Spoiler Rate RAW 6/29/15

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Jun 30, 2015.

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What would you rate this episode of RAW?

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  1. Rate this episode of RAW above and give your thoughts below.

    RAW Recap:

    - Big Show defeated Mark Henry
    - Ryback defeated The Miz via count out
    - Paige defeated Alicia Fox
    - John Cena defeated Cesaro via DQ
    - Lucha Dragons/The Prime Time Players defeated Bo Dallas/The New Day
    - Sheamus defeated Neville
    - King Barrett defeated Jack Swagger
    - Kane/Seth Rollins defeated Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose

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  2. 3/10 for the second week in a row
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  3. Also 3/10. Only good part was Cena versus Cesaro. The opening was one of the worst I've ever seen anywhere.
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  4. - Big Show defeated Mark Henry
    Well this is absolute bs.
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  5. Not as much as the opening segment.

    Oh, and it only took like 2 minutes for Show to def. Henry. :booker2:
  6. Why wasn't that car destroyed by Dean? Has there ever been nice a car in WWE that hasn't be smashed before? That was the only reason I kept watching.
  7. 2/10

    - Cena vs Cesaro was good, I enjoyed it. This was easily highlight of the night.
    KO was great on commentary, by the way... And then, Owens gets up and welcomes Cena and Cesaro to Pop-up Powerbomb city, bitchachos!

    - Everything else.
    - Oh, and I just thought I should mention that the opening segment was uber-dreadful, it may've been the worst of all time.
  8. Ziggler/Lana angle is one of the WOAT
    Rollins is just a boring ass champion and he dresses like fucking MerMan
    No Brock
    Reigns/Wyatt is aight. I still mark for Roman, fuck haters.
    I think I skipped the rest.

    Number rating need not apply. This gets a WhyDidIbother/10
  9. What a weird show. We got several quality matches yet it still sucks. Why?

    Know I've become the guy who complains about "wrestling for wrestling's sake" and blindly follows along storylines, but we should be the target audience for a show like this. Why aren't we?

    Have a few answers but it's a great discussion point
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