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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Jun 9, 2014.

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  1. Rate RAW and give extra thoughts and expressions on tonight's show.

    Cena sucks
  2. The 2 worst things they could have done.. have Cena involved with The Shield and have Cena involved in the Authority storyline both happened on this RAW.

    I would have given this a 2/10 if not for the one good match (Sheamus vs BNB) and the 2 good promos by Ambrose and Reigns.. because of those thing it officially gets a 4/10 from me.
  3. lol. Didn't watch, but all hail Cena!
  4. I'd rather watch EBW/10

    There was about 10 minutes of decent content out of 3 hours, nothing out of the ordinary though.
  5. Got home from work. Watched opening and fast forwarded the majority. Stopped at Bo Dallas, Shield, Wyatts, Rest looked shit. Was hoping Brock would show up and win the title at MITB. If anyone is going to win it, it better be brock
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  6. Raw should be 30 minutes long, showing only the first and last segments, which are the only ones they care about. It's dogshit and has been since the night after Mania.
  7. For the most part, it was slightly better than last week, slightly.

    BNB losing to Sheamus was BS.
    Ambrose's promo was great, but that's not a shock.
    Stop using RVD in matches- it's not the turn if the millenium- nobody cares about this guy anymore.
    What the hell are they doing with Sandow? That was...I don't even know.
    Sick of Paige Vs Alicia Fox, how many more times do we need to see this garbage? Are they the only two Divas left or did WWE forget how to build a good feud?
    And putting Cena with the Shield- just wow. What utter crap. Couldn't be less happy about this.
  8. First time I watched RAW since post-WM RAW.

    Not impressed, although there were bright spots I suppose.

    Might watch next weeks if I'm in a highly generous mood.
  9. It sucked! In my opinion they need to mix it up. You knew the main event had 2 possible endings. Rollins interferes and the Wyatt's pin Ambrose, because there's no way in holy hell Cena or especially Reigns get pinned, or the Sheild/ Cena win. It's just too predictable. Any Superstar losing to another is no biggie and it would be more interesting if they mixed it up. I'm not a shield guy and hate how indestructible they make Roman Reigns who despite a couple moves is the least talented Shield member. It sickens me how in every Reigns match a guy is setup perfectly outside the ring for that stupid kick he does. Very Seamus-esque predictability.

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  10. Man, they sure like repeating matches, don't they? How many times have we seen Sheamus/Barrett, RVD/Cesaro and Paige/Fox recently? Good grief.
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  11. 4/10

    It's just generic stuff, pretty much what we've been watching for the past month.

    The Authority stripping DBry of the titles was good to get the heat up, not that I like the decision, but oh well. It's better off that way than forcing him to compete at MITB without being fully recovered, coulda caused another injury. Hoping to see him reign again, once he's healed.

    Shitemus beating BNB was just that... Shite.

    The Shield promo was awesome, just like Seth's afterwards.

    Umm, WTF are they doing with Sandow? As much as I am entertained by him, he's just booked badly, pretty much like Ziggler.

    Sister ABOgail's (#seewhatIdidthere?) match was meh. They need to give him more ring/mic time to show his true abilities.

    Botch Van Dam vs Cesaro was surprisingly alright, they managed to work somehow.

    Cena Sucks & The Shield vs The Wyatt Family was highlight of the night, after such a yawn fest that the show's been up until that point.
    I just wish Cena would stay away, from everything...

    I'm looking forward to seeing who'll fill the 3 remaining spots for the MITB WWE-WHC match. It's already bad enough having Del Rio and Shitemus in it, I hope they make up for this by putting someone who's better than these two.
  12. You know you're in bizarro world when Roman Reigns cuts a better promo than Dean Ambrose. I know Ambrose is meant to be unhinged and whatnot, but he still seems to put emphasis on the wrong words and his promos don't really flow that well for me. Congrats to Reigns though for cutting a good promo for only like the third time in his whole career. If he goes on to deliver promos as well as he did last night on a regular basis, I'd say he's got the mic work part of his character down to a T.

    Aside from The Shield promo, the awesome main event and the fact that they finally got stripping Daniel Bryan of the championship out of the way, there's not really a whole lot that happened on Raw that's worth mentioning. Hopefully we get two ladder matches (the other being for the briefcase) at the PPV because starting the show off with one match for the briefcase that guarantees a shot at the title and ending the show with the other match for the vacant championship itself is a great dynamic for the show. I obviously expect Reigns to end up in one of the two matches somehow, probably the one with Orton for the championship (especially if it ends up as the only ladder match they book this year) while Ambrose and Rollins square off in a singles match.
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  13. All I saw everywhere was people hating this show because of what Cena did... and I've gotta pose the question: Why? What was so particularly horrible about Cena making the save when the Shield was being beaten down, and then taking up a spot in a 6-man tag? If this winds up being a thing from here on out this can go fuck itself, but for one show I don't see what the big hullabaloo is. However if this means this intolerable Cena/Wyatt feud is continuing... ugh. Just give Cena a spot in the MITB Match and leave it at that.

    I love how there's 50 people on this roster and Cesaro apparently can't find a single other person to fight than RVD lol. Find some new matchups!

    Still, on the recent Raw curve this is getting a 7/10 from me, as I'm such a mark for matches that have a point. Thank you, MITB Qualifiers. And the Ambrose/Reigns promos were great, but that was offset by Sadnow.
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  14. Haha deth.

    Big thanks to Rain's above post, if he hadn't posted I wouldnt have watched this show. Personally I give it a 7, and for many reasons.

    Sheamus vs BNB was great imo, they really threw themselves into some pain to sell the brawler match. The filler was all shoved together, with Fandango Layla (worst actress ever) and Sandow being together (lol Sandow did sell it well, but all it will get him is a few jobs)

    The MITB looks like Dogshit, and the crowd really still marked for Cesaro, I don't get why WWE is going to keep pushing this angle without having a short Bork opportunity to show Cesaro how overshadowed by Heyman he really is. The Diva's match i skipped outside of the last 30 seconds for Fox's chest looks. Seriously, damn. Rhodes saga is a fail so far in my book, but Golddust on tv = happy aids. I got to see Ryder and he got squashed and a jobber entrance. Still better than Ziggler did.

    IMO the reborn promo was amazing, the Wyatt's got shit on for the sake of making the Shield look like absolute monsters after already doing that 2v3 vs 3mb. Cena being there didn't ruin it for me, we all knew dude was going to be on the damn show, and Stephanie Mcmahon was there and looking fine as hell. Orton's tweet made me lol and the lack of a Daniel Bryan tweet really sold the lack of care the Authority puts into him being champ.

    My only hate is the fact Daniel Bryan wasnt supposed to know he was stripped of the belts, but they were hung above the ring. Do they hold onto it for him? Santino vs Swag was shit but at least Swag got the W, and I lol'd not seeing Emma's stupid dance.

    Oh, and why do the Wyatt family give a fuck about beating the shield 2v3? Their first entrance made 0 sense imo, why would they come to aid Seth Rollins? It was another huge storyline fail imo. Other than that, Harper has just been amazing, it's clear Rowan will be gone from TV the minute Bray vs Harper starts, and Cenawinslol. Average RAW, but with some really quality matches. Why do people have to bitch so much about who wins when they are open to admit the match quality has improved greatly?

    Oh, and fuck the MITB match, you know Cesaro won't win due to Heyman, and the other 3 being champ is enough to make me stop watching again entirely. Sheamus should be facing BNB for the IC title until SS, ADR should have been written off months ago (so he can return and not be so fucking stale) and Orton is Orton. He could have a Mick Foley Undertaker HIAC moment and people would still not give two fucks about him the next RAW. And stop jobbing out Xavier Woods, it's that WWE pro-white shit at it's finest. Like it's his fault he is great in ring but got stuck with R-truth for the first two months. Bo Dallas isn't a monster, the streak shit with him is fucking pointless.

  15. Anytime, brother. :obama:

    But think your post here taught us all a lesson, wasn't the last dubya dubya E show you watched before Extreme Rules? You took some time off, came back refreshed, and just enjoyed a show full of good matches (and haven't seen the 3 matches Leo mentioned up there a billion friggin' times already). And to think this may have been one of the worst Raws recently in terms of match quality and it was still this good.

    Saw a dirtsheet report (props to @Testify for posing a true Meltzer report btw, and sorry for unleashing the horrors of Angry Leo C upon us all) a few weeks ago talking up the plan being Brock vs Bryan at SS. I semi-approve of this, but if this means Brock Fucking Lesnar in MITB then I'm totally game. Please let that happen, that match needs a miracle with those three in it. (Whoever decided to put Dorito over DZ in an MITB Qualifier should be fired, btw)

    When the Wyatts came down and attacked the Shield, I really wish we could sit back and wonder "Why are the Wyatts with the Authority now?" but even though they teased it forever, we've become used to them doing random shit to set up random matches by now.
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  16. I watched WM, but well after the fact and yeah i've seen nothing since, reading everyone's horrible reviews. I did watch the first BNB vs Sheamus match and enjoyed it also. I am not a mark for either but IMO their feud is great and i would watch it week to week. The other two I give 0 fucks about. Fox has nice tit's, but it's still a pissbreak (and no AJ Lee fans, she doesnt mean shit either)

    I watched ER the other day, also, but wasn't overly impressed tbh. I don't see why Bo has to be on a win streak the same time Rusev does, to me that is too much for a card, and I agree with a lot of people in the 3hour raw thread that really WWE doesn't do much in the 3 hours given, there are very limited feuds.

    That being said, with the MITB card shaping up as it is, I am really optimistic about a possible MITB match happening before it also, since I think the next PPV makes sense for Reigns Orton (since Orton is in the mitb) and Ambrose Reigns to be 1v1. We can assume Reigns wont be going into the MITB match since he is on a huge streak and won't be walking out of MITB with a loss, and I do expect to see Lesnar win the title TBH.

    With the match having only two more entrants (i think) I expect Brock and a random return, unless when DB is back after the PPV he is winning his belt back. I'd like to see Cesaro win it, but I have absolutely 0 faith in it happening. BNB will defend his belt against someone and win, the diva's match will happen, and we might get Reigns Ambrose vs HHH and Rollins, but most of the card is filler and from what I saw tonight is weak at best. Cena vs Bray again makes no sense, and I seriously am praying to god that it's not Cena vs All of the Wyatts, that match would be absolutely abysmal. Either way, 2 MITB matches make the most sense, and if that doesn't happen, I probably will skip it until the morning after.

    So much potential, but right now it's looking like one ladder match, two squash matches, a shit diva's deal, and a BNB feud to yet be announced. Oh, and Uso's vs Rybaxel but that sounds worse than the diva's match to me. They will have offstage segments with Rhodes, DB, Steph and HHH, and possibly even Flair (if it's true) and that is just so damn much filler. I mean just above we have 3 pre-show quality matches alone.
  17. If you're talking about 2 MITB matches, I'm not sure how many people will be in each one, but lets see what we can do

    -Dorito, Snorton, Cesaro, Sheamful, Bork, Cena, Kane, Bray for the Title
    -Bo, Rose, RVD, Barrett, Ryback, Axel, Big E, Ziggler for the MITB (geez that sounds terrible but I can't think of anyone else)
    -Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns vs Triple H and Seth Rollins (or split up into 2 matches
    -The Usos vs Goldust and a mystery partner (SAMI! SAMI! SAMI!) (Or Booker T works too)
    -Summer Rae vs Layla
    -Some shit with Rusev
  18. I can't see Lesnar being booked to compete in the Money In The Bank championship match, as awesome as Lesnar versus six others in a ladder match would be. If they were using his appearance in it as a way of sparking the feud between he and Cesaro for Summerslam, then sure, but I don't think it's a good idea to rush that match after Cesaro has only been with Heyman for three months, and they would have to work some serious magic between now and Summerslam to build Cesaro up as a serious threat to Brock Lesnar. Otherwise, Heyman wouldn't want both of his two clients being at odds with each other in the same match over the championship at MITB. MITB (one for the vacant championship, no less) sells itself, and wouldn't need the inclusion of Lesnar to further help sell the match (at least that's how they'd view it.)

    I expect that Cena, Reigns, and Wyatt will be the other three participants added into the match, which makes for a tremendous MITB match regardless of who takes the gold home. Or if they decide to do a tag team match between Hunter/Rollins and Ambrose/Reigns (I think it's more likely that Ambrose and Rollins go at it one-on-one), then maybe Swagger or someone will end up in the match instead of Reigns.
  19. I don't think the Heyman Cesaro deal is working, and it is going to be pushed at MITB to get it all to peak at SS. Just my opinion from the little I watch tbh, but on RAW he was trying to shit on Minneapolis (even had the stupid laugh and wait for hate look after) but they just popped for Cesaro anyway.

    Especially with how the other feuds are doing, I either see Lesnar or Heyman fucking Cesaro out of MITB, or Heyman shoving Lesnar into the last position via Undertaker win.

    I also don't understand how Wyatt would ever care about gold. You know a lot more than I do about wrestling and how it all works, but to me why does he care? I don't even get why he attacked the shield essentially to save Rollins. Wouldnt it make more sense if he waited until they beat Rollins down and THEN jumped in to go for it?

    Also how do they have Rollins vs Ambrose when Reigns can't face Orton unless it's for the belt? I just cannot see him losing, and we know he won't be the one walking away as champ.
  20. I can't see Paul Heyman (with or without Brock Lesnar's help) arbitrarily screwing over Cesaro at MITB. At the moment, Cesaro is still delivering the goods and winning matches, even without the need for Heyman's interference. As long as that remains the case and Cesaro isn't on a losing streak or anything (I posted in another thread that the 'E might shock us and actually have Cesaro win the championship at MITB), then it's all good between them. And even if he were going to screw him at MITB, they wouldn't need to waste a Brock Lesnar appearance to help him do it. Heyman managed to screw Punk at MITB last year all by himself (people thought Lesnar would show up then too, but he didn't), he could do the same with Cesaro.

    Obviously, the point to all of this is for Cesaro to come out of it as a babyface who eventually challenges (and defeats?) "The Beast Incarnate", but imo, they really need to build that up over a longer period of time than only two months from now. Cesaro separating from Heyman right now wouldn't be that big of a deal since they've been together for all of two months.

    As for Reigns vs Orton, I said that Reigns would possibly be in the MITB match WITH Orton while Ambrose and Rollins face off in a singles match. I could be wrong, but being that Hunter just wrestled three times in a row, I could see him taking a break from in-ring competition for a couple of months before fighting Reigns at Summerslam. That leaves only the ladder match for Reigns to compete in. And him losing a ladder match isn't quite the same as losing by pinfall or submission.

    (I answered the Bray Wyatt thing in the Smackdown thread, obviously.)
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