Spoiler Rate Raw 6/8/15

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solidus, Jun 8, 2015.

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  1. Results:

    Owens defeats Neville
    Nikki Bella defeats Summer Rae
    Funny MITB segment w/ Reigns, Truth etc..
    Sheamus defeats Orton via DQ
    Kane defeats Ziggler
    Harper/Rowan defeat Los Matadores
    Big E defeats Titus O'Neil
    Reigns defeats Kofi Kingston

    Lazy results, it's late and I'm off to bed. Hopefully someone posts better results. Night!
  2. At least you got it right, ill have to DL and plan on skimming. Thank you for posting.
  3. I am giving it a generous 5 because although it wasn't that good, I am still convinced that if it was a 2 hour show, it would have been less painful.

    I liked:

    R Truth's interaction with Kane
    Surprisingly Rollins vs J and J
    Owens vs Neville was okay
    Sheamus vs Orton was okay

    Everything else was humdrum. Like everyone else, I am pretty exhausted. It had a couple good parts but wasnt good really
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  4. First RAW in a couple of months and not much has changed, besides Owens killing it & Joey Mercury winning a match in 2015 that is.

    The build for the PPV was kinda off putting to me. Especially for it being the go home show for MITB.The week before the event and your challenger for the main title was barely on, the last segment for the IC title was built around MizTV, the MITB segment didn't include all of the competitors, and R-Truth was the best thing about it. The only match that interests me from what I saw was Owens vs Cena. As for the matches, the opening match, Titus/Big E, and the ME were the only ones I didn't find myself doing other things.

    I'll go ahead and just give it a 4 10.
  5. 4/10

    A couple funny parts and the final match was actually entertaining.

    Best thing about RAW last night and many other Mondays is the live discussion. If not for knowing that I could come here and chat with good people I probably would have stopped watching WWE long ago.

    Thank you guys!
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  6. Didn't watch, but the R-Truth stuff was funny.
  7. As a standalone Raw it was decent- as the go home show before a PPV, not so much.

    It was watchable though and I didn't skip over anything (which is a rare occurrence)
    The R-Truth interruption was pretty funny.
    Owens Vs Neville was great, as was Rollins Vs J&J security.
    Ambrose's Instagram pics throughout the show, I liked.
  8. 5/10


    - KO vs Neville was a rock solid show opener.
    - Chuckled at R-Truth's interaction w/Kane.
    - The MizTV segment was alright, somewhat entertaining, too.
    - Seeing Harper & Rowan wrecking Los Matadores was nice, as well as their promos afterwards.
    - Reigns vs Kofi was decent.
    - J&J Security vs Rollins was an entertaining ME.

    - Everything else.

    Overall thoughts:
    Not entirely bad, but not entirely good episode either, considering it was the go-home show for MITB.
    Unlike last week's shoddy episode, this one was actually watchable for the most part.
    And while I wasn't thoroughly enjoying it, I also wasn't skipping most of the segments.
    The build-up towards MITB hasn't been enthralling, but I know the PPV will be a good one, so yeah, all's good.
  9. That's been the pattern lately ever since Wrestlemania. Most of the RAW shows have been okay, with a couple outstanding exceptions, but the pay per views have been pretty good for the most part.

    In a way it's a bit similar to WWF back in the early 1990s... the shows weren't very strong... in fact Prome Time Wrestling, Superstars and finally Raw, were mostly jobber matches.

    Still it's a much different world than the early 1990s and hopefully the shows pick up.

    And I forgot to mention Harper and Rowan were enjoyable in my first post.
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  10. I can't argue with anything here. Spot on post, Mr. Rainmaker!

    Have you seen this, by the way?

    I'd love to see The Dudleys having one last run in the 'E.
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  11. A nice and brutal brawl between Harper and Rowan and the Dudley Boys... there's some violence I can get behind.
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