Spoiler Rate Raw 6/26/2017

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jacob Fox, Jun 26, 2017.

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  1. Rate tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw and make sure to leave some comments... or else!!


    The show opened with Roman Reigns. He was eventually attacked by Braun Strowman and put into an ambulance.

    The Hardyz and Finn Balor vs Elias Samson, Cesaro and Sheamus

    Balor and the Hardyz won by pin fall

    Goldust vs R. Truth

    The match never happened as Goldust attacked R. Truth

    Miz TV

    Miz says after exposing Dean Ambrose for the fraud he is, Miz and wife Maryse have never been happier. She rolls her eyes and doesn't look thrilled. Miz says he has an announcement that will change WWE forever. He gives an introduction to his guests for tonight - 15 year old basketball player LaMelo Ball and his outspoken father LaVar Ball. Some of their Big Baller Brand apparel is on display in the ring. LaVar introduces the other guest and calls him the new face of the NBA's LA Lakers - Lonzo Ball.

    Miz congratulates Lonzo and he says he's happy to be in the Staples Center as a Laker for the first time. Miz gives LaVar props and says it's an honor to sit in the ring with the family. Miz says the partnership with BBB is a dream come true. LaVar says they only have 3 letters, they're not here for a partnership. LaVar says Miz is a little too low for them right now, they were thinking someone higher than Miz. This leads to LaVar getting up and having words with Miz in the middle of the ring. Miz says he's the Michael Jordan of WWE. LaVar tells Lonzo to handle his light work for him. Miz doesn't want to deal with his kids, he wants to deal with LaVar because all he does is talk a lot. Miz wants him to prove it. LaVar threatens Miz. They take their shirts off and face off but the music interrupts and out comes Ambrose.

    Ambrose comes out wearing a BBB t-shirt. LaVar continues to act ridiculous and talk trash to Miz. Ambrose says just a few words before his music hits. He stares Miz down from the stage. We go to commercial before a tag match.

    The Miz, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas vs. Dean Ambrose, Rhyno and Heath Slater

    The Miz, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas won by pin fall

    Enzo and Big Cass

    Cass pretended to make it up to Enzo but attacked him afterwards.

    Seth Rollins vs. Curt Hawkins

    Seth Rollins won by pin fall

    Paul Heyman and Lesnar

    Heyman delivered a Lesnar Promo and when Lesnar came out, Joe attacked him and choked him out.

    Neville vs Lince Dorado

    Neville won by pin fall

    Women's Gauntlet Match: Nia Jax vs Bayley vs Mickie James vs Dana Brooke vs Sasha Banks for the Number 1 Contendership

    Sasha Banks defeated Nia Jax to become the new number one contender. She was congratulated by Kurt Angle and then confronted by Alexa Bliss. She was easily taken down by Sasha.
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  2. #2 Grievous II, Jun 26, 2017
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2017
    ~ Okay RAW...let me have a look...

    ~ #IgnoreReigns
    ~ It is cool to see Balor teaming with the Hardyz and getting a win...
    ~ Goldust is awesome...I just wish he was feuding with someone else...
    ~ PeeWee Heyman can go piss up a rope...
    ~ I really hope they don't split up the Miz & Maryse...I'd hate that...
    ~ I don't know who LaVar Ball is and I don't care...
    ~ I liked Dean Ambrose more when he was on SmackDown...
    ~ And another 6 man tag match...although it is good that Bo Dallas is getting some TV time...
    ~ I'm glad Cass is turning heel and getting a singles push...although there isn't much room to grow on RAW...
    ~ And Seth Rollins defeats Curt Hawkins...Wow...
    ~ Shut up Bray...your words mean nothing when you keep being defeated every week...and I doubt you'll defeat
    Rollins at Burning Cock & Balls...
    ~ I would truly love to see Joe defeat Lesnar and become the Universal Champion...but I doubt it will happen...
    ~ I don't care about the Titus Brand...and I'm hoping Neville retains...
    ~ Heyman is talking again and I don't care...
    ~ Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax will be a terrible match...so I'm hoping anyone else but Nia wins this gauntlet match...

    And on to the match itself...
    - Nia & Bayley start off...and the WWE throws more dirt on Bayley as she continues to be buried...
    - Mickie James, Dana Brooke & Emma all get squashed and treated like jobbers...Hey WWE are we
    still doing the Emma vs. Dana feud? Are we going to develop the relationship between Mickie & Dana?
    Where is Alicia Fox? Where is Summer Rae? WWE...can you hear me? WWE?!

    Am I the only one who gives a shit about the women's division?

    I am so sick and tired of watching Nia Jax ragdoll Sasha Banks & all the other women on RAW. Nia Jax
    will not work as a performer/wrestler until the entire women's division is on one brand.


    - And Sasha Wins! Yay! Its about fucking time! I hope the Boss grabs that 5 foot barbie doll and
    locks in the Bank Statement until she screams for mercy!



    ~ Also...now watch as Nia disappears from television for 3 to 4 weeks. That's generally what happens.

    And I'm done.
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  3. A decent show, anchored by a good main event... nice to see the women given time.. nearly 40 minutes... excellent... I was pulling for Nia but a good match anyway. Nia will have her day.
  4. I gave Raw an 8/10 It was honestly a solid show. Lots of storylines going on
  5. Loved that LaVar Ball segment.
  6. I Dnt know who LaVar Ball is either.
  7. Yeah.....


    Show looks okay...

    Watched the LaVar segment and... As someone who has no tolerance for Ball, I absolutely loved that hahahaha. Perfect segment.

    If you don't know who he is, I'm proud of you. Stay away from BSPN.
  8. Shame that...
    Remember I'm in Australia...so there is a lot of distance
    between myself and American celebrity culture. Unless
    Lady Gaga appeared on SmackDown...I don't think I'd
    ever get excited about a celebrity cameo on WWE TV.
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  9. 8/10
    Pretty good opening segment.
    Good 1st match of the night.
    Goldust - R-Truth was enjoyable.
    They should've put Lavar and Titus in a segment instead of Miz TV, but whatever. And why is Lonzo wearing slippers?:kobe2:
    The match that followed this I did care to watch.
    Enzo & Cass had an amazing segment, about as good as The Festival Of Friendship.
    Rollins V Hawkins - skipped to the finish, I wish Corey starts screaming KINGSLAYAAA when Seth does his finisher.
    Bray with another boring promo. This feud is just as boring.
    Joe attacking Lesnar was awesome. I actually feel that Joe's gonna beat Lesnar. I don't see Lesnar V Reigns happening at Summerslam.
    Great main event. I'm looking forward to Bliss V Banks.
  10. I really want to see the ratings of this show.

    Hopefully people that tuned in also checked out the rest of the show, because it was mostly great.
  11. Come on @Grievous ,you know if the Ozzy Man ever made an appearance then you'd love it. I know I would.

    Ps: I really hope you know who Ozzy man is lol
  12. RAW was good. 7/10

    The show didn't drag, which is nice and it felt like it had a purpose and the focus was on building towards Great Balls of Fire and I thought they did a good job. Hopefully they keep it up.

    Things I liked:
    - The opening segment with Reigns was good. Then Strowman came out and the brawl started and it was great. Strowman tossing people around is always fun.

    - Bálor & The Hardy Boyz vs Cesaro, Sheamus & Samson was good.

    - Goldust/R-Truth stuff was decent.

    - That backstage segment with Heyman/Joe was good.

    - The MizTV segment was OK, I guess.

    - The Miz, Axel & Bo vs Ambrose, Rhyno & Slater was decent.

    - Enzo/Cass segment was good. I love that they teased Enzo and Cass getting back together only for Cass to destroy Enzo again. Heel Cass looks promising.

    - Lesnar/Joe segment was great. They've really done a good job of building up Joe and putting over the Coquina Clutch, so here's to hoping that the match at GBOF won't be a squash.

    Things I didn't like or skipped:
    - Rollins vs Hawkins, the CW division stuff and the main event.
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  13. Not going to totally crap on it but ain't going more then 5/10...Thoughts:

    - Roses are red, violets are blue, you've seen to forgotten...I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU :emoji_slight_smile:))))))
    By the way, this is not something I came up with just now but from what I heard an actual tweet from Braun Strowman himself....Just brilliant....

    As for the opening segment, well done and served it's purpose. My only worry? The fact that Roman has been handed his ass over the past few weeks which by WWE booking probably means he's winning at GBOF. I see no reason Roman should win here given Brauns momentum UNLESS...WWE have deciced to scrap their original plans and have the Reigns/Lesnar match happen at Summerslam rather than Wrestlemania next year. I think this is the only way a Reigns victory over Strowman can ever be acceptable...

    - The Samoe Joe/Lesnar segment was marvelous. As if Joe wasn't already made to look like a million bucks over the past few weeks, they basically sealed the deal and props should go to Brock as well for playing his part.

    - Miz TV...awful in my opinion. While I did indeed chuckle a couple of times, for the most part I found it dumb, silly and pointless, not to mention plain bad for all the "N" bombs that were dropped from one of the kids. Just rediculous...

    On a side note, there's been a lot of talk about Miz and Maryse splitting up and it appears that a certain quote from Meltzer has started a big conversation with little substance. To Meltzers credit, and being fair, I found and listened to what he had to say and it was basically a speculation, NOT A FACT. He basically said that if there's a chance of Miz and Maryse splitting up, it could be because of the similar act they now have at Smackdown. Once again, the guy was just speculating, not stating an actual fact. Quite frankly, I find this rediculous to begin with for the simple reason of...well...what's to compare when we haven't seen the other act on SD yet, other then their debut at MITB. Oh, because they are married in real life? So what?

    There is no denial that something may indeed be up being they have been playing the descension card for a few weeks and now added Axel and Dallas in this mix but even if Maryse is to step aside for a while, I'm pretty sure there's another reason behind it. For all we know, who's to say Maryse isn't pregnant or something? Idk, I just find the comparison with the Kanellis act totally bogous.

    - Interesting to see how the broken Matt character fit perfectly with Balors music....

    - Was anyone actually fooled by the Enzo/Cass segment?

    - Nice to see the women get a good chunk of time in this show. Not the biggest fan of the finish but it was crystal clear we would be getting a Bliss/Banks showdown, though I honestly thought they'd do it at Summerslam.
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  14. "Beat that nigga ass"/10.
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  15. .......I actually watched this show... And it's getting an 8/10 from me... Boy is this a far cry from the last time I routinely watched Raw.

    BRAUN STROWMAN IS THE MAN. This run as the clear-cut babyface in WWE is going beautifully, and I'm thrilled to see it... I get the vibe watching his segments that they're having a blast writing for the guy, and they're coming up with situations seemingly weekly that just fit his character.. Granted, it's easy to book his character of "big scary dude" but... When's the last time you saw a WWE character do this much. Flipping ambulances, using the ambulance beep as his "shattering glass", getting up after the ring breaking, chucking dudes in a shockingly dangerous manner... Every time that ROAR hits you know shit's about to go down, and that's the best thing a character can have......

    ...see also, Samoa Joe. You don't need me to list his accolades here, but in kayfabe he's God. Broke the Streak, suplexed Cena 16 times, beat Goldberg, beat Triple H most of the time, had a visual pinfall on Roman, killed Slater and Michael Cole and left a trail of broken bodies and destroyed souls (hi ambrose) in his wake... And Samoa Joe is coming across as every bit the equal to Lesnar. This shit right here is awesome television. THAT IS HOW THIS SHOULD BE DONE. It's shocking to have 2 main feuds where three guys are elevated all at once, while Roman Reigns is playing his part well too.

    If that's not enough big people to make you happy, I thought Nia Jax came across EXCELLENT in the main event. Came across as a killer... I think it's a terrible thing as a whole to do to your division to do this type of stuff though, similar to Sheamus/Cesaro killing the whole tag division in a gauntlet, just to put over the Hardys... It'll be hard to repair the rest of the division from this, but Sasha's time away from the spotlight has done her a WHOLE lot of good... However, WWE. I'm begging you. Now's the time to call up Ruby Riot. As babyface depth for the division and someone you can push in the future, and more importantly, you cannot return Bayley to TV in the year 2017. Give her a LONG time off to recover and give her a truly fresh start, and even that may not even help.

    The Big Cass and Enzo split is a weird one. An interesting angle? Check. A pretty-well executed heel turn? Check... But I can't help but watch this and think about how unnecessary this is. You finally had an act that just couldn't get the fans to turn on them. Enzo and Cass were AWESOME and people really liked them... and WWE is starving for happy moments. We've had two babyface champions in 3 years, despite a few more satisfying title wins here and there... Hi Slater, Ziggler and Ambrose, how did that all turn out? Blahhhh. Poor Naomi. Anyway, you could have just pushed Big Cass as a single with Enzo as his manager fairly easily. Why not just do that instead of this?

    The Lavar Ball segment to me was entertaining in a vacuum as well, but I'm calling it now: Most damaging segment in RAW history. Worse than anything else... because it validated Vince McMahon's use of the overly scripted promos. It's probably set several people off backstage... hell if I was Roman Reigns I'd be so infurated that I was told to read a bunch of bullshit every week while these guys who are famous for being assclowns got live mics to say whatever they wanted.

    Still, WWE is going a solid job getting us behind people. I appreciate that.
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  16. I gotta watch this Tomorrow sometime
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  17. I'll be a sheep and pretty much repeat whatever anyone else said and agree with it all, because so far it's all true: raw was actually good this time.

    All in all, it was good. Much better. My favorite things so far are reigns and strowman. Mainly strowman because he's the fucking man right now, and I feel like in a way he's carrying reigns, yet at the same time, reigns is making his own statements and stance without having to do much of anything. It's all good.

    Joe and Brock is wonderful. For once, Brock seems a little beatable. Which he should be if he gets ambushed, especially. And I feel like the Goldberg feud kind of opened up making Brock look beatable, more mortal if you will. Meanwhile theyre making joe look formidable, like a threat, and I'm eating it up. We all know that the odds of joe winning are slim to none, but imagine if he did... holy shit I would mark the fuck out. I think joe has a universal title run in him, but the card is too stacked right now. He needs to focus on the IC title picture after this.
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