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Killer Orange Cat

Quiet You
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Falls Count Anywhere: Braun Strowman vs Bobbly Lashley

Match ended in no contest when both Strowman and Lashley went through the Titantron. Both men were taken into ambulances on stretchers.

The Viking Raiders vs the New Day

Samoa Joe interfered, which caused Kofi Kingston to interfere as well.

The Viking Raiders and Samoa Joe vs the New Day

Joe and the Raiders won when Kofi passed out to the Coquina clutch.

No Way Jose vs Cesaro

R Truth caused commotion when allowed Cesaro to attack Jose and the match never began.

Shane McMahon

McMahon and Drew McIntyre mock the Undertaker until he shows up. He makes it clear that he had no alliance with Roman Reigns and he only claims wayward souls, and he is out for them both.

Natalya and Lacey Evans

Evans won by pin fall

2 of 3 Falls : Elias v s the Miz

Miz wins the third fall by submission.

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins vs Mike Kanellis and Maria Kanellis

Becky was about to hit Maria, who claimed she was pregnant. This shocked Mike and gave Becky time to put him in the Disarm Her and force a tap out. Maria told Mike he was not man enough to get her pregnant.

Moment of Bliss with Nikki Cross

This was basically Nikki kissing Alexa's ass until Carmella came out and challenged Alexa to a match.

Alexa Bliss vs Carmella

Carmella won by pin

Nikki Cross vs Carmella

Nikki won by pin fall

WWE United States Championship: Ricochet vs AJ Styles

AJ won and became the new champion but this is overturned because a second ref shows Ricochet's foot was on the rope.

Ricochet won by pin fall

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, who had been stirring up trouble between both men came to the ring. AJ had shaken Ricochet's hand at first. Luke and Karl mock them until AJ hits Ricochet and the three team up on him.

Just Kevin

All I can be is just Me!
1st match was good.. straight to the action.. great spot with the destruction of the LED boards and power setup.. obviously this was the Heyman influenced part of the show.. then we go straight back into action again.. tag match going well.. then Samoa Joe interferes and we realize that Vince is now back in charge..

Then the stupid backstage segments.. then the talking, and more talking and more talking.. a little bit of wrestling and then more talking, and more talking..

Elias vs Miz.. good match.. then more talking.. a couple more matches with dumbass finishes.. then the main event.. great match.. then OMG.. a dumbass finish.. whattayaknow!

5/10 tonight..

I'll say it again.. when Vince's influence is gone or severely limited then RAW will, to quote another dumbass, be great again.

Killer Orange Cat

Quiet You
The Strowman and Lashley thing was overplayed. Some of the matches, especially the main event, were enjoyable. However, it got screwed with the fake finish. You know, if a referee came down EVERY TIME there was a missed call, that would be one thing. But it is only done once in a while and honestly, that's worse.
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[email protected]

The Game
Really good episode of raw.

ANOTHER nxt callup is a problem though. Had millions of call ups already this year. We have a million tag teams on raw as it is. Street Profits are not needed right now.


Terminator Oscillator
Grievous Grievous


"Name a great Alexa Bliss match...I'll wait"
Holy Sh!t!

Alexa put another person over clean?!


Still...it was only Carmella...who is basically
just as bad as Alexa...only she isn't a midget.

Although I still won't be surprised if Alexa wins
the SDL women's title at Extreme Rules.

Also I love how it feels like RAW is taking place
in library...because of how silent the crowd is.

Also this "relationship" with Alexa & Nikki Cross
just feels completely off...and not in a fun R-Truth
& Goldust kind of way.

Mr. Roman Empire

The Game
Super excited about Paul Heyman running creative on Raw. Love how his on screen character is still just Lesnar's advocate. And last night was just a small taste. The stage explosion spot woth Braun and Bobby was amazing. AJ Styles heel turn and reunion with the Club has so much great potential with Heymans booking. Not to mention we still got Bray Wyatt in the bullpen.
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Senhor Perfect

-The Club/Ricochet thread throughout the whole show
-Taker lightning (will always mark for it)
-I for one like the Alexa/Nikki stuff. Its a story that has been progressing over time, which is a welcome change of pace for WWE.

-Sick of Shane and whomever he is aligned with. Whenever they're on is a FF moment
-Lots of filler due to the 3 hour show length. Imagine how good this ep could've been if it were trimmed by 60 mins.
-Miz :jeritroll:

So I'll do some hobo math. +2 points for pros, -1 point for cons comes to 7/10.


The Dave Meltzer of WWEF
I certainly was not bored throughout the show, you could practicly feel heymans influence in various segments, the braun lashley bit was easily the highlight of the show, such a great way to start things off.

loved the backstage stuff with AJ and Ricochet

I gotta admit, the stuff with Mike and Maria i didnt know what to think, all i knew was i was laughing all the way through, i died when maria said "Maybe next time i should get becky to impregnate me" i laughed so hard and i didnt even know in what way, man ive never seen a burial like that ever. poor guy lol.

Overal this show was a improvement, even Baron Corbin cut a decent promo for once, it certainly helps the show got a 10% increase in viewers appearntly compared to previous weeks, which is great news for them.

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