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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Jun 30, 2014.

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  2. I really like the Seth and Dean storyline and the MITB fallout. The returns were pretty awesome to, and I'm actually glad to see AJ win the Divas belt back. Jericho is Jericho. The matches were solid The Rollins and RVD match was the best match of the night IMO. 7/10. Points loss for the Fandango match and Dean Ambrose not having a match.
  3. I really enjoyed it. The Jericho return actually surprised me and the AJ Lee return was nice. 8/10

    But I wish someone besides Cena was on the new game cover.
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  4. 8/10 from me..

    The returns were very well done.. we now know what Bray will be doing going forward and I look forward to seeing him and Jericho throw down... the AJ Lee vs Paige feud finally gives the divas division a legitimate feud and I am looking forward to their future matches. Congrats to AJ on getting her title back.

    Ambrose/Rollins is an awesome feud thus far and can only get better.. loved Dean's interview with Renee after the show. The Rollins RVD match was good but it was 70% Rollins and 30% RVD lol

    Swagger/Rusev is another feud that I think will be very good especially with Colter on the mic.

    The Funkadactyls finally officially split.. it was dragged out too long and I lost interest before it even began.

    Stardust/Goldust are still shining but they need new opponents now... but since the tag team division is, once again, in shambles who can they face?

    Ziggler/Summer Rae - Fandango/Layla.... please don't do that.. please.

    Loved the HHH/Reigns staredown/tease at the end... nice touch.
  5. Solid 9/10. No things wrong with the show except for Miz. Jericho and AJ return and potential Jericho vs Wyatt feud?? Hell yeah.
  6. One thing I forgot to add.... Sandow jobbing to Khali??? seriously.. What the Fuck WWE??!! Noone has been buried this bad in a long time.. not even Ziggler was buried this bad.. I just plain, outright feel sorry for Sandow.

    Ok done.
  7. Marked for Swagger/Colter and Jericho. 7/10

    First rating over 5 i've given in awhile.
  8. Wow, I've read about the results and will watch tonight but I would say 9/10 already. Building towards Battleground with matches, plus Y2J returns w/ possible feud with Bray Wyatt, AJ returns and becomes Divas' Champion, solid main event stuff, good matches all around (except for Sandow vs Khali).
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    Damien McMahondow got buried by Khali in one blow after making Adam Rose look good.. that was weird.. :/ Marked a tad for Jericho's return, show was okay, decent follow up. Sucks BNB will be out and IC is now vacant :/ hope they find a solid replacement... aka not Jack Swagger but perhaps Rusev or Cesaro (more leaning towards Cesaro).

    I did think it was pretty funny how Damien mimicked Vince though was pretty hilarious.
  10. 8/10.

    I really enjoyed this raw!
  11. This weeks felt a little flatter compared to the previous few weeks, but overall it was still one of the better episodes in a long while.

    Whilst I was never AJ's biggest fan, I'm just glad that we're over this Super-Paige BS. Hopefully it'll eventually mean that Naomi will get the push she was due before she got injured.
    The Real Americans/Rusev and Lana feud could be good- I expected it a lot sooner tbh, but I guess they wanted to build Rusev up in squash matches first.
    Whilst it was nice to see Jericho, I'm getting bored of them constantly bringing back old talent. Plus it meant having to suffer through a segment with The Miz...bleh.
    I'm really enjoying the Ambrose/Rollins feud, the pay off for this should be awesome.
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  12. 8/10 for me. This is the first Raw I've had the opportunity to watch since the Raw after Wrestlemania. I particularly enjoyed the segments where Jericho finally returned to the WWE and AJ got the Divas Championship again. I think a Jericho/Wyatt feud could be fantastic so I'm looking forward to what they'll do there. AJ and Paige look to set the stage for another quality, lengthy feud for the title which the division desperately needs and hasn't happened since AJ and Kaitlyn were feuding a little over a year ago.
  13. Where's BLFFL thread crying over Paige's loss?
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  14. Watching this right now!
  15. LOL this Cena/HHH 'rap talking' segment is hilarious.
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    What is this, the Raw after Mania?

    9/10. Enjoyed pretty much everything.
  17. Ambrose/Rollins feud is going to be a much stronger version of how Cody took his loss to Sandow last year at MITB.. and I LIKE IT aLOT!
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  18. 9/10

    I enjoyed pretty much everything except Bo's segment, the SummerRae/Ziggler thing, and the main event (not including the ending).
  19. There was enough good stuff to get me to watch the show despite Cena being champion (although I'll be skipping his segments for sure).
  20. 9/10

    What an enjoyable show it was! Sure, it had some of the 'meh' moments, but overall, it was fun.

    Like I said earlier, the opening segment with Cena/HHH rap talking was hilarious. And booo for Cena being on the cover for WWE 2K15, it should've been DBry!

    Ambrose cut a damn good promo. It's gonna be so good seeing more and more of his feud with Rollins!

    A babyface Swagger? Yes, please! It'd be cool if he turns out to be the first to defeat Rusev.

    Sandow impersonating Vince was awesome, until Stephanie and then Khali showed up and messed everything.

    The 'Hollywood' Miz came back and turned heel. Finally, something good for him. Being heel fits him better.
    Shit, then I went crazy when I heard Jericho's music! It's great to see him back, I hope he sticks around...
    So, why did the Wyatts go after Y2J? Could it be that Y2J's back only to put Bray over?
    What I'd really want for Jericho is to go for the WWE-WHC (somewhere down the road). It'd be so cool. Him saying something like 'There's all this talk about the Undisputed Championship and yet nobody's mentioned me, well I was the first to win it! And I am here to claim what's rightfully mine!'

    Btw... Seeing #Naomi'sCameronandNikkistitsandasses was good. :emoji_grin:

    Anyways, the whole Ziggler/Fandango segment was pretty meh, just like Bo's.

    AJ - The Divas' Division and Champ is back! I was fuckin' glad to see that! Always loved AJ! Never really got into Paige, though.

    Reigns/Cena vs Kane/Orton wasn't bad, it got better when the DQ occured and the fight broke out. Too bad Rollins didn't cash in, I knew he wouldn't, I guess we're gonna have to wait a helluva lot longer. But I sincerely hope it'll be happening. Seth being the WWE-WHC would be great, but then Seth vs Bryan for the WWE-WHC, that would be beyond awesome!

    So, it's Fatal 4 Way for the WWE-WHC at Battleground and a Battle Royal for the IC title. Seems alright.
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