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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts on tonight's RAW in this thread.
  2. 5/10. Had some good parts. I was only entertained for most of it because of the LD. :jericho:
  3. :henry: out of 10
  4. I would say 4/10. There weren't many moments where I was entertained.
  5. 5/10. Henry was awesome; star of the show.
  6. Here is my full review:

    MITB segment: This wasn't a bad opening segment, it could've been worse, that's all I'm saying. I loved Bryan's new t-shirt, and everyone got their point across. I pretty much expected someone to get RKO'd, and I knew after that RKO, that we would see an Orton vs. Kane match. 7/10

    Champion History Vignettes: Those were pretty awesome, it showcased legends like Rogers, Thesz, Race, etc. teaching the younger audience something I hope. Seeing Sting mentioned was one of the highlights of the show 9/10

    The Shield vs. Usos & Christian: This was probably the most exciting match of the night, even though it was a rematch from Smackdown. Reigns can be a good high-flyer, given the chance. So Shield got their revenge and came out victorious. I found it strange that they decided to put the tag title match on the pre-show at MITB, but whatever. 8.8/10

    Dolph Ziggler vs. 3MB: This was some filler. Meh match with an obvious outcome. I did love Ziggler's top though, and what he did after the match. He's still the show-off after all. Ziggler sans Big E and AJ definitely indicates in his face turn, but surely they can't just not give a reason, right? 6/10

    Orton vs. Kane: The match itself wasn't special, but it did quite a lot to further the story line between the 3. The RKO to Bryan is bound to cause drama. Intriguing. 8.9/10

    Fandango vs. Sheamus: Another pretty pointless match up. As far as I'm concerned, it did nothing to the two guys, but only make them less as a threat in their respective MITB matches. Shitty booking. But it was good to see Fandango return. 4/10

    Vickie Guerrero's backstage segments: It was getting a bit repetitive, but the segments themselves weren't bad, it put Vickie under pressure, and a nervous wreck. The job evaluation could go a lot of different ways, one of them ways being the return of People Power? Who knows, but it'll be interesting to see. Also, Brad Maddox is so handsome (no homo). 8/10

    Ryback vs. Miz: Wow, this was terrible. The worst match of the night IMO, they made Ryback look weak against Miz, let me repeat, against MIZ. Way to kill Ryback, WWE, way to kill him. And I could care less about his match with Y2J. 3/10

    Mark Henry promo: This was a pretty nifty promo, for the third week in a row. Henry has stepped up his game, and IMO is definitely ready to carry that WWE Title around his shoulder. Lets hope the WWE think about it, because I think the guy deserves it. Great promo. 9/10

    Heyman Guys vs. PTP: I expected this to be much worse, but it wasn't all that bad. It was obvious that the PTP were going to lose, but what I was looking forward to was how the Heyman Guys were going to win, and the ending didn't disappoint, Axel tagged himself in, much to Punk's anguish. It's an interesting way to continue Punk's feud with Heyman. 8/10

    Kaitlyn vs. Alicia Fox: I've been enjoying the Divas segments as of late, but this one was just plain out juvenile and stupid. The match was pretty bad with Alicia Fox once again transitioning to a heel role. It also seems that Kaitlyn isn't taking this feud seriously at all. I have no idea what Big E's role is in here haha. 4/10

    Cody Rhodes vs. Antonio Cesaro: It was a nice change to see a heel vs heel match, shame the match itself only lasted 2 minutes. They could have done much more with this. I reckon Rhodes is turning face soon, solely based on the reaction of Sandow's face after the match. Oh, and Swagger returned too.... 6/10

    Total Divas segment: This was the worst thing of the show, horrendous acting, and it went on for far too long. It was cringe-worthy, in all honestly. What kept me some what interested, was Eva Marie's beauty. But that's about it. 1/10

    Del Rio vs. Cena: It was a standard bout, probably the best match of the night, but nothing too great. The ending was alright I guess, you had both contenders for the titles come out and distracting each of their opponents at MITB, but of course the only one that worked was Ziggler's distraction. Good enough main event. 8.5/10

    Bray Wyatt's promos: Boy oh boy, am I excited for next week. Their promo ended the show, that must be a sign of great things to come, right? I'm just happy their debuting for once! 10/10

    Overall, Raw was not as good as it could have been, after 2 stellar shows the previous weeks. Therefore, I'd rate it a 6/10 or a C-. But I've got a feeling next weeks Raw is going to be good, with the job evaluation and The Wyatt's debuting. Can't wait!
  7. Fell asleep /10
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  8. 6.5/10

    Could have been a higher rating but a few of the matches weren't able to make my invest my full interest into it.

    That total divas segment was dogshit, thank God I had the opportunity to skip some of it.
  9. 4/10. It wasn't really entertained. I think it was better Bryan as guest referee than the Champ vs Champ match.
  10. 4.5/10. Decent Raw I suppose, but to bad decent falls behind half.
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