Reigns is a face and Cena already defeated Wyatt twice.
  15. What does Reigns being a face has to do with him being able to beat Cena or not? I'm not saying these guys will make us doubt Cena will in because we'll think they'll fight each other, but because they are able to win the match themselves. Cena does have a 2-1 record against Wyatt, but last week he also beat Kane, so they're pretty much equal there.
  16. I understand that. It was nice talking wrestling with you Leo C.
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  17. It was a nice debate. :sandow:
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  18. /10
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  19. 6/10

    It was a good show... up until the point when Cena cut the promo and it all went South. Know your role, Jabroni and shut your mouth!

    Anyways... Now that Kane's been added to the MITB match, do you think there's even a tiny bit of a possibility that he'll win the titles? So that he could drop 'em to Bryan at SummerSlam, if not him, then Cena quite possibly... Fine by me, either way, though.

    I can also see Ambrose winning the MITB Contract match, cashes it in on Reigns somewhere down the line and turns heel. Rollins could win it, too... or even Cesaro who's not even an official participant. I am so looking forward to the PPV.
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