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Discussion in 'RAW' started by DK James, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. Meh, I'm giving it a 6/10. That's probably high compared to most of yours but the Punk/Heyman segments really brought it up and that ending.
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    You know when a responsible teenager (not you R'Albin) gets their first sip of alcohol? He'll test it out, get a little buzzed, then stop. Then he'll repeat this for a few days until he wants to go hard, then on the fourth day he gets absolutely hammered and has a night of pure bliss... Then in the morning he wakes up in jail, with a massive hangover, wondering how in the hell he screwed up his life so much and where his underwear ran off to...

    This was that last day/10


    Loved Heyman and Punk. That was awesome.
    Bryan/Orton was very good as always but we've seen it so many times now, get on with it.
    The finish of ADR and Jericho + Ziggler's involvement was awesome. AJ and Kaitlyn was so bad it was awesome, I miss wrestlecrap.
    A stocked MITB match, but guess they're going with the "veterans in one, mid-carders in the other" schtick again. Marked for the Usos winning, woot! 'Bout damn time, but creatively it makes no sense at all. Guess they're magically going to not be jobbers now.
  3. Was it ashley that good? I only caught Jericho/ADR, Cena Promo, Tag match and Punk Promo + Match.
  4. I loved the Punk/Heyman angle. Two great matches with Jericho/ADR & the ME. Great win for DB. Ziggler cleaning house was sweet as hell. Good crowd. Henry promo was money.

    only parts that sucked were Vickie, Big E/AJ, Ryfuck, and the useless Sheamus tag match.
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  5. Oh yeah, I caught the 2k14 cover reveal. Wasn't really paying attention.
    Will have to catch the ME and Henry promo tomorrow.
  6. I thought it was a pretty good night.

    -Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton's rivalry opening AND closing the show very much pleased me. I like when mid card/upper mid card feuds are given the main event slot. It reminds me of the old days (mainly around 2004 and 2005) when a feud on the undercard would be allowed to main event the show. Kane/Snitsky (crap) and a somewhat anticipated Women's Title match between Lita and Trish even main evented a Raw. Anyway, what a great match between Bryan and Orton, too. I'm glad that Orton didn't turn heel and now that the Bryan victory is out of the way, I think the anticipation/expectation of one should pretty much die down.

    -Even the AJ/Katilyn segment was funny to me. Is it weird that I'm actually slightly interested in a female feud for once? I don't think I have been since Trish/Lita back in the day.

    -The Punk/Heyman segment was great. Especially them incorporating reality into the situation with the talks of WWE originally wanting nothing to do with Punk (I've heard that exact same kind of stuff before, and for anyone wondering, it was HHH and Shawn Michaels who didn't like Punk.) In the end though, Heyman will be mocking Punk for letting a guy who has such a reputation for lying fool him with the lies as well.

    -Jericho/Del Rio was great but the announcement of a Ryback/Jericho match for MITB has me confused. I figured they were gonna give Jericho a shot at the gold at the PPV (this being the start of the build) and save Ziggler/Del Rio for Summerslam but I guess not. I guess since Jericho is leaving after MITB, that Ryback will not only score a victory but destroy Jericho as well to write him off the show.

    -I was right a week or two ago about the Usos getting a tag team title shot.

    -Loved the Cena and Henry promos. The latter more so but Cena putting over the title as prestigious was nice. Next week though, let's get around to hurting one another, shall we?

    -I guess we're only getting one MITB match this year? I guess that's cool but my excitement is kinda down on the idea of the winner getting to cash in on either the WWE Title or the WHC considering we already know Bryan is winning it. Kinda disappointed that Christian is in it too, because I was hoping he'd get to be the one to get a crack at Ambrose's US Title but whatever.

  7. What makes you say this?
  8. Just figured they'd announce both on the same night. And besides, the other match would just be getting leftovers for the most part anyway.

  9. well sure, but they did the same thing last year. Just take the best of the leftovers and give them the blue briefcase. Last year it was DZ, this year it can be WB or Cesaro
  10. I'd be fine if they just had one match this year. It'd make Daniel Bryan's victory stand out a little more if nothing else. It'd be cool to see him decide to take on John Cena by choice rather than force since having only one match means he'd have a choice between either belt.

    Doubt they'd give it to Barrett anyway, a guy who lost more matches as Intercontinental Champion than any other IC Champ in history. If I were a Barrett fan (and I'm not a big one), I would have given up on the "Maybe now they're gonna push Barrett..." false hope a long time ago. I can't see them giving it to Caesro either, especially since a returning Swagger means them forming a tag team with each other.
  11. Everything you've said about WB was true about Ziggler before he won the briefcase. You don't need momentum to get the case, and more often than not the guy winning it doesn't have momentum. <- which means Rhodes could be another candidate.
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  12. 8/10

    I knew people would be down on this weeks RAW because you compare it to last week. Listen, last week we had segments like Henry's absolutely historic swerve, and the announcement of the feud most of us have been waiting for - Lesnar / Punk. When you debut so many good angles on one show, you can not top it. The only thign WWE can do the next week is start to build those angles for the PPV pay-off. They had no Lesnar so Punk / Heyman was their angle to go and they played it to perfection. The tension is perfect, and I loved that CM Punk didn't suddenly turn on Heyman and not believe him because he's a face - this angle is realistic and just perfect.

    Henry coming out in a swaggy suit was absolutely awesome to watch. Another great promo from him. Cena's promo wasn't even bad either to be honest. Also, we haven't even seen Bryan / Orton that much tbh. Three times now? Who cares? They had to shoot-end the match the first time on RAW where Bryan was scheduled to go over, so they done it again the next week - good booking. Bryan going over against someone over like Orton was huge, did you not see the huge reception he received afterwards? They're both incredible wrestlers and seeing Bryan CLOSE RAW - yes, CLOSE RAW - with "YES!" chants was absolutely incredible. Was marking out.

    Jericho / ADR was great, and Ziggler looked like a boss when he came in and cleaned house. Couldn't have asked for a better Ziggler segment there. Looks like he's a tweener, something he can play very well.

    Great RAW. Two great RAW's in a row. Stop comparing to shows which debut shocking and great angles, as you can never re-live the shock as we know the feuds are happening now.
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  13. Also, one of the things many of us hate is when RAW doesn't build anything. This RAW felt like it was completely focused on building to MITB. They announced a stacked MITB match card as well.
  14. Gonna go join the surfer dude and the Cornwaller above me and giving it an 8. Another quality showing this week. There were some downsides but nothing that took away from the good.
  15. Average 5/10.
  16. Punk and heyman was probably the best aspect of the whole show in my opinion
  17. 7.5/10

    WWE is impressive atm!
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