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  1. 2/10 for me. Rhodes, Jericho and Rock/Cena mic segments saved it. All wrestling was pathetic. Christian injured, Punk given like 7 minutes to shine, probably the same amount as the HHH vs Taker recap promo crap.

    Clay appeared, another squash though. More than tired of that. Big Show squashes tag-team champions like only he can. Opening match was a SmackDown :tagteam: match.
  2. Who's too negative now? I gave it a 3/10!
  3. Smackdown this week is the Wrestlemania Axxess show, so that's forgivable. No problem there, and the match was good.

    +The opening match was solid, tried to hype the SD matches but they were almost beyond repair, Rock/Cena promo was amazing, Jericho's promo was awesome, and Cody Rhodes is Cody Rhodes. The backstage stuff with Ryder was fun. Brodus Clay appearances are always a plus. The Christian storyline wrinkle is interesting and that feud is red-hot right now. Good booking throughout the show. Booker T being added to Team Teddy gives them some much-needed credibility. my man Drew getting a spot at Mania, No boring ass HHH segment, Mark Henry looking really strong.

    -The clusterfuck match was given way too many segments and all of them poor, Otunga looking like an idiot was dumb, Fuck Big Show, they robbed us of a potential four-star match, they may have used the TV show to poke fun at Christian yet again, that segment could have been done much, much better, Miz won't be interfering at 'Mania :cry:

    Above all else negative, the wrestling matches were too short and very inconsequential, many segments just didn't accomplish anything, and it felt like there were more commercials than show. But there were plenty of positives and I was at least satisfied watching the show.

    Easily the best Raw since I joined the site (not hard to do)
  4. 4.5??? Dayummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm somebody's drinking the Kool Aid!

    ALso Draine your sig is epic. When was Jericho on Fallon? Link to segment?
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  6. "The Christian storyline wrinkle is interesting and that feud is red-hot right now"

    That confused me. Good post though, I like your reviews.
  7. lol
  8. A wise man once said: "Optimists are always disappointed, while pessimists are pleasantly surprised." WWE has given us no reason to be optimistic, hence this show being pleasantly surprising.

    Hahaha! That's amazing. And pretty much, Mark Henry's WSS raised it a point by himself.

    Rushed through that part trying to keep the post short. The Punk/Jericho feud is red-hot, Punk destroying Christian was an interesting way to send this feud to the next level, and Christian being used for this makes you wonder. Why did it happen? Has he not recovered from his injury?

    And thanks! Much appreciated. Trying to find the right balance between Matt Striker and Christopher Daniels for my on-site character here.
  9. 10/10.

    Bye-bye Christian.

    Team Johnny is going down.
  10. 3/10. Daniel Bryan won over Sheamus. David Otunga always give an extra 1 to the rating. Jericho's segment.
  11. Not more than a 3/10. What a mediocre raw a week before reslemania...
  12. What a mediocre road to Wrestlemania in general.
  13. 3/10 and that's being kind.

    First match was one of the few positives this week. Everything Bryan touches at the moment seems to turn into gold. Loved the group of fans that started the Yes chants!

    Otunga/Santino was meh. Beginning to mark for David Otunga though, his character is awesome. Michael Cole cut a promo at the start which was cool just because it's Cole. And OMG! Teddy Long pushed over Johnny again :emoji_hushed: :emoji_hushed: OMG!

    Miz Joining team Johnny I marked for a little bit but disappointed me a bit because I thought he was gonna do something more interesting. Booker gives team Teddy at least a bit of credibilty but it was also a bit of a let down as I was waiting for somebody's music to hit.

    CM Punk/Christian was pretty awesome. CM Punk is at this best when he is angry, it was a shame it had to be Christian but considering he's injured it made sense really. Could set up a potential fued when Christian returns as well.

    Brodus Clay was entertaining as per.

    Then the pointless squash matches as Big Show buries Primo and Henry beats Khali. How tedious!

    Rock and Cena finally got serious at least and I was disappointed. Cena is normally good when he is serious but he was so boring last night, Rock barely had any time to speak but he was decent enough. Laughed at the dentist part!

    Poor Raw overall and a shit build to Wrestlemania overall. Still hopefully the big four matches can deliver, not expecting much out the others though.
  14. I disagree that Cena was boring. In my opinion it was the best promo he's cut in this whole feud. You can say the "I'll be here tomorrow" stuff is corny yes, but his character is like that. I loved it that he was serious and actually cut a emotional promo. Rock was on his game too, both of them cut great promos and it was less "I'll one up you by this insult" and more "I'll kick your ass at Wrestlemania, I need it because..." type stuff.
  15. It was very refreshing listening to them getting serious. It should've happened weeks ago. I just found that Cena began to speak for too long and (they were both guilty of this) asking the crowd to chant instead of just getting on with the promo. They should have been back and forth retorts instead of what it was IMO.

    They made the match feel a lot more important, that was great but Cena rambled on for a bit too long.
  16. In my opinion going back to back constantly is dangerous, you run out of content and you just repeat yourself. Like HHH and Punk last year.

    The crowd were pumped for it too. Rock turned a shit crowd into a good crowd, as soon as Cena enters like always the crowd liven up. Cena was talking about the crowd at one point so he had to reference them. It was flawless in my opinion. Both had long stretches to talk, no interruptions, was just a good promo and as you say, it should have happened weeks ago.
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